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Concrete Foundation Repair and Inspections Expert Phoenix Arizona

Concrete Repairman, we specialize in the repair, restoration and waterproofing of foundations and stem walls around Phoenix Arizona. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to apply the best foundation repair solution possible when it comes to restoring and repairing your home’s cracked floors and foundation damage.

We know what to look for and how to diagnose the proper solution for whatever foundation problem you may have.

We are the foundation repair experts in Phoenix Arizona. Call us today (602) 418-2970

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Foundation repair contractor Concrete Repairman® takes pride performing warrantied quality stem walls repairs. Monolithic post tension, foundation settlement, heave crack stitching, floor leveling, concrete grinding and much more. Concrete repair expert James Belville will take the time to fully explain the nature of your home’s foundation problem. We will prevent future foundation problems and water and moisture damage from occurring. We excavate, repair, waterproof and paint all our foundation repairs for a complete warrantied permanent structural repair, that can’t be found anywhere else in Phoenix Arizona.

Call 602-418-2970 for an estimate. Please Review our many videos on our YouTube Channel

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Foundation Repair Experts

Concrete Foundation Repair and Inspections Phoenix Arizona

We are Arizona’s #1 Foundation Repair company. Our expert field technicians know how to identify and repair foundation water damage and problems of all types. Foundation heave, spalling, foundation cracks, floor crack stitching, leveling home floors and rebar repair.

Horizontal cracks along the stem wall, vertical cracks on the internal and external walls, cracks on the floors and uneven surfaces caused by foundation heaving. Foundation problems in Arizona, is what we specialize in all aspects of foundation repair.

Contact us today if you have noticed any of these foundation warning signs around your home. This type of problem will only continue to get worse as the damage and moisture continues to spread.

Getting the proper solution will save you money while protecting your homes value and structural integrity.

Stem Wall Foundation Inspection Expert Phoenix Arizona

Stem Wall Repair & Inspections Arizona

Stem wall foundations are the least expensive of the foundation types, and they are the least structurally stable solution that you’ll find in Arizona. A stem wall foundation is, by definition, not monolithic, and not made up of a single continuous piece. Stem wall foundations rely on an underlying pattern of short, upright walls – both around the perimeter of the foundation and along the lengths of interior room walls. These upright walls protrude slightly above the surface and support a flooring layer above. A very common and dangerous problem in stem wall foundations is the formation of horizontal cracks along the foundation, usually above the ground. This visible cracking often occurs because moisture invades beneath the surface of the paint, rises up toward the steel, and begins to cause spalling and oxidation. This rust and corrosion “chloride ion drive, deteriorates the concrete around it from the expansion of the steel, leading to cracking, crumbling and structural instability. If you or someone you know experiences these kinds of problems, learn about why Concrete Repairman’s expert James Belville is the only concrete repair company in Arizona to offer complete restorative stem wall repairs for damage like this.

Monolithic Foundation Inspection Expert Phoenix Arizona

Monolithic Foundation Repair & Inspections Arizona

Monolithic concrete foundations are the most common. The two parts of the word monolithicmono and lithic – are indicative of its definition. Mono is a prefix that means one, or single, as in monotone, having only one pitch. Lith is the greek root that pertains to stone or rock. So a monolithic foundation consists of one continuous, solid piece of concrete – typically in a rectangular shape. It amounts to a single, simple slab of concrete, and is usually built with rebar around the perimeter for strength and an internal wire mesh for stability. A monolithic foundation, sometimes called a “slab on grade” foundation, does not use any stem walls or rigid internal structure, but sits atop a layer of gravel on the excavated ground. The most common cause of damage for monolithic foundations is that they change shape. Over time, the sides and corners of the foundation slab begin to sink downward, due to the concentrated weight from walls around the perimeter. This causes cracking, structural damage and the appearance of a rising interior floor. Understanding the root of the damage in a foundation is the first step toward implementing thorough, lasting solution. With a full repair, sealing and painting method provided only by seasoned expert James Belville and Concrete Repairman LLC, Arizona’s homeowners can stop these destructive effects.

Monolithic Post Tension Foundation Inspection Expert Phoenix Arizona

Monolithic Post Tension Foundation Repair & Inspections Arizona

A post-tension foundation, also falls within the family of monolithic foundations, but also contains an inner tension that is created after the concrete is poured – which is why it is called post-tension, or “after-tension.” Whereas a regular monolithic foundation probably contains rebar inside only the perimeter, a post-tension foundation contains a horizontal grid pattern of steel reinforcement throughout the inside of the slab. As the concrete cools, the steel bars become tense, allowing the foundation to maintain shape with less cracking. The result is a strong foundation that allows some flexibility in its shape. This is particularly useful in places like Arizona, where the soils are prone to move, shift, or expand under concrete foundations. Unfortunately, over time, rebar reinforcement is subject to invading moisture that can cause oxidation and wearing of the foundation material. With a full repair, sealing and painting method provided only by seasoned expert James Belville and Concrete Repairman LLC, Arizona’s homeowners can stop these destructive effects.

Slab Stitching Concrete Floor Repair Experts Phoenix Arizona

Concrete Floor Crack Repair & Concrete Slab Crack Stitching

Unfortunately foundation damage is not limited to the outside of your home. I some case it will affect the interior floor of your home as a result of movement caused be settlement or heaving. This can cause your concrete floor to crack and become uneven and unlevel. Slab stitching or crack stitching is a method used to reconnect your floor back together into a solid single slab.

Our team are experts when it comes to repairing and restoring the interior floors of you home.

Concrete Resurfacing Experts

Commercial & Residential Concrete Grinding & Floor Leveling

We have the experience and knowledge to repair and level any concrete floor.

Concrete floor grinding and floor leveling, warehouse commercial floors and residential home floor heaving crack repair Call for more information about concrete grinding and resurfacing commercial and residential services. 602-418-2970


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Foundation Repair Experts Phoenix Arizona

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Check Out Some of Our 5 Star Reviews

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James saved me close to $8k, identified the root cause of the problem, and we were able to save a large tree.

One of my rental units had buckling of tiles. For the past few months, we’ve had professionals come out and even an insurance agent. Each foundation expert gave us a different advice and we were left confused. From injecting polyurethane around the house to injection slurry at the affected site. Each recommendation costed between $4-$8k. I met with James, very professional. He took a look at the property and within 5 minutes diagnosed the problem and it wasn’t even foundation related! When he told me if was humidity and vapors causing the buckling of the tiles, I kinda thought…this guy believes in voodoo magic. Well, we broke out one the tiles to look underneath and low and behold, the foundation was flat underneath and that the tiles really did pull up. So the fix? Pull out the tiles, re-grout, and set them back in place with grout that allows for expansion such as siliconized grout. Isn’t that crazy?? I also speculated that a large exterior tree may have been the culprit of the ground moving. We went outside looked around and he basically said the tree is fine and does not need to be removed. I gave James a great big hug for really helping us with this situation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lesson learned: For something as big as a foundation issue, make sure to get several opinions.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

WOW! I feel like i was just on an episode of The Lone Ranger as my wife and I watched Jim and Bryan drive away into the sunset! We are renters and stood in for the landlord who is selling the home we rent(that has cracks in the foundation). Jim is incredibly knowledgeable man!! First and foremost he has PASSION. Broken down it spells PASS I ON! Jim shares his knowledge and then some; A walking encyclopedia if you will. He is into fixing the problem and not putting a band aid on it. He was incredibly thorough and knows his stuff. He was upfront about the issues, was not overbearing, and if I ever needed a concrete dude, Jim would be the person I’d call!! 6 out of 5 stars.! Thank you!

Jim and Bryan

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

We are very pleased with James and his guys. We had three companies come out to look at our foundation problem. James explained exactly what was happening and how to fix it. He was the only person who wanted to actually stop the problem from getting worse and fix it properly. The others companies wanted to do a band aid. This was a case of, you get what you pay for. We wanted it done right and not have to revisit the problem in a couple years and waste money. The guys who did the job were awesome. Hard working and we’re done a day early. Polite and informative. Thanks for giving us confidence.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames was outstanding! He spent time educating me on the needed repairs and going over what it was going to take to fix my foundation problem. He is very professional and interested in actually helping his clients. He has videos to support his over 30 years of experience and knows how to do the job right. Thanks for your services!!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames is extremely knowledgeable, really knows his stuff! Very nice guy as well. Greatly appreciate his honesty. He won’t sell you any repair you don’t actually “need”. He took the time to explain things in detail. Wish more companies had his integrity. Gave us peace of mind when we were worried about some possible building defects. Thanks, James!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames is very knowledgeable.. He took the time to thoroughly explain what the issues were with my garage stem wall and was able to provide a solution that would work for me. Great Job!!!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewVery happy with the job that James, Lawrence and Frank did in crack stitching the cracks in our floor. We wanted to ensure the new tile going down had the best surface to start on. Learned a lot from James on the importance of having seamless gutters installed as well. I had a great education.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewI highly recommend James and his crew for any concrete job!!! He and his workers are highly skilled, extremely thorough, knowledgeable and polite. I had a stem wall repair job that I’d been putting off for far too long. I sought other bids but James’ was more detailed (by far), priced competitively and provided by James himself—He gave me a complete rundown of the process and the products he would use as well as the time frame and the warranty he would provide. I accepted his bid on the spot and scheduled the work for the following week. The job was completed in the time frame discussed and the results were far beyond my expectations. The house, courtyard, landscaping, sidewalk, yard and street were left cleaner than they found it. They even polished my stained concrete courtyard which was in no way a part of the job!!!! They went above and beyond and I am so grateful for that. Call James if you want the best team for your job!!!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames came out to my home and was able to pretty quickly identify my problem. He did a full foundation inspection, inside and outside. He was able to identify and show me where these area are and explain each of them, why they matter and what else could stem from them. He was able to provide me with a step by step plan of what I need to do as well as giving me a referral. His solution was not to fix what was cosmetically wrong but rather identify the problem and fix the problem. Once that has been completed we can move forward with a much lower cost option (not using piers or pillars) that is just as effective. I feel empowered and very knowledgeable about our foundation problems. He didn’t try to sell me anything or offer me a buy now gimmick for a discount (As one well known company in the valley does. You feel so pressured to make a very big decision when this happens) . He let me know at the very end how his services could help and when the time to help would be (after we have identified the problem and fixed it). He was very friendly. Family own and ran company. He’s third generation and 35+ years. He not only has expertise in AZ foundation issues but is from Nebraska and has a very well rounded knowledge of Soil and foundation problems. Thank you so much James for getting us started and saving us a ridiculous amount of money!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewAlthough I cannot speak to the company Concrete Repairman’s actual work, we found James a walking encyclopedia of information concerning many home issues. Our experience was pleasant and professional.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewGreat company! We were worried we had a foundation problem so we called for an evaluation. They couldn’t find anything wrong but taught us a ton about signs to watch for and didn’t charge us a dime. If I ever DO have a foundation problem I know exactly who to call. Awesome!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewHad the foundation repair completed in March. Later, I noticed a small low line (depression) close to the foundation. Once I notified the company of this, they quickly responded, not only fixing the problem to perfection, but also did a little grading repair to an area that was outside their responsibility. Later it was brought to my attention that the grading problem may have existed before the foundation work was done. Their workmanship is far beyond expectation. I appreciate their quick response and willingness to do more than was asked.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames, Concrete Repairman LLC surely saved the day for us and our home. It became aware that a large crack had formed due to gutter rain being misdirected toward the home. James was amazing in his precise knowledge of how to fix the floor that had heaved several inches across the living room. It was a massive undertaking to us and James was very reassuring that with his leveling and stitching the floor would be better than new. Well, he is amazing. We were so impressed. The crew worked hard and diligently, there were No schedule changes, every day they were on time, the job was done with the utmost professionalism. Communication before and during project was beyond our expectations. I’ve read other reviews and they are so wrong. This is an amazing company with skilled workers who care about the customer.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames and his crew did a great repair job on our home. He worked within the parameters of our HOA, which did take a bit longer than our original time estimate, but that was not a reflection on the company, just a fact of HOA living. He was prompt in responding to our questions or concerns, as well as making changes if requested. I think that you will be please with his work.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewWe are very happy with the work done by Concrete Repairman. Over the years water accumulated near our foundation from rain, watering plants, or draining the swamp cooler and A/C discharge. This moisture caused the rebar within our stem wall to rust and expand resulting in long horizontal cracks and the stem wall disintegrating at two corners. To repair this requires more than a cosmetic patch job. James and his crew did a beautiful job identifying and replacing the damaged rebar, repairing the vertical concrete and insuring the structural integrity of the stem wall. The crew was punctual and informative. We were pleased with the quality of work and the guys did a great job cleaning up afterwards.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James and his crew repaired my cracking stem walls at my house. It took them only a day and a half and they did excellent work I was even extra happy with how well they restored the ground and landscaping around the foundation. I would definitely recommend James and his company.

T. Foz

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James was very honest, and took the time and care to detail how best to repair the foundation issues found and directed me to the most economical avenue for repairs. He has a passion about his work and it made a world of difference in an area where I have limited knowledge.

Lisa Anderson

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

After some signs of foundation settling in my home, I asked Mr. Belville to come by and take a look. He offered some great suggestions on how I could help prevent further foundation settling from happening.

TC Crumpton

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James helped me assess a crack in the garage floor of a real estate listing. He was extremely knowledgeable about the way the concrete foundations are poured and helped me to understand the stresses that act on all concrete to shift, crack and break. I will be calling James from Concrete Repairman in the future for additional work. Highly recommended if you are a homeowner attempting to interpret a shifting or cracked foundation.

David Meek

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James is extremely knowledgeable and very honest. We had some questions about our sub-floor and foundation and we could not have been happier with our consultation. Don’t hesitate to call James if you are looking for an honest and professional opinion.

Brianna LaTourrette

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Reliable, dependable and hard working crew. Did a great job. James is extremely knowledgeable about foundation care in AZ. Also knows the difference between what needs to be done in AZ vs other parts of the US. Very impressed! Expansive Soil Heave

Jennifer Pace

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I am real estate agent and deal with alot of contractors and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the expertise and response time when dealing with James. We needed some repairs done asap as we were in the middle of a closing, not only did he explain the issue and gave a very reasonable quote, but the work was completed the very next day! If you are looking for professional work and performance I highly recommend Concrete Repairman.

Jorge Martinez

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James and his crew made this whole experience painless. My stem walls had eroded over the years and James came as requested and assessed the damage. He gave us a fair price and his guys showed up on time all four days they were at my house. That is hard to find these days. The job was completed on time and done right. I would recommend this Company strongly.

Paula Foley

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I called last Thursday and Tiffany set up an appointment for me right away. James Belville arrived on time and gave my foundation an expert inspection, explaining the foundation system to me as he went along. He had some suggestions to extend the service life of our foundation by mitigating any moisture by the stem wall. With a few extensions of gutter drains and moving some vegetation, we can do just that. He is quite the expert (years and years of experience) and very personable. At the end of his inspection, we are confident our home is in excellent shape and will serve us for our lifetime. I highly recommend James and his company is you have any questions/concerns with your home’s foundation. I know I will sleep much better at night after his visit. Thank you James for the thorough inspection & discussion.

Bob Dulong

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James is an expert in his field. Came out to my property at 7 in the morning per my request and did a thorough job. Pays attention to detail and very meticulous. James explained in detail what the issue was, the root cause of the issue, and how to have it addressed in the most simple, and cost-effective way. I was concerned I would be quoted ridiculous estimates by foundation experts but James came up with such a simple and most appropriate solution for our foundation settling issue. Honest with his work and very doable price estimates. Liked it.

Rahul Khanna

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Excellent job! On time and on budget. Our historic house was looking terrible with it’s foundation and it looks so much better now. Only took a week to complete the job that was around the majority of the house. Thank you.

Lisa Gehl

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James came out to a house we purchased to check out some potential foundation weakness noted in the inspection. Even after realizing there was no potential work for him there, he took the time to thoroughly go through the home checking out the structure for soundness and offering suggestions to ward off future damage in questionable areas. Wow! Didn’t have to, but he did. I was actually disappointed he couldn’t help us any further because I had an immediate instinct of trust and genuine concern! Thank you for your help! Will call again if ever the need should arise…

Jennifer Freeman

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James and his team at Concrete Repairman came recommended by two other concrete contractors. As a Project manager, I am constantly looking for the best solutions for a variety of concrete construction problems. James is knowledgeable, professional and more than fairly priced. I will recommend him again.

Bob Kendig

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Absolutely amazing! James and his team went out of his way to help us out on short notice. I can’t thank them enough. They did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kelly Campbell

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Requested service Monday, James came by our house the next day and quickly diagnose root cause to our foundation issue. Extremely professional service , highly recommend to all who may have foundation problems in Phoenix area.

Scott MT Chien

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

What an amazing breadth of knowledge James had about the foundation problems of my home built in 1951. I have five large, old trees with large roots, many of which are visible from the ground. I had a few tree experts arrive to tell me it’s the source of the movement in my foundation with little support for their findings.

James, arrived and immediately pointed to support in how the foundation and walls were leaning, apparent from the exterior and correctly guessed what he’d find on the interior walls and ceilings before he even went inside. He was spot on. It turned out that the moisture retained from a concrete slab that rides the sides of the foundation is the culprit.

The fix to prevent further damage is a better value than what the arborist’s gave me and with concrete evidence to support the investment in the property to prevent further movement in the foundation. Thanks CR!

Jeffrey Jackson

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I called and ordered an inspection. Prices were fair and he was very knowledgeable. Would definitely use their services again and recommend them to friends and family.

Moraelin Hicks

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Great Experience! So glad I found Belville Foundation Repair, the first two companies I called I felt like I was getting the run around and would be taken advantage of. I Appreciate his professionalism and treating me well.

Elisabeth Samuels

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

If I could give them 6 stars, I would!!

If you need concrete stained floors or pretty much anything concrete-related, there is no question, Belville is the ONLY place to call!!

Jim, Ron and Laurence did a spectacular job from start to finish on our floors. They were always on time, always hard working, and always friendly and up front with us every day, every step of the way.
They ground-down and stained and coated our 1400 sq ft house, and also an epoxy coat in the whole garage, and kept it inside our tight timeline!

If you want an A+ job done, and you want it done right, you need to call Concrete Repairman up today.

Take my word for it, you will be happy!

Thanks guys!! You rock!

Tom Burns

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I am a trial lawyer. I have represented good contractors and victims of bad ones in Registrar of Contractors cases. I am familiar with both. Before choosing a contractor I thoroughly checked him out, including at the ROC website. I also look at reviews including this and Yelp.

I have a 20 year old house, and started noticing erosion along the stem wall. Knowing this would not fix itself and only get worse if not remedied, I started looking for a contractor that would do the job right. If you are not going to have it done right there is no point in doing it at all.

My research led me to Concrete Repairman LLC. I checked them out with the ROC and they came up clean. Google+ reviews looked fine.

The negative reviews I saw were from cheapskates complaining about costs.

I met with James, walked the property, identified what needed to be done, and agree on it. Essentially I went along with all of his recommendations. He knows what he is doing and I am paying for his expertise as well as his work.

The job took 10 days including Labor Day weekend. It was done exactly as they promised and completed on time. I added onto the contract an extra requiring more landscape rock at their costs. They just completed it and my yard and stem wall look wonderful. I also watched as they performed every step they agreed to and all were done correctly and in a workmanship manner.

They are not cheap and they will not lower their quality to attract more business. Their experienced crew takes a great deal of pride in what it does.

If you are looking for top quality work at a fair price, this is the company for you.

On the other hand if you either cannot afford it, are simply too cheap to pay for top quality, or like to dicker price and brag to your friends about screwing the contractor, this is NOT the firm to talk to.

If you would go with the low bidder for your brain surgeon or your dentist, then look elsewhere. But if quality at a fair price is what motivates you, contact these folks with your slab problems.

For me it was a great relief to know I was getting top quality work at a fair (not cheap but fair) price.

Disclosure: I have never represented this company or its principals in anything, nor do I expect to since I have gotten out of that line of work. Nor have I represented anyone against them?

Michael Parham

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Our driveway was too steep, too narrow and, since it was gravel, required repair after each storm. We had an idea of what we wanted, but once James Belville arrived his recommendation was exactly the answer. Even better, his finished product matched what he described and not only solved our problems but created an attractive entry way to our home. And his price was reasonable and did not vary from his quote. Jim was an excellent communicator, letting us know exactly the project status and completion date. We had tight deadlines and Jim hit them. We would recommend Jim to anyone looking for a concrete job.

Yoga Gourmet Getaways

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James and his colleague came by my house and gave me a quote. They were both very, very knowledgeable and genuinely seemed interested in helping me. Truly good guys.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I recently noticed horizontal. cracking and chunks of concrete on a stem wall on back side of my house. went online line to research so I could fix myself. As I got further into it and after viewing Concrete Repairman’s videos on YouTube I soon realized it was more serious than I thought and needed a professional. James and his company are certainly that. He came out right away when he said he would and spent a lot of his time explaining what was going on with the foundation and how it affects the structure. I learned a lot that day.

He explained in detail what they would do and when they would do it. A few days later it was done perfectly and looks fantastic.

I have worked with various contractors in the last 18 months on this 24 year old house from roofing, plumbing, HVAC and pool remodeling and though these contractors were good James and his crew were the best. I would and have already recommended them to several and won’t hesitate to call him if future issues arise. Thanks again!

Mary Canfield

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

Very knowledgeable and honest. Gave me great advice with fixing a problem from a bad concrete job from a different concrete repair contractor. Without receiving a penny, I would recommend Concrete Repairman LLC. to anyone. He truly has the heart of a teacher. Thank you!

Lance Thorson

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

I had some work that needed done with my foundation. I called James and he came right out, a great bid and jumped on it. He did the foundation repair work and it looks beautiful. Thanks James for an excellent job!

Russell Gaither

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

My concrete foundation had cracks running along the stem wall and was in need of repair. It looked a lot like the video clips I watched at James Belville’s website. Well I call and James answers the phone I told him what the foundation looked like, James said that he could be to my house for an estimate that afternoon. James then arrive when he said he would and was very knowledgeable about the problems that I was having with my foundation. I was assured that the foundation could be repaired and that my house would not be in jPhoenix eopardy from falling down, like the last company that was out told me. That evening I receive the estimate from James Belville and I have to say, it was by far less than the other guys. I did hire James to do the work and they did a great job on my foundation cracks and did a beautiful foundation repair, not only did they make the repairs, they also landscaped my yard so that I would knot have any more problems. Thanks to James and his foundation repair experts I can sleep easier. I would recommend that anyone how should need foundation repair or any concrete repair problems to call James Belville. Thank you.

Ronnie Chambers

Concrete Foundation Repair and Foundation Inspection Expert in Arizona

#1 Foundation Repair Company – Phoenix Arizona

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Residential & Commercial Floor Crack Stitching

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