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Foundation Inspection Report for Arizona Realtors

We respect and appreciate our relationship with the real estate community in Arizona. We feel that real estate agents provide a very valuable service to their clients when assisting them in buying or selling a home, especially if that home has possible structural foundation issues and may need foundation repairs.

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We understand that you, the Realtor, are being held to a high professional standard and are expected by the home buyers and the home sellers to know what to look for if there are signs of possible foundation problems.

We are very aware of the urgency associated with the closing of a real estate transaction and we will work with the real estate agents and the homeowners to schedule and complete any necessary foundation repairs.

We understand that you may have some anxiety if you have just received an inspection report on one of your listings, and the inspection report is suggesting that the home may be having structural foundation problems, which will need further review by a qualified contractor. When you get that scary home inspection report, just give us a call and we will review the report and schedule a time to meet at the home.

We offer Realtors a  foundation inspection report for homes within the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

Here is a list of possible signs of foundation problems that you, the Realtor, should look for:

1 – Cracks in the walls, floor, and in the ceiling
2 – Doors and windows that won’t open and close correctly
3 – Sloping floors
4 – Exterior wall cracks in the stucco or the brick
5 – Exterior cracks in the stem wall of the foundation
6 – Exterior drainage problems.
7 – Leaning Chimney

If you, the Realtor, have a listing with any of the above signs of foundation problems, give us a call at (602)418-2970.

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What To Look For

As a Realtor in the state of Arizona you should be aware of the laws regarding disclosure of any known material facts. There is the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement, also known as the SPDS.

We recommend that you pay close attention to the the following questions on the Arizona SPDS.

Review Questions :


Are you aware of any interior wall/ceiling/door/window/floor problems?


Are you aware of any cracks or settling involving the foundation, exterior walls or slab?


Are you aware of any chimney or fireplace problems, if applicable?

#78 – #79

Are you aware of any damage to any structure on the Property by any of the following? (Check all that apply):
Flood | Fire | Wind | Expansive Soil(s) | Water | Hail | Other


Are there any security bars or other obstructions to door or window openings?

#190 – #196

Are you aware of any past or present issues or problems with any of the following on the Property? (Check all that apply): Soil Settlement/Expansion | Drainage/Grade | Erosion | Fissures | Dampness/Moisture | Other


Are you aware of any past or present issues or problems in close proximity to the Property related to any of the following? (Check all that apply): Soil Settlement/Expansion | Drainage/Grade | Erosion | Fissures | Dampness/Moisture | Other


What other material (important) information are you aware of concerning the Property that might affect the buyer’s decision-making process, the value of the Property, or its use? 

If you are having difficulty answering the questions on the SPDS, relating to any possible foundation problems, just give us a call or click on the CONTACT US. We will be happy to do a visual inspection on the foundation of your home.

Concrete Repairman, “James Belville” respects and appreciates our relationship with the Real Estate community. We want to be your go to Foundation Repair Contractor. When you, the Realtor, suspect that there may be a problem with the foundation of one of your listings, give us a call.