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Foundation repair Scottsdale Arizona fix foundation cracks, j-bolts, hurricane straps, Simpson Strong Tie replacement anchors, horizontal crack repair, patch concrete foundations waterproofing licensed contractors Scottsdale AZ.

When a foundation becomes damaged, the home’s value is greatly diminished. This is a huge deal, so it’s important to call in a certified expert to fix the problem. Having your foundation fixed is an investment that will pay off in the long run. If you’re in the market for a Scottsdale Foundation Repair Company, choose one that can offer you a warranty on their work.

Rebar Corrosion

Rebar corrosion is an issue that can greatly affect the repair of foundations. It can cause concrete to deteriorate and crack due to water penetration into the reinforcing steel. Rebar corrodes at a rate of about 1/10 micrometer per year across its thickness. If the rebar is exposed to moisture, it will rust at a much faster rate and eventually break through the concrete, causing horizontal cracking in the concrete. This is a big problem for many foundations and it can also lead to the spalling of the concrete. This is commonly referred to as “concrete cancer”. More about Scottsdale foundation repair.

Rebar corrosion can be prevented by using high quality concrete, low permeability concrete and adequate concrete cover. Additionally, it can be inhibited by using a specialized coating before placing the steel in the concrete.

J-Bolt Replacement Anchors

J-bolts are a type of anchor bolt that are used to secure a wall to a concrete foundation. The j-shaped end of the bolt hooks around rebar while the straight end sticks out of the concrete. The cast-in-place anchor bolt is the simplest type of anchor bolt and is used to connect a concrete foundation to a structure’s wall. It also serves as an attachment point for machinery that’s mounted on a concrete floor. Repairing broken anchor members is a time consuming, difficult and failure prone practice. This is why there’s a need for a new way to repair these failed anchor members.

The present invention overcomes the shortcomings of the prior art by providing a device that replaces a failed anchor member with a replacement. The device has an internal grip chamber into which the failed anchor member extends. It also has engaging means for forcefully engaging the grips against the failed anchor member before aligning the replacement anchor member.

Horrizontal Crack Repair

Horizontal cracks can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. They can allow water to seep inside and cause your foundation to buckle and collapse. Thankfully, most horizontal foundation cracks are minor and can be repaired easily by a professional. However, if the cracks become more serious or appear near windows, walls or floors, they may indicate a bigger problem that requires a permanent solution. In most cases, horizontal cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure from the outside of the walls. This pressure can be caused by rain or floods, which can lead to serious structural damage if not addressed immediately.

Aside from allowing water to seep into the basement, horizontal cracks are a common sign of underlying foundation issues that need to be fixed by a licensed professional. Depending on the severity of your foundation damage, there are several different solutions that can be used to fix it. Some of these include concrete piers, spot piering and steel piers. Call Concrete Repairman LLC Scottsdale AZ

Foundation Repair Scottsdale Arizona

Foundation Repair Scottsdale Arizona

Foundation repair Scottsdale Arizona call Concrete Repairman LLC 602-418-2970. When you have a home that has a foundation issue, you will want to hire a local contractor. A foundation repair company can fix problems such as cracks in your concrete and oxidized rebar. These repairs can help you to ensure that your house will continue to stand strong, even if your home is starting to show signs of age. More about foundation repair Scottsdale AZ.

Stem Wall Repair Scottsdale AZ

If your foundation is faulty, stem wall repair Scottsdale AZ is an important part of maintaining the structure. This type of foundation is a concrete slab that connects the house’s walls to the bottom support footing. When this foundation is damaged, it can cause cracks in the concrete near the base of the house. A faulty stem wall can be costly to fix, so you should try to find a contractor to do the repairs. Many homeowners contact several contractors to get price quotes, so make sure to shop around. You can also look into discounts and promotions offered by some companies. The process of stem wall repair involves removing rusted rebar and repairing the deteriorated areas. Waterproofing and chipping out the faulty areas are also necessary. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might need to replace the rebar with new steel.

Foundation Crack Repair Scottsdale Contractors

There are many ways to improve your foundation. One is to repair the stem wall. The stem wall is a structural component of your home and it connects the wall to the base. If it is damaged or in need of repair, it can cause cracks in the concrete near the base of the foundation. Stem wall repair may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to your foundation, but it can be a big help. This is because it can mask or reduce the amount of damage the foundation has incurred. A good stem wall repair will increase the life of your foundation and add value to your home. It’s not a small endeavor though, and can be pricey. Your best bet is to hire a professional. More about Scottsdale Foundation Repair.

Foundation Repair Contractors near Scottsdale AZ

Whether you live in Scottsdale, Arizona or in another part of the state, you may need foundation repair to make sure your home is safe. A professional contractor can determine the best way to fix your home. Foundation problems can cause major structural damage. It is important to address them as soon as possible. This can prevent more serious issues from occurring. Some of the common types of foundation repairs include polyurethane injection, foundation stabilization and concrete lifting. Each can vary in cost. The total price depends on the type of project and the materials used. Foundations are an integral part of a building’s construction process. However, they may begin to show signs of problems in the future. Using a qualified technician can help you prevent more costly repairs.

Concrete Repair Contractors in near Scottsdale AZ

When looking for a concrete repair contractor in the Scottsdale area, it’s important to find one with a reputation for quality work. A reputable company will offer low prices for their services, a good warranty, and excellent customer reviews. The Scottsdale area has many options for contractors. For example, Anger Concrete Repair specializes in custom stained and designed concrete. They also offer countertops and a variety of other architectural features. Other options include Copper State, a trusted concrete construction company that has experience in both residential and commercial projects. They can replace damaged sidewalks, parking lots, and pavement. Whether you need a foundation repaired, a parking lot resurfaced, or an entire building reconstructed, the professionals at Concrete Repairman LLC have you covered. You can count on their quality commercial reputation for all your repair needs.

Scottsdale Foundation Repair

If you live in the Scottsdale AZ area, your house foundation may have problems. A qualified technician can inspect your home for damage, and fix the problem before it becomes too expensive. They will also help you to avoid future problems. Stem wall repairs are one of the most important aspects of your foundation. Damaged stem walls can lead to cracks in the concrete near the base of the foundation. This will weaken your foundation, and could cause it to spall. Getting your stem wall repaired will not only save you from the expensive costs of spalling, but it will also increase the value of your home. Fortunately, a local foundation repair specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona can fix your stem wall. James Belville is a concrete repair expert who knows what he’s doing. He has been providing high-quality repair services to homeowners for over four generations.

Scottsdale Foundation Repair Contractors

Scottsdale Foundation Repair Contractors

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When you’re considering hiring a foundation repair company in Scottsdale, you’ll want to look for a few different things. For starters, you’ll want to find one that has a solid reputation. This means a company that has experience in the industry. Look for companies that use helical steel piers. Then, you’ll want to consider whether or not the company is accredited.

If you live in the Scottsdale area, you are probably aware of the importance of having a good foundation repair company. The experts at Concrete Repairman LLC who can formulate effective solutions for any type of foundation problem. Concrete Repairman LL uses the latest technology to ensure that their results are more accurate than competitors’. If you have a sagging foundation, you should get a thorough foundation inspection conducted by a professional Scottsdale foundation repair company.

It is also crucial to hire a qualified professional if you notice visible cracks on your foundation. These typically occur after hidden cracks have already appeared. Another serious concern is crumbling exterior walls. Lastly, your basement may have visible damage, such as hairline fractures or visible damage. Scottsdale foundation repair contractors should be contacted for a free inspection to determine if you need any repairs or foundation work.

Concrete Repairman LLC

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Concrete Repairman LLC is a family-owned business specializing in stem wall repair and foundation repairs. Their services include a free inspection and warranty on their work. A certified foundation expert, they have the knowledge and tools to address any foundation problem and ensure the quality of work. A free foundation inspection is included in the cost of any service, and a foundation repair warranty is available as an added bonus.

While hiring a foundation repair contractor, be sure to get a good estimate on the work you need done. The cost of foundation repair varies greatly, based on the severity of the damage and the type of solution you require. More extensive solutions are required for larger damages. Foundation repair in Scottsdale can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. However, if your home has been affected by a water leak, you will pay considerably less.

If you have a home in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, you may be in need of a foundation repair contractor. Foundation repair companies provide expert services in the field of foundation repair. Foundation repair companies have been around since 2015 and are highly recommended by Concrete Repairman LLC. Listed below are the services provided by Concrete Repairman LLC Scottsdale, Arizona. A free inspection is also available. Contact the company today to learn more about their services and how they can help you restore your home’s foundation.

Unlike some other Scottsdale foundation repair companies, the employees at Concrete Repairman LLC are highly trained in structural repair. They are educated in the installation methods, product quality and customer service. Products are manufactured with safety in mind and every step is closely monitored. The company’s contractors are part of a world-class organization that strives to maintain the highest quality standards. In addition to comprehensive training, they offer free estimates and free quotes.

Helical steel piers

When your home is sinking or shifting, you may have noticed cracks and sagging around your foundation. You may notice that it is difficult to open or close your front door. This is a sign that your foundation is sinking. If you notice any of these signs, you may need helical piers installed. If your foundation is sinking, you should call a foundation repair contractor to fix the problem. The professionals at Scottsdale Foundation Repair can make sure that the home is stable with the helical piers.

These piers are commonly used for residential homes, and are the most durable and cost-effective type of foundation repair. Often called “helical” steel piers, they are made to hold a substantial amount of weight. They are a popular choice for contractors due to their ability to lift a ten-story building or a sinking garage. They can also be used to reinforce bowing walls.

Foundation stabilization

For homeowners in Scottsdale who are experiencing problems with their homes, it is important to hire a Scottsdale foundation repair contractor. There are many types of foundation repair and stabilization techniques available. Some of these techniques are less expensive than others, while some of them require a structural engineer. If your foundation has sagging walls, you may need piering or underpinning. For more extensive repairs, steel or carbon fiber walls may be needed. No matter what type of foundation repair method you choose, you will want to hire a certified company to perform the work for you.

The most important thing to do when choosing a contractor to fix your home is to find one with a proven track record. Concrete Repairman LLC is a locally owned and operated foundation repair company in Arizona. They specialize in stabilizing and restoring houses experiencing foundation issues. A Scottsdale foundation repair contractor can inspect your home for free to assess the extent of the problem and provide you with a quote. Using a reputable company can prevent further foundation problems and costly repairs.

Scottsdale Arizona hurricane strap repair anchors

Concrete Repairman® Scottsdale Foundation Repair Experts

Scottsdale Foundation Repair Experts
Concrete Repairman®

Stem Wall Crack Repair, Waterproofing, and Paint

If you’ve recently noticed a crack in the foundation of your home, you may be wondering how much it will cost to have it fixed. The average cost of Scottsdale foundation crack repair is between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on the specific situation. Obviously, bigger damages require more intricate solutions, which take more time and resources. A quality Scottsdale foundation repair contractor will thoroughly inspect your home and make recommendations based on their findings. Listed below are some of the most common foundation issues, and how to fix them.

Arizona Foundation Stem Wall Repair, Crack Repair Foundation Repair Contractors in AZ, Arizona.

New GFRP Rebar Carbon Fiber Rebar install in Stem Walls

The first thing to do is call Concrete Repairman LLC, the founder of Scottsdale Foundation Experts. James Belville has a passion for concrete repair, and started his company in 2015. He is committed to providing quality solutions and employs only the best concrete foundation repair experts in the industry. Because James has been in business for so long, his crew and products are much more advanced than their competitors. If you’re experiencing foundation cracks or a concrete floor crack, a Scottsdale foundation repair specialist Concrete Repairman LLC can fix your problem.

Concrete Repairman LLC has been in business since 2015 and is a local company that specializes in foundation repair and stem wall repairs. They offer a free foundation inspection to help what kind of foundation repair is needed for your home. They will also offer a warranty on their services. Because they are a family-owned company, you can trust that their work will be done right the first time. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a certified foundation and stem wall repair experts in Scottsdale Arizona.

Concrete Stem Wall Foundation Repair Photos

Stem Wall Foundation Movement and Cracking Scottsdale Arizona

Here at this home in Scottsdale Arizona we find multiple signs of foundation movement and cracking.

Foundation Damage Inspection Request

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Stem Wall Repair

Cracked Stem Wall Foundation Repair Scottsdale Arizona

Stem Wall Repair, Foundation Crack Repair Scottsdale Arizona. We fix, repair, stem wall, cracks, fix, company, Scottsdale AZ.

Seems like there’s a slight heave in the floor in that location

Going over to number four area over there it goes down approximately one inch

Number two is in here

Number two is a shearing crack running up the wall

Runs here and what this is this is a perimeter foundation while sitting on a perimeter foundation footing this is an interior wall sitting on top of an interior floor

When they move independently from each other there’s going to be cracking in this area

Little separation and then that horizontal crack coming across here

The weakest part of walls are doorways windows and thresholds so when the house moves and settles slightly these weakest links here in the corners are going to have cracks

I can’t verify any cracks in the floor in this main living room area however it feels like there are elevation changes and this area has been repaired before in that area

Stem Wall Foundation Heaving Repair Scottsdale Arizona

Since the repair it hasn’t moved there is a crack up here coming off of that corner which is an indication of movement as well

There’s nothing structural here and that would be number three

We’re going to go into number four and number four is also a crack coming off the window from settlement

Number five is also a crack in the weakest link which is doorways windows and thresholds

That’s an indication of movement

Number six is a little slight separation here at the corner of this area

Didn’t find any issues in the bathroom any drywall cracks or anything

Number seven is also this crack right here off of the window you can see it has been repaired before and then since then has come back

Number eight over here in this corner is also sharing a shearing separation that’s been repaired before and there’s a slight crack separation

This can be typical with light foundation settlement

Going out to the garage the elevation of this slab is higher than the slab next to it

You can see that the control joints are opening up slightly which means this is heaving upwards

Heaving upwards means that the foundation perimeter is moving slightly

Number ten is this vertical break in the foundation wall so from that break this way it’s going down and now we have some more shearing in this corner as well. More about Stem Wall Repair.

Six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters with brackets it does have rain gutters on it already

Now a horizontal break and dry wall means that the foundation is moving down and there’s a slight break right here

You can see that vertical break right there so from that location this way it’s moving down

The foundation is moving down that the wall sits on and then the roof trusses want to hold itself up. More about Foundation Inspection.

So once going down the other one wants to hold itself up and this is an indication of the settlement

The separation between the two in the weakest link which is the drywall joint

In this case it is horizontal meaning just that when the sides that the foundation go down

We know this because of the vertical breaks and also the heaving on the floor you’re going to receive crack in the in the drywall

On the ceiling and there is a crack in the drywall in the ceiling here so the recommendation is there’s there’s nothing structurally wrong with this area or the footings for that matter

It just means that we live in Arizona it’s an arid climate it hardly ever rains but most people don’t understand that these footings are only 24 inches tall from the top of footing to the soil that’s holding them up

Stem Wall Foundation Crack Repair Scottsdale Arizona

So when you saturate the soil to a point to where the soil is saturated to the extent that it can no longer hold the vertical pressure is being applied down to it by gravity and it causes this type of damage

There is also another crack coming up this vertical wall here and then back over the ceiling in this direction and then it turns the corner and goes that way and another one going that direction as well

So there’s definitely enough movement here to justify rain gutters and then you can also follow up with dirt grading as well would be recommended to slope the dirt away along with the rain gutters are the two best methods to stop settlement here in Arizona

Going outside now are walking out here number 11 I don’t know if you can see all of these mark so I put in the gravel but these are vertical breaks in the foundation in the foundation wall itself

They become more numerous over here in this location so what this means is it’s very likely in the history of this home at least since the paint has been painted on the foundation that these breaks have opened up slightly

There is a low spot right here so it would be recommended to bring this elevation of the dirt not gravel

The decorative rocks back installing refined classified screened dirt topsoil compacting it three inches below the drip right there off the stucco and then sloping it out as far as you can would help this situation

So whatever rainfall happens to rain in the yard or runoff of these gutters that the gutter doesn’t catch its going to hold here and then the foundation is going to sink down slightly and that’s the indication of all of these marks here and the vertical breaks means that there’s just a little too much water here next to these shallow foundations

Now I’m looking right below this window and this crack has been patched before and what you’re looking at is a hurricane strap or a tension ties tie-down is its name actually

We call them hurricane straps it comes up 24 inches there’s a lot of nails in them goes into the footing

Nothing structurally wrong with this the flaw with the hurricane strap is that they’re exposed to the elements on the outside and they’re made of steel so when they start rusting it expands up to five times the size in diameter and it breaks out the side of this foundation at that location

So the repair would be cut the top and remove the broken concrete cut the bottom of it rust inhibit the steel and patch it back with structural grout

This is a typical construction joint your footing comes around has blocked out and goes down and then over your interior floor is poured out to the vertical face of the foundation that’s typical construction for this thin wall light foundation

I like the gutters over here on this side there’s a lot less vertical breaks

I think there’s three of them here the gutter could be extended out just a little bit further

The grade looks reasonably well it’s all about controlling the water for settlement

Foundation Repair Expert Scottsdale Arizona

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James Belville – Foundation Repairman™ – (602)418-2970

Foundation Repair Expert – Concrete Repairman® LLC – a fully licensed, bonded and insured foundation repair company serving customers in Scottsdale and surrounding areas in Scottsdale Arizona. We have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing home foundation cracks, floor crack structural stitching, floor leveling, stem walls, post tension, monolithic and resurfacing foundation damage for homeowner, and commercial clients in Scottsdale Arizona.


Foundation Settlement & Movement Damage Scottsdale Arizona

At this property here in Scottsdale Arizona we found a few areas inside the home that indicate foundation movement and separation

Foundation Damage Inspection Request

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Concrete Repair

Home Foundation Heave Subsidence Settlement Damage

I’m just going to touch on the finer points of the evaluation and this is a summary of that what we’re looking at

Here is staining from moisture a fluorescent salt deposits are being left behind from evaporated moisture

This moisture is coming from the exterior side of this wall and the moisture is coming off of the roof and being trapped by the sidewalk out there so by adding dirt and dirt grading in these areas compacted that dirt and an elevation sloping the moisture away along with the rain gutters all of this calms down the amount of moisture

Directly on the other side of this wall is the same situation

This crack on the interior floor which is natural cracking in these type areas but the moisture you can see is coming up and staining underneath the sealer in leaving the efflorescence salt behind causing this discoloration

Foundation Movement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

Do the moisture is migrating enough to come in through here and evaporate out so this is another indication take care of the water on the outside it’s all about water

Come out here doorways thresholds are the weakest link right here homes all settle

This is a control joint construction joint is there for a purpose

Heaved Foundation Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

We get out to the garage this is a control joint the control joint is opening up just a little bit and what it’s doing is this is heaving upwards just a little bit that’s why you can see the crack

I go over here and I can see vertical breaks in the foundation these are very small can hardly notice them but what this states is that this area has broke

This interior garage floor even though it is considered a floating floor because of the expansion separation from the foundation wall it does have outward pressures north south and east and west

Foundation Damage Repair Scottsdale Arizona

When that foundation goes down it’s lifting right at that joint which it’s doing so if this wall is going down slightly we’re going to see a crack in the weakest link in drywall which is the drywall joint

This is going to be somewhat typical but on the outside we need to control the water right here because these cracks are going at an angle stating the fact there’s an issue over here and there is this area right here

Control this water whether or not you put a rain gutter on here or do the dirt grading to slope this water away from it is recommended

Foundation Settlement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

Going inside the concrete is going to crack at a ninety degree corner this is a natural crack this is a natural occurrence here because it’s coming right off the corner and we’ll see other examples of that in this video here

At the entryway we have another transition where this exterior wall sitting on top of a footing is coming along then it makes a transition

This transition point is the likelihood of a crack in a floor which this is very typical

This crack continues meets the construction joint and then continues on to that side

All concrete is going to crack it’s guaranteed not to get stolen or blow away and it’s gonna crack where once to so about 50% of the house pretty close excluding that garage right there and then this construction joint I would imagine

Foundation Heave Contractor Scottsdale Arizona
That one side was poured separately at one time and then the other side was poured this is a natural occurrence

Right here this crack and there will be little separations weakest part of walls doorways windows and thresholds and this is a long span here so we see this transitional space right here

So one wall can move independently from the other wall and that’s where we’re seeing the stress

Nothing structural this home is very sound another threshold area where we have a little bit of stress occurring right here in this threshold and it is indicating that there is a little bit of movement over here on this side there

Again the patio going around this entire home is not only beautiful but it’s helping to relieve the amount of moisture that would otherwise be sitting right next to the foundation so it is very important to have good proper dirt grade compacted soil and rain gutters

Also have a separation right here this bullnose transition the weakest link in drywall is going to be the drywall joint so this is another indicator that the exterior side needs to be addressed from moisture

Foundation Movement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

We’re here in the kitchen and this crack here you straddle the crack point to the nearest water source exterior wall there’s another slight crack coming off of there

That’s a corner that’s a likelihood of crack and we have a little crack right up there so this foundation comes up turns the interior floor is poured out to the vertical face of that foundation

Foundation Subsidence Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

The transitions right in here so this wall can move a little bit different in this wall and this in that crack right there is where they where the stress point is very typical

Going outside this is the area on the exterior of the bedroom where I was referring to the efflorescence salt being deposited and if we look right there at that vertical break right there that means that the foundation is broke in that location and you can see it where my finger is

Foundation Movement Repair Scottsdale Arizona

That is the height of the water level that it was so there’s you know almost two inches there and then over there on the other side is about three almost maybe four

So this moisture can migrate in and underneath the floor and come up and cause this staining on the interior floor and that’s what you’re seeing

I’m recommending rain gutters for the entire house front yard back yard and side yards back here dirt grading compacted soil to slope the water away along with the rain gutters is going to solve the issues that I’ve mentioned at this home

Foundation Repair Expert Scottsdale Arizona

James Belville – Foundation Repairman™ – (602)418-2970

Foundation Repair Expert – Concrete Repairman® LLC – a fully licensed, bonded and insured foundation repair company serving customers in Scottsdale and surrounding areas in Scottsdale Arizona. We have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing home foundation cracks, floor crack structural stitching, floor leveling, stem walls, post tension, monolithic and resurfacing foundation damage for homeowner, and commercial clients in Scottsdale Arizona.

Foundation Experts Scottsdale Arizona

Professional Foundation Repair Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

Maintaining your home’s foundation is important and it is recommended that you do what you can to make sure that it is problem free. Inspect your home’s foundation from time to time and be on the look out for any signs of damage or anything that does not look normal.

Some of the things to look for are chipping or peeling paint. Bubbles underneath the paint. Exposed areas of concrete. Any signs of cracking or crumbled concrete. In short anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Like any other repair you have done to your home the sooner you take care the problem the less the expense will be. The longer you let the problem go the more it will take in both time and money.

If you see anything that concerns you we can always come out a take a look at it and answer any questions you may have.

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Foundation Experts Scottsdale Arizona

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Scottsdale Foundation Repair – Concrete Repairman

Scottsdale Foundation Repair Experts

This video shows what happens to foundations in Scottsdale Arizona when they are neglected. It is always a good idea to walk your property regularly and look for any of these horizontal cracks and even vertical cracks in the stem walls and Foundations exterior. Because the exterior paint is only painted down to the top of the dirt the dirt gets wet below the paint line and goes in and separates the paint from this vertical wall of the foundation. This can be very detrimental to the interior reinforcement-bar once it begins to oxidize. Once oxidation occurs a low voltage electricity charge then starts resulting in the expansion of the steel up to five times its original size in diameter. This expansion slowly breaks the exterior walls of the foundation and over time the bottom reinforcement bar will also start to expand.

Anchor Bolt foundation Repair

Once this damage begins it will continue to spread and cause greater damage to the property’s foundation. This is a major issue and in order to stop it from

destroying the home’s foundation it needs to be properly repaired and sealed by an expert that knows what is needed.

We use the highest grade patch material mix design with molecular attachment for all foundation repairs. All patch material requires a primer coat that is molecularly attached to the vertical face of the foundation. Removing the rust on the steel rebar is a must, and should be treated with a quality rust inhibitor prior to primer coat. If the reinforcement bar is scaled down to 20% or more, then the rebar should be replaced with new.

All of our foundation repairs are water proofed and painted before back filling the next to foundation.

We are the Only foundation repair company that waterproofs there repairs in Arizona.

We are the premier foundation repair contractors in the southwest and Arizona hands down.

Call us, save your home and money.

Scottsdale Arizona

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Stem Wall Foundation Repair & Inspection

Post Tension Foundation Repair & Inspection

Monolithic Foundation Repair & Inspection

Expert Foundation Repair Company

Foundation Repair Expert Phoenix Arizona

James Belville – (602)418-2970
Foundation Repair Expert – Concrete Repairman®
Concrete Repairman LLC – a fully licensed, bonded and insured foundation repair company serving customers in Scottsdale AZ and surrounding areas in Arizona. We have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing home foundation cracks, floor crack structural stitching, floor leveling, stem walls, post tension, monolithic and resurfacing foundation damage for homeowner, and commercial clients in Arizona.