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Foundation Repair Expert Phoenix ArizonaFoundation Repair Expert in Phoenix Arizona – James Belville

Concrete and foundation expert James Belville is the owner of Concrete Repairman LLC in Arizona. James is a 30+ year veteran in the concrete industry and a 3rd. generation master concrete and foundation problem solver with years of hands on experience and skills.

James was born in Nebraska and then moved to Kansas where he went to school until 7th grade. Sadly his parents separated after which James then moved back to Nebraska where he finished his high school education. More about foundation repair Phoenix Arizona.

During the summer months in high school, he worked for the Corp of Engineers in Harlan County Republican City Nebraska. James had the opportunity to work with several skilled engineers and professionals who helped James get a jump start into, repairing various building structures, docks, landings, bridges, and the use of hydraulic cement.

Russell Edwin Belville 1930-1997

James’s and his father Russell Belville moved to Chandler Arizona in the late 90’s. Russell soon was working on the 1st coal smokestack in St. Johns Arizona that could be seen for miles. Russell was one a few exceptional finishers and patch experts and was not afraid of heights. Russell was the foreman of the patch crews who patch the inside and outside of the smokestack.

Before arriving in Arizona in 1997, James commercial experience included excavating, subsoil compaction, erosion control, concrete mix design, steel reinforcement, form setting, pouring footings, parking lots, curbs and gutter systems installation of water outlets, underground sewers for hospitals, colleges, office buildings and more. James also assisted the county and state with the installation of box converts throughout the farm regions of Nebraska to improve existing rural roads and highway systems. Residential experience includes: basements, footings, foundations, foundation repair, floors, driveways, patios, slabs of all sizes, repairing, patching  and demolition.

After arriving in Arizona, James worked with his father Russell Belville form setting, residential foundations, concrete floors, concrete driveways, concrete patios and concrete slabs. Installing the new handicap ramps for the city of Mesa at virtually every intersection in the city. James and his father both worked for D&L Concrete Demo & Saw-Cutting in Mesa Arizona where James and his father enjoyed working with each other every day. Just look for the stamp in the concrete at the intersections in Mesa Arizona. James and his father would be frequently asked by neighbors while working in a neighborhood, “do you do side work?’ James and his father would look at each other and just smile and say, “yes we do.” Most of the time the jobs were small jobs like a sidewalk or driveway to a back patio or a trash can pad.

One day James said to one of these neighbors, “you can do this yourself and save money.” The neighbor’s usual reply was, “I don’t know how!” Well,.. a light went on in James head, what if I create a instructional video on how to order, pour and finish driveways and sidewalks so people can learn how?

Don Knots was the 1st to put together a how to pamphlet about concrete finishing with the help of Quick Crete. 

Concrete Secrets Driveways and Sidewalks instructional video was created in 1997. The Concrete Secrets video became the #1 selling concrete instructional video around the world. #1 on Amazon and sold to bookstores, libraries, colleges and schools.

In 2005 James also wrote, directed, recorded the music and produced Concrete Secrets Stamped Concrete.  Both are digitally distributed by: Infobase Learning Films Media Group – Facts On File Group New York, NY.

In 2008 was born. It wasn’t until 2015 Concrete Repairman LLC became a licensed limited liability company in the state of Arizona where James remains at the helm today.

Concrete Repairman LLC is a locally owned and operated concrete and foundation repair company in Arizona with 9 full time employees and growing.

We pride ourselves by providing real problem solving skills by uncovering true source and cause to get to the real foundation problem, why this type of damage occurs, and how to solve, and prevent them from happening in the future. More about foundation repair Phoenix.

Our employee’s are top notch experienced professionals that implement the proper repair application with a heightened sense of awareness and exceptional performance level not seen by other contractors in Arizona .

When you call Concrete Repairman LLC for a foundation inspection, James will investigate and show you the evidence as well as share helpful information about keeping your home or business from being damaged in the future. I’ts your property. Call James 602-418-2970.

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