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Hi folks this is James Beleville and I’m on this residential property here in Phoenix Arizona doing a foundation inspection summary here so I’m walking up here and first thing that I noticed this cracking on the garage floor

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The control joint in the garage is opening up slightly a little bit more defined than usual this one is too

Now looking at the ceiling the drywall joint we have separation in two locations here going this direction

the reason why this interior garage floor is heaving upwards that’s the only reason why you can actually see that crack opening up this garage floor is poured out to the exterior foundation wall here

Foundation Movement Contractor Arizona

That’s load-bearing and is separated by an expansion joint and this is called a control joint

It controls the crack in a straight line

Foundation Repair Contractor Arizona

Expansion controls the expansion of the concrete when it heaves up and this is under the roof on the interior garage

However just because there is expansion here a lot of people will suggest that oh that’s a floating floor and it moves independently than the foundation wall

Heaved Foundation Contractor Arizona

Well that can be true in a lot of circumstances however in this circumstance there is a vertical break in the foundation wall right here which is telling me that this part of the foundation is moving down

This part of the foundation is moving down because we live in Arizona it’s an arid climate

Foundation Subsidence Contractor Arizona

It hardly ever rains in Arizona hardly and rain gutters why should I have to worry about water

Number one reason these foundations are only twenty four inches from the top of this foundation down to the bottom to the soil that is holding it up

Twenty four inches very shallow these stem wall foundations and post-tension foundations for that matter are very sensitive to the soil moisture content that is actually holding up the vertical load being applied down to it by gravity

Having rain gutters and proper dirt grading around your foundation is critical here in Arizona

Foundation Heave Contractor Arizona

One thing I do want you to notice that this floor is heaving and what I’m showing you is the evidence stating that fact

It is a fact undeniable there are no interior walls inside this garage to be pushing up on this drywall to make it crack

A lot of misdiagnosis here in the Valley of the Sun is on interior of the home there will be walls pushing up the floors

Heave cracks and a lot of times it’s misdiagnosed because of the fact that

Foundation Repair Contractor Arizona

When you don’t know the answer to a question the go to excuse is always going to be all this must be expansive soil

It is not the case I’ve only seen one example of expansive soil in 35 years

Causing interior floors to heave up other than when the home settles enough it’s going to crack cause separation of the interior plumbing and then a disaster waits

I’ve seen that situation several times so I’m going out here on the outside of the garage to find more evidence

The paints painted down to the top of the dirt that gets wet below the pink line

Moisture goes in and evaporates leaving a fluorescent salt deposit behind chewing off the paint

Foundation Subsidence Contractor Arizona

This is happening everywhere folks if you’re building a new house require that the Builder waterproof this foundation from the top to the bottom of the vertical wall with two coats and waterproofing or tar just below

You know one inch of the dirt grade and then you can paint the top

Over here on this side I’m looking for more evidence to back up my findings on the interior garage floor and on the ceiling

Here it is this is the infamous settling cracks a lot of times I’ll hear people say oh those are just settling cracks especially when they’re selling the home that sort of thing

But this is caused by settlement because we live here in Arizona it’s an arid climate our footings only have to be 24 inches deep 18 inches under soil

Foundation Heaving Repair Arizona

These vertical breaks here here there and there and there’s a couple more right over there says and is fact this foundation broken is moving down

So if this is moving down the interior garage floors following that foundation wall down causing the interior floor of the garage floor to heave up at the control joints

Pretty simple it’s not expansive soil causing heave cracks on your interior floor it’s because of the fact that your perimeter foundation walls are going down and there are variations of That going inside as well

Weathered Concrete Repair Arizona

Let’s just take a look at this crack this crack is on the interior floor this is a bumper basically that goes into your interior floor garage and separated by expansion

So simply diagnose the crack the one foot on one side one on the other point to the nearest water source

Okay we already got evidence of vertical cracks out here so this is moving down causing this crack to crack right there

Pretty simple and what you’re viewing here is the separation of the perimeter footing here at this drywall and this bottom plate is setting on and this is your interior floor

Foundation Settlement Repair Arizona

This was poured separately that’s poured right up against the foundation wall when they move separately from one another

If you have your carpet removed where the tack stripped location is you’ll see that construction joint there

So we’re inside and this house is moving has a little bit too much water on it

We’ll get to the outside here in a minute but here’s what happens and here’s what most people see are these cracks

Home Foundation Heave Subsidence Settlement Damage

These cracks are separations there is stress on this roof which is created by moisture

On the outside near the location of the foundation walls and it’s going down and the stress goes all the way up to the ceiling and over there there was a patch repair made and see the different texture right there and there it as well there’s also a crack right there right off of that corner too

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Our Foundation Repair Division are experts in repairing and waterproofing home foundations and stem walls. Water damage is the leading cause of foundation cracks and crumbling. Identifying the signs and repairing the damage early on is extremely important. The longer the foundation is ignored the worse the damage will be and the more costly it will be to repair.

We recommend you visually inspect you home’s foundation regularly and look for any signs of cracking or any other signs of failure. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at anytime and we can arrange for an inspection of your home’s foundation.

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Foundation Cracks are the First Sign of a Problem

Exposing the Stem Wall so the Repair can begin

Exposing the Stem Wall so the Repair can begin

Chipping Away the Damaged Concrete

Chipping Away the Damaged Concrete

Exposing the Damaged Re-bar so it can Waterproofed and Sealed

Exposing the Damaged Re-bar so it can be Waterproofed and Sealed

Replacing the Concrete and Sealing the Stem Wall

Replacing the Concrete and Sealing the Stem Wall

Replacing and Grading the Top Soil away from the House

Replacing and Grading the Top Soil away from the House

Finishing Up and Putting the Landscaping Back in Place

Finishing Up and Putting the Landscaping Back in Place

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