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Signs of Foundation Movement in Phoenix Arizona

In Phoenix Arizona we did a foundation inspection on this older home that did have signs of movement and slight foundation damage.

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In this older neighborhood whose home was built in 1920 something

Beautiful floors nice interior and in this room we have some elevation changes in here

To bring this floor back up we’ll have to get underneath this floor too to lift it up but there are elevation changes at least two of them one right here in this location starts going down there and then there’s another elevation here to the where my finger is pointing is more stable and then it drops off and then it drops off again

When these foundations move down you will receive cracks in the ceiling drywall near doorways windows and thresholds which are the weakest joints of the wall are these openings

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Without having the carpet up we can’t really verify everything underneath there but it’s very subtle

Going outside in the backyard I’m on I’ve already walked this property interior and exterior and these are the finer points of the investigation inside

Beautiful backyard your chickens have a couple legs over there

The weakest part of all is the doorways windows and thresholds and this area right in here we have some stair stepping coming down also a vertical break in the foundation

Here some stair stepping coming up some voids here and this is going to be somewhat typical to a home of this age

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From that crack going this way this foundation went down because the verification of the break here

Separation there this window is coming out of plumb in this area

Foundation Movement Contractor Phoenix Arizona

On the new addition I’m not seeing any issues that are really standing out

Stucco is a rigid material and at the doorways and windows and thresholds are the weakest link and there are a couple little cracks coming off of here

That’s going to be typical for this type of construction

Rain gutters on this side of the house coming down dirt grading you can put a lot of dirt grade up there to keep this moisture out because the moisture is the only thing that’s going to cause settlement which is happening on this side has happened in its lifetime so six inch gutters over here capturing the moisture coming down dirt grading around this whole area will make a dramatic improvement

Foundation Repair Contractor Phoenix Arizona

With any cracks in the ceiling and in the drywall that we’ve seen on the interior the side looks nice should have our gutter system on here as well and on the estimate if there’s going to be an estimate for me if something that concrete repairman can do

I’ll put a referral for rain gutters on there

Going to the front as I’m walking to the front door there seems to be an elevation change right in this area

Kind of starts sloping downhill just a little bit nothing structural at this time

We’re now just outside the front door and this is a triangulated fracture right here that you’re seeing there’s an elevation here in elevation here an elevation here this crack running this direction says that this side is went down slightly over the history of its lifetime

This however is only stating that fact it is nothing structural there’s a berm up against the original hand a slight berm that could be improved next to this section and around that area which is recommended to bring this off a little bit more to keep the moisture further away

This column is separated from the rest of the house on these two corners so it can move independently and then the main home itself and the discrepancy

The difference between the two movements will be seen where it’s been patched before

Here a little bit of glue up there some more patching through the archway that’s what I’m seeing

This would be typical as well there’s nothing structural with that

Foundation Inspection Contractor Phoenix Arizona

Doorways windows and thresholds are always going to be the weakest link in a wall so if the foundation broke which it did there in its lifetime and it’s been patched and then also some other patch material has gone up through here to this corner and then up on the other corner out that way

So this is the evidence that not only suggests but these are facts that this side of the foundation has gone down a little bit and has settled slightly over its history

Now with the new addition that starts here the new concrete is poured up against and this is considered a  construction joint right here should have to number four bars that are drilled into the existing and into the new concrete that would be code for the City of Phoenix

So if that is the case it’s going to help stabilize this area keeping in mind it’s all about controlling the moisture from this irrigated lot going next to the foundation and settling it

Because these foundations are very shallow here in Arizona because it’s an arid climate over here that dirt great could be dramatically improved to keep this water out of here same thing here and these are all the recommendations that I’m making in this area

Heaved Foundation Contractor Phoenix Arizona

I’m now on this west side of the home by the fireplace and there are just a few little vertical breaks in these weakest links right here both sides that’s very typical I just don’t want to see huge breaks that are really separating

The window looks like it’s in good condition as well which would confirm that it has moved but it’s not structural there is also this separation of going right up in through there try to get a little closer view of that and this means that from there this way it has gone down over its lifetime

This section at a 2×6 put down that’s what their little ledge is right there and I believe this is also permitted and part of the kitchen so it would also have rebar pins running through it so it’s going to stabilize this side of the house as well

So in these two areas of concern this corner in the opposite corner of the home I believe because of the additions that have been put onto this house with the rebar pins in the perimeter foundations are going to restabilize this home

I’m not seeing anything structural that would be severely alarming at this time of this evaluation

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