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Foundation Settlement & Movement Damage Scottsdale Arizona

At this property here in Scottsdale Arizona we found a few areas inside the home that indicate foundation movement and separation

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Home Foundation Heave Subsidence Settlement Damage

I’m just going to touch on the finer points of the evaluation and this is a summary of that what we’re looking at

Here is staining from moisture a fluorescent salt deposits are being left behind from evaporated moisture

This moisture is coming from the exterior side of this wall and the moisture is coming off of the roof and being trapped by the sidewalk out there so by adding dirt and dirt grading in these areas compacted that dirt and an elevation sloping the moisture away along with the rain gutters all of this calms down the amount of moisture

Directly on the other side of this wall is the same situation

This crack on the interior floor which is natural cracking in these type areas but the moisture you can see is coming up and staining underneath the sealer in leaving the efflorescence salt behind causing this discoloration

Foundation Movement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

Do the moisture is migrating enough to come in through here and evaporate out so this is another indication take care of the water on the outside it’s all about water

Come out here doorways thresholds are the weakest link right here homes all settle

This is a control joint construction joint is there for a purpose

Heaved Foundation Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

We get out to the garage this is a control joint the control joint is opening up just a little bit and what it’s doing is this is heaving upwards just a little bit that’s why you can see the crack

I go over here and I can see vertical breaks in the foundation these are very small can hardly notice them but what this states is that this area has broke

This interior garage floor even though it is considered a floating floor because of the expansion separation from the foundation wall it does have outward pressures north south and east and west

Foundation Damage Repair Scottsdale Arizona

When that foundation goes down it’s lifting right at that joint which it’s doing so if this wall is going down slightly we’re going to see a crack in the weakest link in drywall which is the drywall joint

This is going to be somewhat typical but on the outside we need to control the water right here because these cracks are going at an angle stating the fact there’s an issue over here and there is this area right here

Control this water whether or not you put a rain gutter on here or do the dirt grading to slope this water away from it is recommended

Foundation Settlement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

Going inside the concrete is going to crack at a ninety degree corner this is a natural crack this is a natural occurrence here because it’s coming right off the corner and we’ll see other examples of that in this video here

At the entryway we have another transition where this exterior wall sitting on top of a footing is coming along then it makes a transition

This transition point is the likelihood of a crack in a floor which this is very typical

This crack continues meets the construction joint and then continues on to that side

All concrete is going to crack it’s guaranteed not to get stolen or blow away and it’s gonna crack where once to so about 50% of the house pretty close excluding that garage right there and then this construction joint I would imagine

Foundation Heave Contractor Scottsdale Arizona
That one side was poured separately at one time and then the other side was poured this is a natural occurrence

Right here this crack and there will be little separations weakest part of walls doorways windows and thresholds and this is a long span here so we see this transitional space right here

So one wall can move independently from the other wall and that’s where we’re seeing the stress

Nothing structural this home is very sound another threshold area where we have a little bit of stress occurring right here in this threshold and it is indicating that there is a little bit of movement over here on this side there

Again the patio going around this entire home is not only beautiful but it’s helping to relieve the amount of moisture that would otherwise be sitting right next to the foundation so it is very important to have good proper dirt grade compacted soil and rain gutters

Also have a separation right here this bullnose transition the weakest link in drywall is going to be the drywall joint so this is another indicator that the exterior side needs to be addressed from moisture

Foundation Movement Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

We’re here in the kitchen and this crack here you straddle the crack point to the nearest water source exterior wall there’s another slight crack coming off of there

That’s a corner that’s a likelihood of crack and we have a little crack right up there so this foundation comes up turns the interior floor is poured out to the vertical face of that foundation

Foundation Subsidence Contractor Scottsdale Arizona

The transitions right in here so this wall can move a little bit different in this wall and this in that crack right there is where they where the stress point is very typical

Going outside this is the area on the exterior of the bedroom where I was referring to the efflorescence salt being deposited and if we look right there at that vertical break right there that means that the foundation is broke in that location and you can see it where my finger is

Foundation Movement Repair Scottsdale Arizona

That is the height of the water level that it was so there’s you know almost two inches there and then over there on the other side is about three almost maybe four

So this moisture can migrate in and underneath the floor and come up and cause this staining on the interior floor and that’s what you’re seeing

I’m recommending rain gutters for the entire house front yard back yard and side yards back here dirt grading compacted soil to slope the water away along with the rain gutters is going to solve the issues that I’ve mentioned at this home

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