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Foundation Crack Repair Mesa Arizona

Here number one right up here the weakest part of walls or doorways windows and thresholds and when the home moves a little bit we’ll get these drywall cracks in here these are somewhat typical of what we see

Going into this room and we’re looking at number two

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Number two is the separation of this bull nose up here and then that separation right there also a little separation coming down this bull nose and over in here in that location as well it’s suggesting that there’s a little too much water on the exterior

I am going to recommend rain gutters for sure around this entire home where the roof rainwater would go next to the house

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Moving on over here to number three number three is over here off the master over here at this door and it’s a little bit of sheering up there in that corner of the wall in there little separation of this area here as well which is indication of a little bit too much water holding in these areas rain gutters are recommended

We’re here in the garage now and number four is this turned down we have our floating garage floor slab sitting next to an expansion and this is the interior floor and it does have rebar running through it and could be oxidizing a little bit is what it’s reacting to until we get in there a little bit that’s what I’m going to presume that is oxidation of the reinforcement steel in this turn down location number four

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Number five is a drywall separation at the drywall joint which is indicating a little too much water on the outside

A little bit of settlement going on here causing this stress in this area and if there’s that much moisture on the outside it could be driving this reinforcement steel to oxidize and expand

Going outside to the driveway where the driveway meets the garage floor number six

This is oxidized rebar of the reinforcement steel in the turndown of this driveway also there

Foundation Movement Contractor Mesa Arizona

This interior garage floor is heaving up slightly because of the moisture on the left hand on the north and the south side this garage may be holding a little bit too much moisture causing slight settlement in that region

Now we’re over here on this side of the home number seven

Foundation Repair Contractor Mesa Arizona

Number seven is a hurricane strap that angle of that crack it is a hurricane strap or a tension ties tie-down is what its professional name is aka hurricane strap

This should be repaired there are a few vertical breaks and number eight

Number eight it’s a vertical break over here and this is an example of the size and what these vertical breaks look like and what it means is there’s this a little too much moisture on that side of the house causing the foundation to break and settle just a little bit and separate causing that crack there are a few more vertical breaks along this side

Number nine number nine is falling spalling is the deterioration of concrete whether it’s horizontal or vertical the degradation of the concrete surface caused by a fluorescent salt deposit in this case the paint is usually only painted down to the top of the dirt

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The dirt gets wet below the paint line the moisture goes in evaporates up moisture is the transportation of salt deposit is left behind after evaporation chewing into the vertical wall of the stem wall foundation and delaminating the paint

Moving on around here in the back we were just in this back bedroom over here and near this doorway area and number 10 is there’s a shallow spot here or hole basically that is accumulating more water which will make this area around here move and has caused the interior cracks in the ceiling in this bedroom so I would recommend dirt grading and a good rain gutter system around this house will solve all of these issues and I would recommend waterproofing and painting this foundation

Over here on this side as well we’re here on the patio and right here at this drywall joint is separating and that’s because these columns are moving and on the perimeter foundation right there is moving down slightly causing this stress to open that up just a little bit

It’s a very typical sign of light settlement in that area

Stem Wall Foundation Contractor Mesa Arizona

Walking around the corner nice little flowerbed nothing wrong with this it is separating a little bit it’s from settlement not an issue

Then over here at number 11 number 11 is a hurricane strap it’s got this angle in it that’s how you can really tell the hurricane strap or tension ties tie-down strap aka hurricane strap in this location oxidation

The issue with the hurricane strap is that exposed to the elements on the outside moisture and oxygen and still get together they caused oxidation rusting and then the rusting process creates a low-voltage electrical current in the steel and it starts to expand up to five times its size cracking out the concrete and that’s what we’re seeing here at number 11

Foundation Movement Contractor Mesa Arizona

Along here there are vertical breaks in the foundation walls the weakest part of walls are doorways windows and thresholds so when your house moves and it is moving in this location

It is slowly going down and causing these vertical breaks and then if the weakest part of walls this window at the corners will usually see the stucco start to separate at the weakest links which we do

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