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Well what you’re viewing is a residential home in Phoenix Arizona and the homeowner wanted me to come out here and check out the southeast corner

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Foundation Crack Repair Phoenix Arizona

What we have here is hurricane straps or tension ties tie-down straps

They come up 24 inches there’s a lot of nails in them and it goes down into the stem wall footing and there’s one on each side

Here a situation with tension ties tie-down straps or the infamous hurricane strap is there exposed to the elements on the outside

They’re made of steel oxygen steel and moisture starts the expansion of the steel and it starts expanding and can expand up to five times the size in diameter and what it does is starts breaking out the concrete because it cannot stand the amount of pressures

Homes here in Arizona because Arizona is an arid climate in Arizona it seldom rains in Arizona

Foundation Repair Contractor Phoenix Arizona

Getting rain gutters but I can definitely see that there’s no gutters on here and this rainwater is going directly in this area is being held in

So when a foundation moves down you’re gonna get these vertical breaks on your foundation and what these vertical breaks are stating very loudly you will also get termites

Holding water near a foundation too so these stem wall foundations are only 24 inches or 2 feet tall from the top of the interior floor elevation to the soil below that’s holding up these vertical pressures being applied down to it by gravity and over time if you calculate the length and width and depth of the rainfall coming off of this roof can you put it right here next to a shallow foundation

This stem wall Foundation will go down and then it’s going to break and it’s gonna break again and again and again

Over time the multitude of these vertical breaks become closer and closer together and more numerous this settlement of the foundation will cause stress in the roof cause roof leaks.

Foundation Damage Repair Phoenix Arizona

Interior floors to heave up breaking tile doors not too close, drywall cracks and usually the drywall cracks on the interior are going to separate near doorways windows and thresholds

So the drier you keep your foundation the less likely you’re going to have termites

Going around over here on the other side we can definitely tell that there’s moisture present because of this soil is cracking

It’s not necessarily expansive soil it’s just all soils or even concrete are going to shrink and cause shrinkage cracking so on both sides of this window here we have some cracks coming off the weakest sides of these windows

We have another hurricane strap here that’s causing the concrete to break out and this is the aggregate in the vertical face of the stem wall and the only way that this happens is if when you trap moisture underneath the paint they used to be there and depositing efflorescence salt

Over time each time in deposits it gets a concentration of efflorescence salt in between the paint and the vertical wall of this stem wall and chews into the concrete leaving this behind and peeling the paint off it is so important especially here in Arizona to control water around the perimeter of your home

There’s another hurricane strapped tension ties tied down and then another one right over here in the corner

You can definitely see how much this is corroding and I could no not quite pull that off but this goes down into the footing vertical break there so it’s going to break this whole corner off has to be rebuilt

Foundation Movement Contractor Phoenix Arizona

On this side again we can see all of this rainwater if you calculate the length and width and depth of the rainfall on this roof and you put it right near a shallow foundation you’re going to get all of these vertical breaks in this foundation and these are only you know 16 inches apart maybe and they’re quite numerous

You know they don’t look very big but these are huge vertical breaks so to stop this home from settlement interior floor heave cracks

Six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters with 4-foot downspout extensions and dirt grading

Build this dirt up move these decorative rocks back bring in classified screen topsoil dirt and then compacted next to this foundation

If you’re going to sell this home you need to stay down three to four inches below this and then bring this dirt grade out and then put your decorative rocks back

I’m gonna measure up what these repairs are going to be Concrete Repairman waterproofs all of our repairs it is recommended that all foundations be waterproofed from the top all the way down the vertical wall before any dirt gets put back next to any foundation

For more information contact James CALL: (602)418-2970 for more information about stem wall repair stem wall crack repair floor heave subsidence vertical breaks floor heave foundation heave cracks floor grinding structural crack stitching

Foundation Repair Expert Phoenix Arizona

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