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This video shows what happens to foundations in Scottsdale Arizona when they are neglected. It is always a good idea to walk your property regularly and look for any of these horizontal cracks and even vertical cracks in the stem walls and Foundations exterior. Because the exterior paint is only painted down to the top of the dirt the dirt gets wet below the paint line and goes in and separates the paint from this vertical wall of the foundation. This can be very detrimental to the interior reinforcement-bar once it begins to oxidize. Once oxidation occurs a low voltage electricity charge then starts resulting in the expansion of the steel up to five times its original size in diameter. This expansion slowly breaks the exterior walls of the foundation and over time the bottom reinforcement bar will also start to expand.

Anchor Bolt foundation Repair

Once this damage begins it will continue to spread and cause greater damage to the property’s foundation. This is a major issue and in order to stop it from

destroying the home’s foundation it needs to be properly repaired and sealed by an expert that knows what is needed.

We use the highest grade patch material mix design with molecular attachment for all foundation repairs. All patch material requires a primer coat that is molecularly attached to the vertical face of the foundation. Removing the rust on the steel rebar is a must, and should be treated with a quality rust inhibitor prior to primer coat. If the reinforcement bar is scaled down to 20% or more, then the rebar should be replaced with new.

All of our foundation repairs are water proofed and painted before back filling the next to foundation.

We are the Only foundation repair company that waterproofs there repairs in Arizona.

We are the premier foundation repair contractors in the southwest and Arizona hands down.

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