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Foundation Repair – Heaved Floor Crack Stitching – Floor Leveling

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair heaved floor crack stitching floor leveling is always needed when moisture is the culprit of all foundation problems for the most part. Spalling or delamination of the vertical walls of these types of foundations can be avoided very easily by waterproofing the vertical walls of all perimeter foundation walls before dirt is back filled. This will stop horizontal cracking caused by the compromised  reinforcement bar and prevent the paint from peeling off and concrete spalling all at once.

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Heaved Floor Crack Stitching

Crack stitching for the most part when the interior floor of homes heave the exterior perimeter of the home’s foundation is holding back too much water. This moisture comes from the roof rainwater, and negative dirt grading.

By installing rain gutters you can stop all vertical movement on the interior floor slabs. The only exception is if there is a water leak under the interior floor. The exterior foundations here in Arizona only go down to undisturbed soil which is approximately 18″ to 24″ max. This means that the “soil moisture content” reaches a high enough level in the soils that are holding  up the home and keeping it stable will no longer be able to sustain the weight of the wall and roof causing the foundation to move. Because the interior floor is poured separately and called a floating floor it has outward forces and will follow the perimeter foundation movement. The interior floors will then rise up causing interior tile cracks, cracks in drywall, doors not to close and ceiling cracks to appear.

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling: heaved floor cracks need to be ground down and structurally epoxy stitched to stabilize the two or more slabs that are now separated from each other.

Wood flooring has only a tolerance of 1/8″ in 12 LF. Tile tolerance is 1/4″ in 10 LF. and carpet is about the same.

Floor leveling materials bring the floor back up to a flatter profile to allow for these types of flooring.

All of the above should be considered after the initial evaluation from a skilled concrete professional that knows foundations and their structure and what the elements and forces may cause movement.

Thank for your time, I hope this information was helpful.

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