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5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James saved me close to $8k, identified the root cause of the problem, and we were able to save a large tree.

One of my rental units had buckling of tiles. For the past few months, we’ve had professionals come out and even an insurance agent. Each foundation expert gave us a different advice and we were left confused. From injecting polyurethane around the house to injection slurry at the affected site. Each recommendation costed between $4-$8k. I met with James, very professional. He took a look at the property and within 5 minutes diagnosed the problem and it wasn’t even foundation related! When he told me if was humidity and vapors causing the buckling of the tiles, I kinda thought…this guy believes in voodoo magic. Well, we broke out one the tiles to look underneath and low and behold, the foundation was flat underneath and that the tiles really did pull up. So the fix? Pull out the tiles, re-grout, and set them back in place with grout that allows for expansion such as siliconized grout. Isn’t that crazy?? I also speculated that a large exterior tree may have been the culprit of the ground moving. We went outside looked around and he basically said the tree is fine and does not need to be removed. I gave James a great big hug for really helping us with this situation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lesson learned: For something as big as a foundation issue, make sure to get several opinions.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

We are very pleased with James and his guys. We had three companies come out to look at our foundation problem. James explained exactly what was happening and how to fix it. He was the only person who wanted to actually stop the problem from getting worse and fix it properly. The others companies wanted to do a band aid. This was a case of, you get what you pay for. We wanted it done right and not have to revisit the problem in a couple years and waste money. The guys who did the job were awesome. Hard working and we’re done a day early. Polite and informative. Thanks for giving us confidence.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames was outstanding! He spent time educating me on the needed repairs and going over what it was going to take to fix my foundation problem. He is very professional and interested in actually helping his clients. He has videos to support his over 30 years of experience and knows how to do the job right. Thanks for your services!!


Customer Questions

A small section of my foundation is crumbling. I’d like to get a repair estimate please. We have a possible foreclosure purchase and where the property is there is quite a bit of settling. We need to know if this is major or minor.

Stem wall needs major repair – I have chipped some out the the rebar is totally rusted. Brad Roberts recommended you.

Looking to schedule a foundation inspection for my clients (buyers) for the above property.

We are currently in the inspection period. Can you please contact me to discuss pricing and scheduling?

Master bedroom has dropped 2 inches kitchen has dropped 1.5 inches. Would like an inspection of homes foundation and information of outcomes.

Just moved into a home put down wood floors in three bedrooms w mapei 995- taking a long time to cure and wondering about rising damp on the slab.

Curious as to what type of inspection is done to determine the issue.

Hello, I have noticed there are a few areas around my house’s stem wall foundation that are cracking / crumbling. Do you provide a courtesy inspection/ estimate for homeowners?

I need to possibly have some pads inspected that were poured on my property. I have seen multiple cracks starting to appear. I’d like to talk about a inspection price. If you could call me today or tomorrow.

Would like to repair a falling concrete wall at the property. Working as a buyers agent on a purchase, seller not willing to do any repairs, need to get an estimate to skim coat the areas noted on page 37 and 38 of the attached home inspection. Need quote ASAP… repair to be done after Close on June 10th.

Looking to get an inspection done on a house that i was planning on purchasing. found multiple cracks along the foundation & one on the rear of the house which has rebar exposed.

I have a property in Tucson with a foundation that sunk about a inch and needs to be repaired.

We are selling the house at West Chanute Pass Phoenix 85041 and post tension slab cable is sticking out. I need to get this looked at and repaired.

Multiple cracks at foundation in the front yard. Need estimation. I was wondering what the cost of an inspection on the foundation would cost? We already have bought our home in Dec. 2018 and are just now finding out about some of the problems in this area with the homes.

The foundation seems to be the culprit in most of the complaints around here. Foundation around the house and in garage cracking and chunks of concrete missing. Typical for this area from what I’ve seen.

My floor is sloping down wards, there is a crack running east/west through a portion of the home. I would like to have you come out and evaluate the issues and advise me on possible repairs. Medium sized cracks in interior floors.

Hi- would someone be able to come out and give me an estimate for the repair of my stem wall? It looks like several of your videos with the spalling and cracking. I chipped it apart some and exposed a rusty anchor bolt for the sill plate. It wasn’t hard to do as the concrete seemed to be in a weakened state. Thanks.

I would like to talk to someone about setting up an inspection and quote for repair. The outside footer around my house has cracks in some areas. One corner has what appears to be a metal strap that has rusted through and broke off.

Part of my glued-down hardwood floor ‘popped up’ and I couldn’t explain why…except to look for cracks in the concrete underneath. The 2 known cracks that existed when I bought the house 4 years ago have gotten wider and longer and a third is new. I want to keep this from getting worse. Thanks.

Floor, slab on grade, is settling and tile is cracking. Interior doors are not closing properly and some cracks appearing in drywall. This is our permanent residence in Sedona and I am a registered architect and want it fixed.

I have noticed some cracks in my house. I am told it is just the house settling but I want reassurance. New slab poured last week when it was cool then a couple 80-90F days followed and 2 cracks showing up now running entire width of floor through garage expansion joint, also 3 smaller cracks,2-3 feet in length,in the garage between expansion joints.

Post tension slab has not been tensioned as yet. have some movement of garage slabs and cracked tiles on the interior of the house. was wondering how much you guys charge to do an assessment and provide me with a quote to fix.

Water leaking into house between patio/cool deck and house during heavy rains in an addition of house built lower than yard and main house.

Visible cracking in exterior foundation, front patio has a large crack in it, both patios have pulled away from the foundation, interior drywall cracking both walls and ceiling.

Back deck concrete slab angles water towards the house vs away from the house during rain storms causing water to flow into the house. Needs to be ground down to angle water away from the house – can you help?

Efflorescence on stem wall degrading concrete and peeling paint.

Hi, I have a post tension slab home that was built in 2013. I have had my house inspected by a foundation repair company and they say my house is heaving & want to install a moisture control system. I would like a second opinion on the house. The house makes noises, I was told expansion and contraction but seems really excessive. Cracks have formed in my front patio & rear patio, I also have some spalling in a few areas. And a lot of cracking in the stucco. I did have gutters installed. I also had the slab checked a few times with water level. My front patio has a walkway trapping water, not sure how to get around this. Water is also wicking up the foundation in the front and the side of the garage. I had sewer lines checked for leaks, no leaks & my water bill is almost the same each month, no feed line leaks. I know Arizona has a 10 year structure warranty, not sure if the builder is liable, but they claim it’s cosmetic & still with in the ROC guidelines. Any help is greatly appreciated. Great videos on you tube! Thanks

We are about to buy a house and with the inspection, the foundation has some changes. We were looking at getting an evaluation to see what it would cost to fix/repair.

Ceiling has 2 fine line crack. Under the carpet there is 3 cracks. I need to get fixed as soon as possible. This home has been a rental. Now it will be my home.

We have water leaking up from the floor along the outside wall in our bedroom when it rains. We would also like to have the entire house checked out due to its age (1947) and some other issues we have experienced recently that indicate sub-par work on renovations and an addition done in 2006 before we owned the home.

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Foundation Inspection Summary

Front of home foundation stem wall:

*Moderate Vertical cracks in foundation walls were present at the time of inspection. Settlement in this area was indicated from the vertical crack separations on north and south foundation walls of garage.This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks. Water runoff from roof around the entryway, walkway area is also holding water next to the foundation walls. Better gutter system should be considered to control excessive moisture in this area. *Moderate – *Severe Tension Ties Down Straps (Hurricane Straps) oxidizing, repair is recommended. Between garage doors, including south corner of the garage. (Rain gutters and Dirt Grading is recommended to allow for better moisture control away from foundation walls).

North foundation wall side yard:

*Moderate Vertical cracks in foundation walls were present at the time of inspection. Settlement in this area was indicated from the vertical cracks in foundation wall*.This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks.

*Severe Tension Ties Down Straps (Hurricane Straps) oxidizing at location NE corner next to planter. (repair is recommended).

South foundation wall side yard:

*Moderate Vertical cracks in foundation walls were present at the time of inspection. Settlement in this area was indicated from the vertical cracks in foundation wall*.This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks.

East backyard Foundation Wall

*Moderate Vertical cracks in foundation walls were present at time of inspection.Settlement in this area was indicated from the vertical cracks in foundation wall*.This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks.

*Moderate Negative dirt grading near exit door from master bedroom to patio slab, including spalling of foundation wall was indicated at the time of inspection.

Garage Floor Slab;

*Severe Oxidation expansion of turndown footing reinforcement steel in interior floor slab, was present at the time of inspection. (Repair is recommended). *Moderate Floor Heave at control joints was present at the time of inspection. This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks. (Rain gutters and Dirt Grading is recommended to allow for better moisture control away from foundation walls).

Interior Slab;

Heave cracks in floor slab could not be verified because of floor coverings. *Moderate – *Severe Various areas of drywall joint separation on ceiling and walls in master bedroom, and near exit door leading out to the patio. Settlement on east and south sides of home is the likely source of drywall damage.This can cause interior floor heave cracks, cracked tiles, drywall cracks, and roof leaks*. (Rain gutters and Dirt Grading is recommended to allow for better moisture control).

*Key  *Typical – *Light – *Moderate – *Severe

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