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Concrete Lifting and concrete Leveling home foundations are revolutionary techniques of leveling and lifting concrete slab on grade, post tension foundations, stem walls, interior floor heaving, expansive soil problems to stabilize your home foundation from further damage. How does Concrete Lifting and Concrete Leveling help in sinking foundation problems? A sinking foundation is caused due to any number of reasons like soil shifting, tree roots, heavy rains, improper grading, ground vibration, too much water, and other soil related problems. These issues can lead to foundation cracks, foundation settlement, sinking foundations and structural foundation damage in Maricopa, Casa Grande, and surrounding areas in Arizona. Call Brett 951-870-1838 for you foundation inspection Maricopa, and Casa Grande AZ

Lifting Foundation – Helical Piers Foundation Repairs

After excavating areas surrounding the problem area(s) of a slab and undermining the footing, a corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel pier system is attached to the footing with a foundation bracket to stabilize the foundation against further sinking and settling.  The helical pier is hydraulically torqued to competent strata before our team transfers the weight of the slab away from the incompetent soils at the surface and to the competent strata or bedrock that the piers were driven to.

Foundation repair is necessary after a structure has suffered water damage to the foundation wall, floors, or ceilings. Water entry has caused many structures to buckle, resulting in complete failure. Once a structure has suffered severe damage, the best solution is to prevent further damage by initiating foundation repair before structural elements become jammed. It is also important to know what actions need to be taken if foundation repair is initiated because of existing conditions. In some cases, foundation repair may be necessary after a structure has experienced severe water infiltration.