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“Spalling, or foundation movement, is a common problem for many homes. A foundation can experience several forms of damage, including cracking, moving, or failing, resulting in foundation damage. Spalling can affect both residential and commercial structures. Foundations that experience stem wall repair are generally found to be stable and provide a good foundation support but there are times when spalling can cause considerable damage.

When there is a large amount of rain or liquid soil pressure and a ground under pressure of approximately five pounds per square foot, the walls on an average sized structure can experience strain and rupture. The majority of stresses is located inside the walls, which are made up of different materials such as concrete, metal, wood, tile, marble, granite, or stone, while concrete forms the foundation of the home. Wood is typically used as the exterior wall material but may also include interior walls, where there is an exposed aggregate layer. Foundations are susceptible to spalling if these layers of materials are exposed to elevated temperatures, corrosive water, or heavy amounts of groundwater or floodwater.

Contractors that specialize in repairing foundations utilize special equipment to manage various aspects of foundation repair including pumping out damaged soil, eliminating excess water, curing any cracked or crumbling concrete, and replacing damaged or missing concrete components. These professionals are able to perform a wide range of foundation repair jobs. Depending on the severity of the issue and the size of the structure, they may also be able to recommend alternative solutions including replacement or repairing portions of the foundation. They are also trained to handle various excavation, foundation, or surface drainage issues.

Foundations are constructed using poured concrete, which is held together through a variety of techniques. One of the most common techniques used is footing the structure to the underlying soil. This technique allows for foundation repair problems that involve damage to the underlying soil or elements like the interior floor slab. When soil pressure is applied to the concrete while it is being poured, this causes cracks and breaks in the concrete, which then can allow foundation movements to occur. More about stem wall repair.

Foundation repair is often accompanied by a variety of stem wall problems, including cracks and gaps in the foundation, wooden framing problems, plumbing and electrical problems, and drainage and mold infestation. As you can see from the above list of potential issues, the typical solution includes some form of excavation and foundation fixing. In many cases, these repairs and foundation repair usually are not covered by warranty or insurance. If you own an apartment building, you need to have your building inspected for these types of problems as soon as possible to avoid further complications and potential costs associated with these repairs.

When you pay a contractor to fix foundation problems and do some maintenance on the inside of the building, you also need to take a close look at the connections that bring in the water vapor that has seeped through the soil, into the building. In many cases, the connections were poorly designed and maintained. While there may be exterior waterproofing materials like brick, there may be no such thing as an effective sealant to prevent the water from seeping in. The walls surrounding the foundation might be made of paper or thin Styrofoam. Over time this paper will break down and start to sag, allowing the water to seep in and around the walls and into the interior floor of your building. If you have an existing leaking basement, you know that this is even more of a problem because of the slow leak and the constant movement of the soil, which can cause cracks in the floor and ceiling.

Foundation Repair companies Phoenix Arizona that specialize in foundation and other interior floor systems are experienced in all of these situations. In Phoenix, there are many contractors that specialize in foundation repair as well as other interior flooring services. Before hiring one, make sure they are licensed and bonded, they use quality products and they perform work in a professional manner. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and photographs of previous jobs they have completed. If you are paying a bit more for the repair work, it is worth it to get a more experienced and properly trained contractor who will complete the job correctly the first time.

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