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Foundation repair of stem wall repair, foundation cracks should be repair by highly skilled craftsmen, like James Belville at Concrete Repairman LLC in Tempe Arizona.

The process of heave (sagging of the concrete slab) can be avoided with proper floor leveling. It is an ongoing task that is vital to the lifespan of a Tempe home.

Have you ever heard the expression “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This is very true when it comes to heave. A little knowledge about the foundation will go a long way in reducing the chances of damage to the structure. Even small cracks in concrete can lead to structural problems later on if left unnoticed. More about Stem Wall Repair.

Proper maintenance of the house is also a must. Depending on where the crack is and how large it is, the structure may need floor leveling. Flooring and drywall should also be checked regularly to ensure that the moisture content does not accumulate too much.

If the area is located near the property line, then it is best to remove any existing roof. In case the cracked part of the slab is directly above the roof, the roof might have to be replaced because of the weight and pressure it is facing. This can be a very expensive project and one that should not be left until the foundation cracking is severe.

Experts are always willing to offer sound advice, but in the absence of a trained professional or trained inspection team, the homeowner is in charge of the situation. There are a number of steps to take in order to achieve perfect floor cracking and cracked concrete foundation floor repairs.

One of the most important things to consider is the type of material being used for the home foundation crack repair. Cracks can occur in a wide variety of materials from concrete and brick to wood and tile. To determine which material the home needs to be repaired with, a visual inspection can be useful in determining the potential severity of the problem. Call 602-418-2970.

A thorough foundation inspection will also help the homeowner to determine what type of sound work would be required to fix the foundation problems. Heave should be checked on a daily basis as this is the only way to spot a possible foundation problem. If necessary, the homeowner can call an expert team and they can inspect the site on an ongoing basis. It is important to know that several professional teams will do a complete visual examination of the home’s, foundation so if a problem is spotted, the need for more repair work can be identified early.

Regardless of the level of concern, the home must be leveled out, especially if the crack is caused by an accumulation of pressure, a flat surface, or other factors. Proper floor leveling is the key to preventing the future problems that come with heave.

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Concrete Repairman LLC Reviews

St M

*****Apr 11, 2019
WOW! I feel like i was just on an episode of The Lone Ranger as my wife and I watched Jim and Bryan drive away into the sunset! We are renters and stood in for the landlord who is selling the home we rent(that has cracks in the foundation). Jim is incredibly knowledgeable man!! First and foremost he has PASSION. Broken down it spells PASS I ON! Jim shares his knowledge and then some; A walking encyclopedia if you will. He is into fixing the problem and not putting a band aid on it. He was incredibly thorough and knows his stuff. He was upfront about the issues, was not overbearing, and if I ever needed a concrete dude, Jim would be the person I’d call!! 6 out of 5 stars.! Thank you Jim and Bryan!

c haas

*****Mar 9, 2019
I found a small hairline crack in the foundation of my home that was for sale. I called Concrete Repairman for an estimate. They came out the next day. James examined the area fully and assured me that it was not a problem. He is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a thorough explanation as to what was taking place with my home. He recommended rain gutters to make sure the moisture stays away from the foundation of the house. He then proceeded to examine the rest of the house and answered any questions I had in detail. I would certainly recommend this company if have any questions or needs regarding concrete repair at your home.

kraig kubicek

*****Dec 13, 2018
James was outstanding! He spent time educating me on the needed repairs and going over what it was going to take to fix my foundation problem. He is very professional and interested in actually helping his clients. He has videos to support his over 30 years of experience and knows how to do the job right. Thanks for your services!!

Mick F16

*****Nov 21, 2018
I highly recommend James and his crew for any concrete job!!! He and his workers are highly skilled, extremely thorough, knowlegeable and polite. I had a stem wall repair job that I’d been putting off for far too long. I sought other bids but James’ was more detailed (by far), priced competitively and provided by James himself—He gave me a complete rundown of the process and the products he would use as well as the timeframe and the warranty he would provide. I accepted his bid on the spot and scheduled the work for the following week. The job was completed in the timeframe discussed and the results were far beyond my expectations. The house, courtyard, landscaping, sidewalk, yard and street were left cleaner than they found it. They even polished my stained concrete courtyard which was in no way a part of the job!!!! They went above and beyond and I am so grateful for that. Call James if you want the best team for your job!!!