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Skilled Craftsmen structural foundation repairs, waterproofed and painted Chandler AZ.

Foundation Repair

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Skilled Craftsmen structural foundation repairs, waterproofed and painted Phoenix, Tempe AZ.

Stem Wall Repair, Waterproofing, and Paint

Foundation repair of stem wall repair, foundation cracks should be repair by highly skilled craftsmen, like James Belville at Concrete Repairman LLC in Chandler Arizona.

Foundation Crack Repair – Chandler, Arizona

It is really hard to get foundation crack repair done without help. Fixing a crack in the foundation of your home can be really difficult. The common problem is because it is connected to the entire house.

If you need foundation repair and you don’t know how to get it done, you should think about calling Concrete Repairman LLC 602-418-2970 the professionals. Concrete Repairman will give you the service that you need with the highest quality foundation repair possible.

Chandler Arizona is home to many foundation repair companies that specialize in repairing cracks in the foundation. Only Concrete Repairman, waterproofs, and paints, all the foundation repair, and backs it up with a nice warranted.

To make sure you have found the best company in Chandler Arizona, you should browse their website. You should look for reviews of them by other customers and check their Roc license information. Just to be sure.

Sometimes when you get multiple quotes from different contractors, you will only get one estimate. What you really need is a foundation repair contractor that has experience fixing foundation cracks.

Foundation repair in Chandler is also much more expensive than normal. That is why you should get as many estimates as possible. Call James Belville owner of Concrete Repairman LLC 602-418-2970.

Chandler Arizona is known for the quality of its construction. There are many places that can do a lot of work for you.

Chandler Arizona has some of the best buildings around and you should be proud to live there. If you know you have a problem with your foundation, you should take action before it becomes worse. Call us.

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Concrete Repairman LLC Reviews

Libby Spanovich

May 16, 2018
James came out to my home and was able to pretty quickly identify my problem. He did a full inspection, inside and outside. He was able to identify and show me where these area are and explain each of them, why they matter and what else could stem from them. He was able to provide me with a step by step plan of what I need to do as well as giving me a referral. His solution was not to fix what was cosmetically wrong but rather identify the problem and fix the problem. Once that has been completed we can move forward with a much lower cost option (not using piers or pillars) that is just as effective. I feel empowered and very knowledgeable about our foundation problems. He didn’t try to sell me anything or offer me a buy now gimmick for a discount (As one well known company in the valley does. You feel so pressured to make a very big decision when this happens) . He let me know at the very end how his services could help and when the time to help would be (after we have identified the problem and fixed it). He was very friendly. Family own and ran company. He’s third generation and 35+ years. He not only has expertise in AZ foundation issues but is from Nebraska and has a very well rounded knowledge of Soil and foundation issues. Thank you so much James for getting us started and saving us a ridiculous amount of money!


Jun 10, 2018
We are very happy with the work done by Concrete Repairman. Over the years water accumulated near our foundation from rain, watering plants, or draining the swamp cooler and A/C discharge. This moisture caused the rebar within our stem wall to rust and expand resulting in long horizontal cracks and the stem wall disintegrating at two corners. To repair this requires more than a cosmetic patch job. James and his crew did a beautiful job identifying and replacing the damaged rebar, repairing the vertical concrete and insuring the structural integrity of the stem wall. The crew was punctual and informative. We were pleased with the quality of work and the guys did a great job cleaning up afterwards.

Tomlin Gabby

Jun 12, 2018
Had the foundation repair completed in March. Later, I noticed a small low line (depression) close to the foundation. Once I notified the company of this, they quickly responded, not only fixing the problem to perfection, but also did a little grading repair to an area that was outside their responsibility. Later it was brought to my attention that the grading problem may have existed before the foundation work was done. Their workmanship is far beyond expectation. I appreciate their quick response and willingness to do more than was asked.

Thia L

Jun 28, 2018
Great company! We were worried we had a foundation problem so we called for an evaluation. They couldn’t find anything wrong but taught us a ton about signs to watch for and didn’t charge us a dime. If I ever DO have a foundation problem I know exactly who to call. Awesome!