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On this foundation inspection we discover many of the common signs of foundation damage caused by trapped moisture and other signs of water damage.

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We’re here at home in Gilbert Arizona walking into the garage to number two

This control joint is opening up slightly which is an indication that there’s too much moisture on one side or the other or both sides causing this heave to come up and if the foundation is going down from settlement

Foundation Inspection Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Home Foundation Contractor Gilbert Arizona

This is the interior floor number three has a crack running through in this direction so if that is the case there’s too much water over here on this side at least in its history and causing a separation in the weakest part of walls or doorways windows and thresholds and drywall joints

So we do have some cracks opening up in these drywall joints and all of this is indicating that we’ve have too much water in the history around this house

Foundation Heave Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Then there are vertical breaks number four these vertical breaks are small their hairline but they tell a story and here’s another one number four and what it says is that these vertical breaks the foundation broke and broke in two areas

Right here it is in fact moving down because the facts are saying that it is moving down there because the vertical breaks the heaving on the floor

Foundation Settlement Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Then number one over here is another break in the foundation it seems to be pretty significant so go around on the other side we have this foundation right here in this corner going around the other portion of the home and this is a little pop out foundation for the garage

Right there at that joint is where that crack is on the interior it should be repaired

Foundation Repair Contractor Gilbert Arizona

This is a hurricane strapped back behind there number five this hurricane straps also known as a tension ties tie-down strap there’s another one right there

That’s not rusting too bad and this vertical break right here almost seems to be a control joint

Foundation Heave Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Number six control joints are when the foundation comes up and it’s blocked off and then it’s continued

That could have happened here not quite for sure exactly what took place but it’s a looks like a control joint for sure

It’s pretty much straight up and down very defined as separated this should be patched as well and waterproofed the dirt grading here in this area is holding water

When soil holds water and it dries out you’re going to get these shrinkage cracks and light subsidence

It’s going to go down a little bit as well you can really see a significant significance of this right here where it’s holding where that crack is

In the corner on the interior of the garage and then the soil shrinks and then you get this separation of the soil next to the foundation wall which is inviting even more water down deeper into the foundation so over time the foundation is going to move down faster and faster

So I’m recommending that dirt grading be put in here to slope the moisture out of this area

Foundation Settlement Repair Gilbert Arizona

Foundation Settlement Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Number seven this is also a hurricane strap it’s rusting it goes down into the foundation on this side in this side and it comes up 24 inches

It’s got a lot of nails in it and it can easily be repaired and should be

Here’s one of those foundation bricks that we’ve seen on the interior of the garage

The interior floor is poured out at this threshold to the same area of the vertical wall of the foundation right there so that’s a construction joint

Construction joint on a stem wall construction type foundation will always be as the thresholds and patios and stoops very typical

Concrete Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Number eight is also stating the same thing the interior floor is poured out to the vertical face of the foundation here

There’s always going to be a construction joint and this is how thick that interior floor is about four five inches

Foundation Subsidence Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Coming around to number nine is the weakest part of walls or doorways windows and thresholds so at the corner of this window we got a horizontal break

Over here to this other window then it comes up to this area and then right up there

The crack is larger on the top than it is on the bottom so there is stress in the roof structure of this home and how this occurs is the rainwater is going off this way and over time there’ll be cracks running through the interior floor heaving up the floor

The foundation is are going down causing cracks in the ceiling drywall

These horizontal cracks coming off of this window going horizontally means that the roof trusses want to hold themselves up and the foundation wants to go down and it causes a crack right across here horizontally

Raised Foundation Contractor Gilbert Arizona

Number 10 is right up here the separation at this corner of this window and I can’t go into the neighbor’s yard but it seems to be that there’s reasonable amount of dirt grading on the other side

I am recommending dirt grading and rain gutters for the entire home

We live in Arizona it hardly ever rains in Arizona hardly anybody’s got any rain gutters that’s pretty much the thought process of most people here in Arizona

However the foundation is only 24 inches tall from the interior floor height to the bottom of the footing where it sets on top of the soil so if it if the soil is saturated then it starts going down causing cracks in your floor and floor tile

Because of the movement going down and also cracks in the ceiling and in the drywall which are located right up here right there and around the corner as well

So it does have stress and again six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters four-foot downspout extensions and dirt grading

There’s also a crack right here at number 11 number 11 has a crack right in the tile right there

At that location all rigid material is going to crack if there’s movement that of the structure that is sitting on

Going into this room number 12 this corner shows signs of shearing

Shearing is a little tiny crack that you see right here in this joint

This is an interior wall setting on top of an interior floor this is an exterior wall setting on top of a perimeter footing

When the perimeter footing wall goes down separately than the interior wall you’re going to get this shearing that’s happening right here in this corner

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