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We’re at this property in Tempe Arizona and they’re getting water on the interior portion of their slab

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In there got flooded had the carpet removed

Some plumbers stopped by landscapers I guess and dug this out and it was completely saturated near this area

Then I went down a little bit deeper into this corner and where this radius comes around and it meets this other angle

That’s the likelihood of a separation or a construction joint or the concrete to break are at these angles like this so I need to look for some more evidence so I’m looking up a little bit higher and I’m seeing that there has been a little bit of repair in the drywall up there

A little bit prior to and I’m also looking for vertical breaks and these are going to be very very small and look very insignificant to most people and I’m having trouble finding them

Foundation Damage Repair Tempe Arizona

I already found okay well here is a slight indication of separation here

I didn’t see anything vertical breaks on the foundation yet but I know they’re there

Over here on this side a little bit of separation here and this is what I’m looking for some evidence on giving me a location of where this could be moving to open up the foundation that’s holding up the house and vertical brakes will allow moisture to go in and I’m also looking on the slabs where it’s coming up

So this column here can move separately than the interior floor and when they do you’ll see cracks and I have some separation right there

We got a downspout so as we kind of get back away from our project this column is little low and there’s more significant cracking here and this has been patched before and it continues to open up so there’s some movement here even though it is a column

Cracked Foundation Repair Tempe Arizona

This is a construction joint where this column meets this other area and then it meets the main portion of the home we have a downspout here

Evidently a tree and it’s just dumping right here in the flow of the water he’s going right there in that location

When I was digging and got down a little bit deeper it was real easy to dig the soil

Almost seems like there was some undermining going on there’s big chunks of concrete from the build of the house and these chunks of concrete are in and around that area

And then there’s some styrofoam down there in the corner as well

So my recommendation is going to be excavated dirt all the way down

Right down there’s the bottom of the footing support the top of the bottom support thing to bottom of the vertical wall

Foundation Repair Contractor Tempe Arizona

Remove these decorative rocks out of the way excavate all of the dirt around this radius all the way to the walkway and continue to come around this way and excavated all the way down the vertical wall of the footing and water proof it up just a little bit higher

Two coats of tar is Henry’s works really good and then bring in dirt to bring the elevation up a little higher to allow the moisture to be pushed away from directly going to these locations

Forcing the water out also I would either put another downspout run it underneath the ground run it out to where it can go over the sidewalk and down into the valley gutter out front

This is a nice six inch aluminum seamless rain gutter right here with an elbow going around the other way and the roof isn’t that large it may be able to handle this whole issue

On this side may not need this downspout here and bring it all over here in this area and extend that downspout a little further so it definitely gets out of that area

By removing the amount of water coming off of the roof landing right here at this downspout and filling this area up and water is going to go right downhill right to that area that I view as being suspect

So while we’re here in that area might as well waterproof this whole thing and then bring the dirt grade up to basically, you know keep that elevation coming away from the perimeter foundation wall of this house and that’s going to stop any infiltration of moisture going in on this sunken living room

Here in this area and where this transition of the radius meets the other portion of the house the construction joint they’re very likely is going to have be the culprit and have some issues in that area that we just really can’t see until we really get into it

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