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Foundation Damage in Arizona is More Common Then You May Think

Foundation Damage in Arizona is more common then you may think. Here at this home we find examples of the most common results of foundation damage.

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Foundation Damage Contractor Phoenix Arizona

Foundation repair contractors in Phoenix Arizona, and we’re looking at this foundation and right below this window. This is the very beginnings of oxidized rebar reinforcement steel.

This little hairline crack once it starts, and the reason why it occurs to begin with, is the interior reinforcement steel has moisture around it.

The oxygen is getting to it and it’s made of steel so you get those three components and it starts a low voltage electrical current.

You can see this patch materials been patched over before. It’s starting to come apart as well. So we have a three foot space right here that we’re gonna tear in to remove that steel, replace it with a new number four bar that’s coated with rust inhibitor or epoxy two component.

Cracked Foundation Contractor Phoenix Arizona

The foundation repair guys are over here on this side. Here is a wing wall, just off at the garage and just something that that I notice, all the time.

Lot of times garage doors shut tight right in the middle. This doesn’t have a control joint there but it usually sits tight and then has a gap on one side or gap on the other. You can see that because of this crack this side is going down, and there’s stair stepping in the block on this wing wall.

The reinforcement steel has rusted down 20%. So we’re removing this number 4 bar which looks like a #3, 3/8 rebar right at the moment. #4 bar should be much bigger 1/2 inch.

It expands, breaks out the entire side here. This can cause structural damage.

Foundation Movement Contractor Phoenix Arizona

Over here, the rebar has been removed and we’re going to reinstall another piece this guy here he’s putting on our glue coat on our virgin material since we’ve chipped into everything and once this is done we install the rebar coated with the epoxy rust inhibitor over here the same thing we’ve removed the rebar out of here and you can see by the stair stepping in the block right here at the weakest part of the walls doorways windows and thresholds from this point this way this sides going down and we’re not gonna be able to view it on the interior floor but the floor is actually heaving up causing huge interior floor fractures on the interior

Here’s another area when rebar oxidizes it expands up to 5 times its size in diameter busting out this side of the stem wall foundation here in Phoenix AZ.

Foundation Damage Repair Phoenix Arizona

We have to be very concerned, even though we live in Arizona. It’s an arid climate it hardly ever rains in Arizona hardly anybody’s got any rain gutters why should I have to worry about water in Arizona well here’s why we’re at the bottom of the foundation right here.

Foundation problems here in Arizona, it is not a freeze and thaw climate like Northern Territory’s. The footings are deeper up there, to get below the frost line. Here in Phoenix they’re very shallow.

Basically when the water has an opportunity to saturate the soil that’s holding up a home’s foundation. Just imagine a 10 pound bowling ball on top of mud. It starts the stair stepping in the walls, in the blocks. The interior floors start to heave up.

Heaved Foundation Contractor Phoenix Arizona

This is the reason why most every single floor of thousands of homes that I have viewed in 35 years have interior floor heaves. It’s not because, “my god!’ my house was built on expansive soil!” That story has been told for years and years. I prove it wrong on a daily basis by evidence.

Foundation Inspection Contractor Phoenix Arizona

More information about interior crack grinding crack stitching floor heaves doming of interior floor triangulated fractures settlement of your foundation here in Arizona. Contact James in Phoenix AZ at 602-418-2970

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