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These vertical breaks in the foundation right here tells me that it’s broke and it’s dropping down

Another vertical break and another one right over there another one there another one there

This is the stoop that’s poured out to the vertical face of the foundation

Foundation Heaving Repair Mesa Arizona

This very typical two construction joint right there and there’s always going to be a break here and a break on that side

This is very typical and however it does move in this vicinity because it’s the weakest link and on the inside of the drywall and on the outside here we’re going to get this separation so this is a settlement issue because the rainwater is coming off here

Foundation Settlement Repair Mesa Arizona

It does have a little bit of slope going away

The paint’s coming off and there’s vertical breaks there’s settlement causing this wall to come down slightly and then pull putting the cracks in the ceiling in the drywall on the inside which we’re going to see here shortly

Going around the patio paints peeling off and here again is construction joint and another construction joint and then there’s cracks at the weakest link which are drywall doorways windows and thresholds

Foundation Damage Repair Mesa Arizona

On both sides of the patio and over here and here and up in the upstairs which we’ll see and in the living room area

This side is dropping off causing that stress on the interior in the drywall

Foundation Movement Repair Mesa Arizona

This is all spwalling, spwalling is the degradation of the surface of concrete caused by a salt deposits left behind from evaporated moisture

So what happens is the moisture on this side infiltrates underneath this slab in between the expansion joint there gets underneath the paint rips the paint off leaves the efflorescence salt deposit chewing into it

Foundation Crack Repair Mesa Arizona

Another break in the foundation as we turn this corner right here

This tells me that this side of the foundation is dropping off slightly

There is a crack on the interior floor which is heaving up upwards and this is going to be the culprit

So the amount of rainwater that’s holding here in this area is moving this very shallow foundation

Foundation Repair Company Mesa Arizona

These foundations here in our desert climate because it’s not a freeze and fall climate they’re only 24 inches tall and we have about almost 1 foot a vertical foundation wall that we’re viewing here so there is not a whole lot of dirt covering this so when the moisture holds here it is going to saturate the soil that’s holding up the foundation causing the foundation to sink in and the interior floor to heave up and then these walls are going to start separating in the ceiling at their weakest link at the drywall joints

Foundation Repair Contractor Mesa Arizona

Going back in the garage now and right up here at the garage door we’re seeing this and looking at the garage floor this control joint is opening up

The only way that this opens up is if it’s heaving up in the middle which means that both sides of the foundation is going down and it did break right here in this location and it’s starting to drop off

Foundation Repair Expert Mesa Arizona

This is telling me that this side has a lot of water holding next to it and the foundation wall is going down slightly

Going inside there’s breaks in the drywall here again at the weakest links right here in this area

Over here a lot of stress up here on the ceiling we have this stair stepping is following the drywall joint down

Around this wall here as well over here at the fireplace we have a break going up here and a break going up there and you pretty much see the crack in the floor underneath the carpet runs all the way through here and the foundation comes along here then heads out that direction

This will be a keyway joint, a keyway is a tongue-and-groove joint that’s inserted in fresh concrete to control the crack in a straight line

Concrete Repair Company Mesa Arizona

We do know that concrete breaks and because of design the way this is designed going this direction the concrete’s likely going to break there so the concrete guys installed that by doing so however when this side of the foundation goes down slightly it’s going to lift in this area

It looks like there’s also another one running through here it’s in a straight line comes through here and then meets up with this other one

Concrete Floor Repair Company Mesa Arizona

It’s likely to stop right here so it looks like another keyway going this direction one going this direction and because this floor is poured out to this construction joint here on the outside likelihood of a cracking fractures running along this wall which would make sense

If you’re in the garage you’ll see this crack continuing through that bumper that’s on the inside of the garage and because the rainwater is running off here and running off on the other side this is in the middle so we have movement on this side going down

Movement on this side going down the stress is right here throughout the middle of this home

Concrete Foundation Repair Company Mesa Arizona

On the roof in the drywall and in the floor as well I’ve already walked the property been in these rooms this is the second floor so this floor could become uneven over a period of time if this moves more roof leaks are very possible

Going outside it’s relatively easy to see that this sidewalk is sloping back towards the foundation and this rainwater coming off of this house and collects in this area

Foundation Heaving Repair Mesa Arizona

If you calculate the length and width and depth of one inch of rain and you put it right next to this area here by your garage it’s going to move this foundation and that’s what it’s doing and when this goes down is causing the heave on an crack on that floor

The garage door shuts tight on this side of the driveway and then we have a light gap over here and a little bit bigger gap over here and this is suggesting the same thing is that this side is moving down there are however very light fractures in the middle here and over here on this corner as well and these are the weakest part of a wall

These construction joints will start to separate in these locations because this foundation is moving

Spwalling is occurring moisture is coming in getting underneath the paint

This is very typical of homes getting the paint ripped off and over here we have a little separation

Right right there where this meets a little separation there

Reinforcing the facts that I’ve already stated

Water is holding in this area we’ve got a little bit of moss rain water coming down here is affecting this wall going down causing the stress points on the interior side of this home

The repairs would be to waterproof this whole side of this foundation here basically all the way around the perimeter of this foundation and six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters with brackets to hold that gutter out level on top so it captures the maximum amount of rainfall and then bring this gutter out so it comes over this sidewalk and down here and to the valley gutter

There is a little bit oxidation of the reinforcement steel right there it will crack it open it will grow from half inch to two and a half inches

This corner of the stem wall is broken right there and this side is moving down slightly

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