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When homes are built little to no consideration is given to waterproofing the vertical wall of the foundation. This can include all types of foundations including, stem wall foundations, post tension foundations, and monolithic foundations. In the northern areas of the US, all vertical wall of the foundation is waterproofed with 2 coats of a petroleum product, and is verified by an inspector, prior to any dirt going next to the foundation.

Here in Arizona, Arizona is considered a desert climate, “It hardly ever rains in Arizona,” or “Nobody has raingutters,” is what is widely spoken of. But it doesn’t rule out the fact that the dirt gets wet below the paint line, delaminating the paint, depositing the efflorescent salt deposits, and oxidizing the interior rebar in the foundation walls of these foundations. this is the biggest foundation problems I see on a day to day bases.

Foundation Waterproofing

All foundations whether they are stem wall foundations, post tension, or monolithic should be waterproofed before any dirt goes next to the foundation. It is very likely that by not doing so will lead to foundation problems in the future. Simply instruct the builder to waterproof your foundation all the way down to the bottom of the support footing.

Horizontal Cracks Caused By Oxidation of the Reinforcement Steel (Rebar)

Once the interior reinforcement bar or rebar has enough moisture, and oxygen, a electrical charge begins to expand the diameter of the 1/2″ rebar called oxidation. Once this starts, it will expand up to 5 times its size in diameter, approximately 2.5 inches. This now becomes like a cancer, it will not stop expanding and growing longer in length, no matter what you put on it from the exterior. Do you and your home a favor and waterproof all foundation with a quality waterproofing. This will save you from further foundation problems in the future. Concrete Repairman LLC Reviews.

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