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Post Tension Foundation Repair Chandler ArizonaPost tension foundations were developed to combat the ill effects of expansive soils, that are well documented throughout this region in Chandler Arizona. For the most part, post tension is just that, tightened after the concrete foundation has had time to cure out to full strength. Usually a 3000 psi concrete mix is used in this type of foundation. The post tension cables are tightened and re-tightened, because they will elongate after a few days. I believe that this type of foundation was chosen, was to reduce the amount of excavating, that would otherwise be needed. Example is excavation and removal of approximately 3′ of this type of expansive soil and truck in and compact 3′ of new soils that are more stable. Very costly, but effective. Building up and creating a new pad for the location of the home is widely done throughout other areas of the US. Build up a new pad assures, reliable stability for the life of the new home, provided that, dirt grading, waterproofing, and gutter systems or in place to keep the foundation stable. The only issues would be keeping the perimeter of the home foundation, dry as possible.

Heaving and Vertical Movement of Post Tension Foundations

Heaving and vertical movement of post tension foundation happens when, moisture is allowed next to the load bearing exterior foundation vertical walls. Not enough consideration is given to the depth, dirt grade and waterproofing of these post tension home when built. What I here from most people is, “It hardly ever rains in Arizona” or “Hardly anyone has rain gutters.” In the US, our interstate highway systems do not include rebar throughout the slabs we drive on. Why? Moisture is not allowed near, or under the concrete. The highway is engineered to roll the rainwater off the slab, then off the asphalt appren, and into a retention area on both sides. The NEW installment of the control joints, or (cuts in the slab), are now cut at a 45 degree angle of traffic flow. Why? To transfer the load of the vehicle’s weight across this joint that has been cut. Tires cross this cut, or transfers the load 25 percent at a time, and not the original design at a rate of 50 percent. This reduces the transference of vehicle load by 50 percent, increasing the life of the concrete driven on by that same amount. The vertical perimeter walls of post tension foundations are usually only 14″ tall, from top of floor down to the soil that is carrying the load. In most cases that I inspect are only cover by a maximum of 4″ of soil. The dirt grading, or lack there of, little consideration is given by the builders when is come to sloping the dirt grade to remove any moisture away from the foundation perimeter. Now these home that were built are corroding the interior reinforcement steel from the inside of the load bearing wall around the entire perimeter of the home that the consideration for moisture was neglected by the architect and builders. The whole reasoning to build post tension foundations by the engeneer’s and architect’s, was to combat the ill effects of the expansive soils, but what they have done is actually created a bigger nightmare. Now what is happening with post tensions home, for the most part is, heaving, interior cracks in interior floors, floor tiles cracking, cracks in ceiling drywall, doors don’t close, roof leaks, interior reinforcement steel, cable wedges that hold the cable tension, is oxidizing, causing the release of the cables, and catastrophic structural irreversible damage. The soil that carries the load of the perimeter wall and roof are sinking because the footings are so sallow and being undermined. “It hardly ever rains in Chandler Arizona.” Right…

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