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What Does the Inside of a Foundation Stem Wall Look Like?

If  you have ever wondered what is inside a home’s Stem Wall this is your chance. Recently we did a foundation repair in Gilbert Arizona that was a good opportunity to show and explain the importance of maintaining your home’s foundation. Here are a few photos that show you what is actually inside a stem wall.

On this job we had to remove more than usual due to the extent of the damage we found on the properties foundation. 

In this photo you can see we had to expose the oxidized rebar the entire length of the wall and you can see how rusted the rebar inside the stem wall is. These 2 bars are / were originally 1/2 inch in diameter. The reason for these 2 steel bars inside your stem wall are to add strength to the concrete. Without them the concrete would simply crack and fall away. If your stem wall is not properly sealed water will seep in and attack these steel bars and cause them to rust. When this happens they begin to expand and push out forcing the concrete to give and start cracking. If you notice cracks in your foundation you could have the same thing going in inside your stem wall.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 01

In this photo you can see the damage was not limited to just one wall and the corner is just about gone.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 02

In this photo you actually see through the stem wall and see the interior floor slab. 

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 03

Here is another view of that area where you can see right through the stem wall and that the corner is almost completely gone as a result of all the water damage.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 04

This type of damage can easily be avoided by having your foundation inspected at the first sign of problems. If you notice the paint starting to chip, bubble and / or falling off you should have it looked at by someone with experience in these areas.

We are foundation repair experts and take pride in what we do. Here is a photo of the foundation after we have patched and repaired the damage area. Once the patch has cured we will waterproof and paint the stem wall and then replace the landscaping.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 05

Here is a photo of the other damaged area which is now been repaired and sealed.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 06

Here is a photo of the repaired corner and patched stem wall, no more hole showing the slab.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 07

It’s not everyday that you get to actually see what is inside your stem wall. I’m glad I was able to share with you what I see on many job sites. People are constantly amazed when they learn that all of this damage is caused by just water but its true. 

Signs of this type of problem can be detected and treated early so do take the time to look over your property’s foundation from time to time. If you notice anything that concerns you consider giving us a call and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

If you are considering buying a home and would like us to do a foundation inspection give us a call to schedule a time.

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