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Foundation Repair Phoenix AZ

Foundation Repair Phoenix Arizona

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Stem Wall Foundation Repair

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Skilled Craftsmen install quality structural foundation repairs, waterproofed and painted.

Stem Wall Repair, Waterproofing, and Paint

Foundation repair Phoenix AZ Concrete Repariman LLC fix and repair foundation damage and foundation problems of all types. Stem wall foundation repair heave, spalling, foundation cracks, floor crack stitching, floor leveling home floors cracks, repairing foundations.

Horizontal cracks along the stem wall, vertical cracks on the internal and external walls, cracks on the floors and uneven surfaces caused by foundation heave. Foundation problems in Phoenix AZ, is what we specialize in all aspects of foundation repair.

Contact us today if you have noticed any of these foundation warning signs around your home. This type of problem will only continue to get worse as the damage continues to spread.

James Belville can, without performing any expensive engineering calculations or analysis, recognize signs of important foundation problems and other structural issues developing before engineers and foundation experts are asked to design a repair for catastrophic building failure.

James Belville’s field inspection experience and education combined with an informed and careful inspection, provides building owners valuable information and costs of those repairs. Call James Belville today 602-418-2970

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Foundation Repair & Inspection Phoenix Arizona

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Maintaining your home’s foundation is important and it is recommended that you do what you can to make sure that it is problem free. Inspect your home’s foundation from time to time and be on the look out for any signs of damage or anything that does not look normal.

Expert Concrete Foundation and Stem Wall Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

Some of the things to look for are chipping or peeling paint. Bubbles underneath the paint. Exposed areas of concrete. Any signs of cracking or crumbling concrete. In short anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Like any other repair you have done to your home the sooner you take care of the problem the less the expense will be. The longer you let the problem go the more it will take in both time and money.

If you see anything that concerns you we can always come out and take a look at it and answer any questions you may have.

Phoenix AZ, Do You Have A Foundation Problem?

Contact The Concrete Repairman® For The Right Solution.

Buying a home in Phoenix Arizona is big deal and we all want everyone to be happy and satisfied with the transaction. Home buyer’s biggest fear is finding out, after the fact, that the home they purchased has a structural defect or problem. This situation is never pleasant and can be costly in both time and money as well as reputation.

If you are involved in a transaction and the home is over 10 years old and no longer under warranty you may want to have it inspected by a local Foundation professional in Phoenix AZ.

Foundation problems are one of the worst problems a home owner can face and sadly these problems are becoming more and more common with homes in Phoenix Arizona. Foundation damage repair is costly and unpleasant for all parties involved. If you have any reason to suspect there may be a problem don’t take a chance. Have it inspected by a professional to make sure.

James Belville - Foundation Contractor Phoenix ArizonaIn the event a problem is discovered it can be addressed prior to the close of the transaction thus avoiding any problems later.

My name is James Belville of Concrete Repairman LLC, I am an experienced licensed contractor and specialize in foundation repair and inspection. If you have any questions what so ever please feel free to contact me at anytime and visit my website for more information about foundation repairs and inspections.


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Professional Foundation Inspection & Repair Phoenix Arizona

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Contractor Phoenix Arizona

What is the Right Solution for Your Foundation Problems?

For a builder or repairman, it is vital to understand the specific foundation type and the subtle details that go into its damage and repair processes. The mechanisms of concrete construction are mysterious to most who do not work in the field. In fact, these processes can even confuse some repair companies who do work in the field – which might explain why their solutions don’t seem to hold up.

What Solutions Does Concrete Repairman Offer Home Owners With Foundation Problems?

Why trust this article? Because James Belville understands all of the structural components of concrete foundations. He understands them more deeply than anyone else in the business. That experience and understanding allows for an unmatched level of quality in all of Concrete Repairman’s services. He also notices the repair companies who make seemingly acceptable repairs that don’t last. If you are considering a repair or an estimate, even if you read nothing else in this article, call and talk to James and Tiffany at Concrete Repairman LLC – they are committed to rising above all the others in terms of quality, professionalism and value.

James Belville’s company, Concrete Repairman LLC, is the only choice for a responsible home or property owner, because they are the only company with a developed understanding of why damage occurs and what repairs are needed to stop it.

How To Repair a Foundation That Has Problems

Offering the Right Solution For the Particular Problem Your Foundation HasThe first step to repairing a damaged foundation is identifying the problem. The first sign of a foundation problem might occur when a homeowner or property manager notices defects, such as an interior floor that is heaved in one area and/or sunken in another. This kind of damage can occurs with stem wall, and monolithic foundations.

Stem wall foundations are the most likely type of construction to require Concrete Repairman’s services, because they are both the least expensive and the least stable kind, as well as the most popular in Arizona. This is probably because builders assume low levels of moisture in the soil of the area. Due to the state’s arid desert climate, and not a freeze and thaw climate, only shallow stem wall footings are only required to go down to undisturbed soil. Because the walls of this foundation are only 18 – 24 inches deep, the moisture content of the soil must remain at low levels. When moisture builds up around the stem wall footing and the substrate soil on which the foundation rests, the soil can shift and move under the weight of the vertical walls, and roof of a home, significantly enough to cause upward heaving in the interior sections. This leads to uneven interior floors, broken tile, interior and exterior cracks, and dangerous structural instability.

Foundation Problems & Cracked Concrete Floors

How To Repair a Cracked Concrete FloorWhen heaved cracks occur in a floor, slab stitching is a necessary and economical way to fix, and stabilize floors.

In this scenario, the first step for James and his team is to grind the cracked floor down to an even and natural elevation profile.

Next, two saw cuts are made, which measure approximately two inches apart and 2 inches in depth.

A patch material is used to fill the deepest area, and then a 2-component structural epoxy material is poured into the cracks and cuts to fill them up to 50 percent volume.

Next, sections of #4 rebar are installed into the stitching, and the rest of the gap is filled with more structural epoxy.

This solution will ultimately stabilize the two sections of concrete that had broken away from each other. In some cases, if the floor heaves to a degree that the interior floor slopes toward the wall, it is necessary to grind sections of the floor, which opens the pores of the surface to allow proper attachment of primer. Finally a floor-leveling compound is applied to restore the foundation’s original elevation. This will eliminate the need to use expensive helical piers to raise the home.

Cracks in Your Foundation Are Not Normal !!!If a residential or commercial building’s floor is heaved on the inside, it’s likely that damage appears on the base of the foundation outside as well. We see this damage in the form of vertical cracks in the middle sections of the exterior foundation walls. These vertical cracks occur because the stem wall, as a horizontal piece, becomes articulated, or moves downward, toward a rainbow shape. As the interior floor heaves upward, the stem wall along an outside perimeter is forced to heave as well, and when it bows and articulates to the highest tension, vertical cracks occur to relieve the vertical stress. This exterior vertical cracking can occur on the edge of any type of concrete foundation. In monolithic foundations, the exterior cracks translate directly to damage in the interior.

The main problem with monolithic and post-tension monolithic foundations are caused by the fact that the footing area is very shallow – only 14 inches in most cases. This makes them more prone to undermining, or erosion of the grade that holds up the foundation. It is also more crucial with these types of foundations to provide proper water removal and ground grading in order to prevent water from accessing those areas. The substrate level of soil, which lies directly below the very shallow footing of this type of foundation, is more susceptible to moisture that moves the soil and allows the perimeter of the foundation to change shape. Post-tensioning adds strength, but under certain conditions, cracking still occurs as a result of the shallow footing and vertical forces of gravity.

If a vertical crack reaches the width of a U.S. nickel, or 3/32 of an inch, it is necessary to fill, waterproof, and paint over them. In most cases where multiple vertical cracks are seen, Concrete Repairman will repair the entire vertical stem wall or mono footing, of that section, in order to stop the moisture from moving inside to the interior floor. While other Arizona companies make similar repairs, James’s method is unmatched, because he does what is necessary to assure a lasting repair. Concrete Repairman is the only foundation problem repair company that goes all the way down to the base of the stem wall to seal and paint over repairs. And he doesn’t do this just to drive up the price and spend more time playing in the dirt – he does it because he knows that the original reason for the damage is water, and that prevention is better than another “cure.”

Moisture – The Leading Cause of Foundation Problems

Water vapor is dangerous. If it invades a foundation, it can come up through the interior floor and cause different kinds of problems, whether from moisture in the soil or efflorescent salt deposits which evaporation leaves behind. These can include mold in wood flooring, forceful removal of tile from its thinset, and delamination of concrete flooring and sealers.

Because they understand how much damage water can cause in a home, Concrete Repairman recommends more than just patching and sealing. James always recommends proper rain gutters and effective exterior grading, in order to keep soil dry and prevent invading moisture that is proven to cause havoc upon foundations of all types.

What is This Condition Called “Spalling”?

One specific problem that occurs in all foundation types is called spalling. Spalling happens as a result of water gathering at the base of the foundation vertical wall. The paint line on a foundation only goes down to the level of the soil, but moisture travels deeper. When atmospheric conditions raise the temperature, evaporative moisture wicks up the exterior side, between the paint and sealant, and into the porous texture of the concrete surface. When this moisture goes upward and escapes, it leaves behind efflorescent salt deposits that deteriorate the concrete and delaminate the paint. The visible damage on the vertical face of footing walls is called spalling, which creates holes and chips. This damage must be patched, waterproofed, and painted all the way down, below the soil saturation of moisture.

What Causes These Cracks Along My Home’s Foundation?

If the moisture gets deep enough, it reaches the steel rebar, and the oxidation process is activated. The oxidized steel begins to expand, up to five times its diameter, and will break out through the concrete, causing a horizontal crack along the vertical face of the stem wall. Because of the low-voltage electricity present as a result of oxidation, the deterioration continues to travel to the left and right of the original damage. As a result, if the electrolysis is not stopped, the cracks will grow in length and diameter, creating more damage.

The only way to stop this electrical drive is to remove all of the the affected concrete, reach the affected oxidized steel, and treat it with a rust inhibitor. Because moisture is the reason for the damage, it is likely in these cases that moisture is present on the interior side of a damaged stem wall. For this reason, repair companies must apply a two-part water-stop epoxy before moving on to any patch work. If the water-stop material, which is also a patch primer, is not applied, any patchwork can be delaminated and pushed off.

How Can I Have This Problem Fixed and What Can Be Done To Stop it From Happening Again?

It would be insane – or at least foolish – to repair a damaged foundation while giving no thought to the prevention of future damage. Because James Belville knows that water is the cause of this damage, he understands that he must create a waterproof barrier on the outside surface. Unlike any other company’s solution in Arizona, Concrete Repairman excavates the soil around the stem wall, all the way down to the base, or support footing, waterproofs the entire face of the stem wall, monolithic, or post tension foundation from top to bottom, and repaints. This is the only way to assure that no more water vapor or salt efflorescence can invade the surface and cause damage again.

One reason that James Belville’s competitors can’t match his repairs is these contractors fail to accurately diagnose the cause of the issues, or understanding of the foundation problems. When understanding the cause of foundation damage, it’s important to remember that water is usually the single most significant part of the initial problem. The problem, almost all cases seen by Concrete Repairman, is not something called “expansive soil” – a phenomenon that some contractors around Phoenix still seem to wrongly assume.

Who Should I Trust To Repair My Foundation and Will They Provide the Right Solution For The Problem I am Having?

Why call James Belville at Concrete Repairman LLC? Because he understands these problems and solutions better than anyone else. James wants to get the job done right the first time, which means creating a lasting repair in a way that is comprehensive of the conditions that could cause future damage. That’s why along with all of his repairs, James recommends 6-inch, aluminum rain gutters with downspout extensions, along with grading of the ground. This is the best way to prevent future damage and the need for more repairs.

If a repair is needed, the only sensible choice is James Belville at Concrete Repairman LLC; the only company that will fully excavate soil, waterproof and paint their patchwork all the way down, and improve the resilience of foundational landscaping by using new dirt to improve water removal around the house. He is the only repairman who offers a developed understanding, a tactical approach, and complete, lasting repairs. He is the only one to call, so call today.

More Homes, More Repairs and Foundation Problems in Phoenix AZ

When population grows globally, the structure of the world must compensate to support it. In terms of housing, this often means that the existing structures in an area are likely old and poorly maintained, but must continue to provide homes for more individuals. According to ), in 2016, the rate of increase in Maricopa county’s population was more than that of any other county in the United States. (us census data – .

As houses get older in Phoenix, the components deteriorate in different ways. Since the mid 1990’s, contractors have been aware of expansive soil, and have deliberately avoided parts of Phoenix where they know it is present. Unfortunately, as land costs increased, contractors moved into these areas. Expansive soil is an occurrence that affects about half of homes in the United States. It causes more damage than most natural disasters, and can lead to costly and dangerous problems. The cause of expansive soil comes from its composition. The microscopic solids of clay can expand and contract greatly with changes to the levels of water present in soil. When the Arizona monsoon rains come down in the mid-late summer, moisture can seep down through the soils below the foundation. When this soil expands and contracts, it can push up in some areas, and sink in other areas. This leads to heaving swells in the interior floor, interior and exterior cracks, and roofing malfunctions. When addressing the possibility of expansive soil, the first step is for a qualified, experienced, guaranteed, and local professional to inspect the home – because a quality inspection will lead to an accurate diagnosis, and an accurate diagnosis is the first step for a valid cure. For the most accurate information and best service and value, call James Belville at Concrete Repairman LLC.

Scare Tactics and Cheap Fixes

While the problem of expansive soil exists, there are also less noticeable, more gradual effects of excess moisture beneath a building. Too often, repair companies misdiagnose the problem. Expansive soil is a term that rattles the nerves of many homeowners, and they sometimes assume the worst, without evidence. This can lead to remediation techniques that can cost up to $12,000, while failing to address the root causes of foundation problems, thus costing more in future repairs.

When it comes to concrete foundation damage repair, the most devastating factor to look out for is water. Water, by itself, is not very scary, and Phoenix Arizona receives so little rain that it might seem silly even to be concerned about water. But don’t be fooled – the most dangerous water does not reveal its presence.

When the monsoon rain comes down, the hot desert sun appears to evaporate it quickly, but that moisture stays around much longer than people realize. When it’s not mitigated using proper rain gutters, drainage systems, efficient dirt grading and foundation sealer, water sticks around: it seeps down below the paint line, and can invade the area inside the stem wall and even beneath the main slab.

Spalling is a result of the fact that in 99 percent of homes, the foundation is only treated and painted down to the line where the foundation meets the soil. When rainwater builds up around a foundation, some of the water sinks down below the paint line, below the foundation. When it evaporates, water vapor rises up behind the paint line, and through the porous concrete material, leaving behind salt deposits that chew through the foundation.

***The critical flaw of most repair jobs in Phoenix, Arizona is that they are just “repair jobs” to a contractor. Plainly said, most contractors in this city are ignorant of the importance of thorough repairs and prevention methods for foundation damage.

Why is Concrete Repairman LLC the Only Responsible Solution?

Most repairmen offer patchwork solutions that do not hold up, and cannot be guaranteed for long. The builders and contractors simply do not engineer their work to last. Rust damage is an example: since oxidation is an active electrical process that effects rebar reinforcement steel in concrete foundations, it’s necessary to treat affected areas with a rust inhibitor. Usually, the repairman should treat the inside of a stem wall foundation with a waterproofing concrete sealant in order to stop the spread of moisture that is obviously present in the ground. Most concrete repair companies do not do this.

James Belville is quite familiar with the other guy’s patchwork, because Concrete Repairman LLC has been called to fix jobs that other repair companies didn’t to do right.

***Exterior cracks are almost as common as half-hearted solutions that many Arizona repair companies offer. Half-hearted solutions might be cheap, but with time, they are the most expensive. Most companies don’t do what Concrete Repairman LLC does. James Belville always does things in his repairs that make them last through Arizona’s conditions. That’s why his repairs aren’t necessarily more expensive, but they are always more valuable. This is due to James’s understanding of the moisture that causes damage. With exterior foundation damage repairs, he carefully removes the dirt and rocks from the foundation grade, and applies a waterproofing sealant. No other foundation damage repair company in Arizona does this.

***Of all the Arizona companies that offer repairs, Concrete Repairman LLC is the only repair service that waterproofs and paints their repairs all the way down, in order to prevent the recurrence of water vapor damage.

It’s also extremely important to consider holistic damage prevention methods for residential and commercial foundations. As many Phoenix homeowners remember, unmitigated monsoon floods can cause severe damage to Arizona homes, both during and after a storm. That’s why James always recommends proper rain gutters and simple water drainage systems around a home. His company is also the only one that routinely brings in additional dirt to repair jobs, in order to create the dirt grade slope necessary to prevent water from building up and staying present.

If you would like to talk about the condition of your residential or commercial foundation, please feel free to call us today at (602) 418-2970.

Foundation Wall Repair Professionals Phoenix Arizona

If you are interested in buying a home but you want to buy the smart way and receive an inspection first, call the Foundation Wall Repairman at (602)418-2970.

Before buying a home, you want to make sure that everything stays up to par. It is sometimes surprising how many people place trust in the home inspector to tell them the truth. What a lot of people do not realize is that most home inspectors will not scrutinize anything that is not blatantly obvious. The typical response when something seems out of place is to refer it to the specialist. The problem has become so widespread that the state of Arizona has now created a requirement that you have to have college degree to be given a home inspector license.Phoenix Arizona Foundation Repair Experts

Is There a Problem? Refer It to the Specialist

Your home inspector might spot an issue, but a lot of them aren’t going to tell you if there is a gas problem or the home had previously been used as a meth lab. Instead, they will normally fill the form out as, “Don’t know,” across the board. You want a specialist, similar to how you would want a specialist for foundation inspection, and you cannot rely on your home inspector to tell you the truth. The Concrete Repairman of Phoenix can help.

Foundation Inspection and Repair Phoenix ArizonaSure you can hope your home inspector will tell you the truth, but think about it: We are dealing with $15,000 of repairs if a home needs foundation wall repair. Is that something that you really want to risk? James Belville, the owner of a third-generation family business, will check to make sure that the rain gutters do not allow moisture to reach the foundation, and he will look at the landscaping and other factors through expert eyes to tell you if your foundation has problems or will have future problems. You might even catch a problem in its earlier stages before it costs thousands of dollars.

What the Inspection Involves

When the Concrete Repairman of Phoenix inspects a home, he charges $350 for the inspection. However, if there are repairs that need to be done, you will receive a full refund for the inspection so that it is free of charge. James’s inspections involve the use of video camera footage where he analyzes specific areas of the home to determine if there is a need for foundation crack repair. For example, if there is a portion of land near the home that slants towards the foundation, he will point it out. Also, he will examine the more in-depth characteristics of the foundation to ensure you have a reliable investment.

Buying a Home in Another State

Buying a home from another state, you have to exercise caution because every state will have different problems, and you want to acquaint yourself with the specific issues of that state ahead of time. Arizona, for example, has problems with expansive soils. You want to do your research in advance because otherwise you won’t know the state laws and the requirements in the preparation process might be different from your home state. The aspects to be aware of include:

  • Securing Insurance Coverage
  • Organizing Your Paperwork
  • Getting the Final Approval of Your Mortgage

What Do You Mean Insurance Does Not Cover Foundation Problem Repairs?

In a lot of cases with home buyers, insurance will not cover the cost of foundation damage repair. The biggest reason behind this is because damage to the foundation occurs over time, which most policies will not cover. You can, however, buy specialties that will cover your foundation for specific cases. For example, you can add pipe bursting coverage so that if a pipe breaks and damages your foundation, it will be covered under the blanket policy.

The Problem with Believing Too Much in a Real Estate License

Your average person does not question a real estate license, and they should. They believe that this degree involves a strong education in construction, and it actually does not cover that. The thing that a lot of people do not realize is how easy it can be to acquire a real estate license. Even taking the test yourself can give you a better idea for what you are dealing with. It is not really that difficult to get, and that is where a lot of people go wrong. They think that it is something that will be hard to earn, but there is no limit on how many times you can take the test.

Doors and Windows That Stick: A Fire Hazard

When your windows and doors stick, do not wait; call the Concrete Repairman of Phoenix as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more extensive and expensive the damage will be. In addition, a hard opening door or window can be dangerous in the event of a fire. Do you want to put the lives of your family at risk? After the repairs to the foundation have been made, you can then focus on the other areas of  the home you are investing in. One of the advantages of having foundation crack repair work done on your home is that under Arizona law, you will be covered under warranty for two years. However, a lot of home foundations can last for over 100 years.

If you buy a home from a Realtor, you have to understand that the ultimate goal of a Realtor is to turn a profit. You cannot rely on a Realtor to fully disclose important information. They have designed the five-day push process to distract you from what you purchased and the important factors like the home’s foundation. The advantage of having a foundation inspection from the Concrete Repairman of Phoenix is that you will have complete transparency on the information regarding your home’s foundation. Before buying a home, you do not want to buy into something that will cost you thousands of dollars later. A home inspector will seldom scrutinize the foundation like a qualified and professional foundation problem repair expert. If you are interested in buying a home but you want to buy the smart way and receive an inspection first, call the Foundation Damage Repairman at (602)418-2970.

Foundation Inspection & Repair Company Phoenix Arizona

Concrete Repairman home foundation crack repair contractors, Pheonix Arizona,  fix and repair foundation stem walls using the highest quality materials known to man. 4 generations of knowledge handed down from generation to generation with the latest improvements. Concrete Repairman is one of only a very few repair specialist that know how to patch foundations cracks properly. Highly skilled employees, trained by James Belville will make the highest quality concrete crack repairs to your foundation problems using the highest quality products. If you think that there is a problem with your home foundation, call a professional foundation crack repair contractor for an assessment of your property. Concrete Repairman will be able to assess any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan at the lowest cost for your repairs.

Home Foundation Damage Repair – Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair in Phoenix AZ

Does your stem wall look like this?

Concrete Repairman Foundation Repair Phoenix Arizona fix, repair, epoxy injection, slab cracks, home foundations, commercial floors and stem wall foundation damage repair. Call us, our qualified foundation experts to evaluate your home or business and recommend the right method for your repair. Most foundation cracks, when repaired will not cause any more issues for years to come. Our foundation problem repair specialists Phoenix Arizona repair most foundations in 3 to 4 days and are warranted repairs. Our repair masons are some of the best specialized repair men anywhere in Arizona. We Recognize, diagnose & repair various types of foundation failure and damage, like foundation cracks, masonry foundation crack patterns, movement, leaning, or bowing foundation walls. Types of foundation cracks, crack patterns, differences in the meaning of cracks in different foundation materials, soil types, soil conditions, and other evidence of building movement. We are foundation experts, and will find and separate cosmetic low-risk conditions from those likely to be potentially damaging to your home’s value.

A lot of the older homes in Phoenix Arizona are 50-100 year old foundations. Foundation placed at that time period were set without reinforcement rebar. The life of concrete without reinforcement is somewhere between 50-80 years. Footings placed into the soil only 16″ deep, where many homes were placed on moving, expanding clay soils.

Have you noticed foundation problems such as drywall cracks, doors and windows that are hard to open or close, cracks in your foundation walls, cracked floor slabs, or cracks in brick and mortar structures, you should contact Concrete Repairman LLC. for foundation crack repair solutions. Concrete Repairman highly trained established foundation and stem wall repair experts will provide you with an consultation, and a clear solution to your home foundation problem, answering all your foundation questions.

Foundation Restoration & Repair Services Phoenix Arizona

Home Foundation Cracks Phoenix AZ

Water harms foundations through shifting the home while expanding and shrinking the soil which the concrete foundation footing sits, causing it to crack as it moves and sinks in different directions, and also inadequate property and or rain drainage systems that help prevent water from corroding the footing directly. Look for cracks in the concrete, near garden areas, sprinklers, downspouts, and low areas where gravity may cause water to collect near or close to your foundation.

Foundation Inspection Phoenix Arizona

Most foundation inspectors, and general building contractors are often able to recognize possible foundation or other building problems which may be costly or dangerous, requiring intervention of an expert foundation restoration and repair company like Concrete Repairman Phoenix AZ. to make the repairs. Most often a home inspector, other than Concrete Repairman, are not qualified or may not be educated in the foundation install and repair industry and may not know or recognize these problems.

Some foundation inspectors can, without performing any engineering calculations or analysis, learn to recognize signs of important foundation or other structural problems developing before engineers and foundation experts are asked to design a repair catastrophic building failure.

Foundation damage field inspection experience and education, combined with an informed and careful building inspection, provide building owners valuable information how to make the proper repairs.

Water Proofing Phoenix AZ

Water proofing echniques to prevent and stop water from entering basements, stem walls, footings and slabs of homes or other buildings effective below ground waterproofing will include both drainage and types of sealers and or epoxies and water stops.



Dear James,

Thank you for the excellent repair work you did on my house foundation today. The horizontal crack in the stem wall that had grown to almost the full length of one side of my house was scary and ugly, and I needed to have it repaired before my house is painted next week. You came to my house just an hour after I called you, diagnosed the problem and explained it clearly to me, and answered all my questions patiently. You gave me a very reasonable price for the job, way below that of the other company I called, which had a minimum of $1500 per repair. You showed up on time this morning, completed the job quickly and efficiently, and left no mess behind. On top of that, you repaired one of the pediments holding up my porch posts at no extra cost! Your work on the wall and the pediment looks perfect. I am so relieved that my house looks like it should–thanks to your work My experience with you is among the best I’ve had with any contractor, ever. It is so wonderful (and rare) to find people like you who do honest work at a fair price, and don’t try to scare homeowners into thinking they need more work done than they really do, or that the work is more complicated than it really is. I will be recommending you to all my friends and acquaintances who need concrete repair work, and I would hire you again in a second. I also want to thank you for offering comprehensive repair services that are not easy to find elsewhere. Your website thoroughly explains what you do. I called many concrete companies who turned out not to do the repair work I needed, even though they were listed on web directories as doing it. I was lucky to find you. You are a great asset to Valley homeowners and I hope your business flourishes. It is obvious that you take real pride in your work.

Gratefully, Kathy K. Phoenix Arizona


Call Concrete Repairman Foundation Specialist Phoenix Arizona Today! – Thank you.

Foundation Stem Wall Repair Contractor Phoenix Arizona

Foundation damage repair Phoenix Arizona, Concrete Repairman LLC, if you think that there is a foundation problem with your home, call a professional foundation crack repair contractor for an assessment of your property. Concrete Repairman will be able to assess any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan at lowest cost.

Sealing the crack with epoxy will not stop the rebar from continuing to oxidize and expand cracking the concrete. The proper fix is to expose the rebar, coat with an ion blocking epoxy, and patch the concrete with high quality grade patch material with fiber installed by professional patch men. Once the patch is completed, a water proffer water stop is applied then painted with your color of exterior house paint applied to the stem wall and back filled slopping the dirt grade away from the foundation allowing the water flow away from your foundation.

Home Foundation Repair Quote – Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Wall Repair Services Phoenix Arizona

Foundation inspections, stem walls,  post tension, monolithic foundations, cracks, heave crack, rebar oxidation, structural crack stitching Phoenix Arizona.

Foundation Inspections Include

(1). Detailed video of the inspection.

(2). Inspection Report; Detailed information about why these problems happened and what repairs are needed.

(3). Estimate; Detailed list by line each repair with description and price of that repair.

(4). W-9, Insurance certificate, and workman’s comp certificate.

(5). Warranty; All repairs are warrantied.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 602-418-2970 – Thank you.

Foundation Inspection Request

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

Call Concrete Repairman LLC in Phoenix Arizona Today! 602-418-2970

The foundation inspection includes video of the inspection, details of problems, diagnose & repairs of various types of foundation failure and damage, like foundation cracks, masonry foundation crack patterns, movement, leaning, or bowing foundation walls. Types of foundation cracks, crack patterns, differences in the meaning of cracks in different foundation materials, soil types, soil conditions, and other evidence of building movement. Concrete Repairman are foundation experts, and will find and separate cosmetic low-risk conditions from those likely to be potentially damaging to your home’s value.

Most foundation inspectors, and general building contractors are often able to recognize possible foundation or other building problems which may be costly or dangerous, requiring intervention of an expert foundation problem repair company like Concrete Repairman to make the inspection and repairs. Most often home inspectors, are not qualified or may not be educated in the foundation install and repair industry and may not know or recognize these problems.

Our foundation inspections can, without performing any expensive engineering calculations or analysis, recognize signs of important foundation or other structural problems developing before engineers and foundation experts are asked to design a repair catastrophic building failure.

Concrete Repairman field inspection experience and education combined with an informed and careful inspection, provides building owners valuable information and costs of those repairs.

Foundation Damage Repair Company Phoenix Arizona

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When rebar rusts it grows in volume putting pressure on concrete, at first cracking it and given enough time will follow the rebar all the way around the stem wall, causing water to enter the interior slab. This is caused by chloride ion exchange in the moisture laden pores of the concrete that facilitates the oxidization of the rebar. Once started it is very difficult to stop with traditional means. Sealing the crack with epoxy will not stop the rebar from continuing to oxidize and expand cracking the concrete further.