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Our foundation repairs are warrantied, and are permanent. This is a vital solution to your homes foundation problems. Concrete Repairman LLC is a licensed foundation repair company that can fix and repair any foundation, including: Stem Walls, Monolithic Post Tension foundations, commercial and residential home foundation repairs in Mesa Arizona. AZ. Call foundation expert James Belville for your foundation inspection.

Foundation Settlement

Most ALL foundation issues can be contributed to soil moisture content. Because our foundation footing are so shallow, the soils holding up our foundations vertical mass weight, are being compromised. The amount of moisture in the soil from roof rain water, soil types, and negative dirt grading, allows the moisture to hold, and consolidate next to the vertical foundation walls. This IS allowing deep penetration too the depth of the soils holding up the structure. This will cause the foundation wall to sink downward causing vertical breaks in the foundation walls. What happens then is, cracks in ceiling drywall, doors not to close, and roof leaks.

Here in Mesa Arizona, our desert climate, the bottom of the footings only need to go down to “UN-disturbed soil.” According to the architectural footing detail plans statement. These types of foundations ARE poured on sub straights that ARE NOT compacted to 85% or higher compaction rates to hold the vertical pressures being applied downward by gravity, to the soils. This is the cause of most all foundation settlement problems, and foundation heave, resulting in interior floor heaving upwards, NOT EXPANSIVE SOIL in AZ.

When a foundation repair company says “Your home was built on farm land, or Your home was built on expansive soils or clay’s.” They do not know the actual cause, and will ALWAYS give you this excuses for the problem, when they don’t know.

Oxidization of Interior Reinforcement Bar (horizontal cracks in foundation walls).

Last things that the contractors do to your home is paint. The dirt grade is next to the foundation walls, and foundation wall is not painted down the vertical wall or water proofed. The problems IS: Paint is painted down to the top of the dirt grade, the dirt gets wet below the paint line, the moisture then travels up between the paint, and vertical walls, depositing efflorescent salts de laminating paint from the wall. This causes “Spalling: Derogation of a concrete surface vertical or horizontally.”

Oxidation accrues when a low voltage electrical current is developed. Who this starts is: You need moisture, oxygen, and steel. When all three are present, oxidation happens. This oxidation of the interior rebar will grow to 5 times it’s size, breaking out the side of the foundation at it’s weekest point to the outside walls. This allows more moisture, and oxygen, and will accelerate the oxidation electrical drive. This can and will continue to go all the way around a home, unless it is not stopped. The only way to stop this electrical drive is to remove the rebar and replace with corrosion resistant reinforcement bar.


Waterproofing foundation walls is vital to all home foundations. Waterproofing will stop the “Spalling, and corrosion of steel rebar reinforcement.”