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Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 001

We conducted an inspection on this home in Chandler Arizona and as you can see in the video, this home had a few issues that had to be reviewed. Our foundation inspectors are experts and can quickly identify the cause and cure for your homes foundation damage. We know what to look for and will take the time to answer any of the questions you may have and explain what options you have to repair and prevent further damage to your home’s foundation stem wall.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 002

This foundation inspection in Chandler Arizona shows you the areas of the home that are damaged on both the interior and exterior of the property. Some areas are less obvious than the next and can be easily overlooked which is why it a good idea to have a expert inspect your home before any repairs begin. If the damage is not completely repaired it the problem is likely to return and cost more. Foundation Inspection | Chandler Arizona | 602-418-2970 Foundation Inspections and Foundation Repair A lot of the older homes in Chandler Arizona are 50-100 year old foundations. Foundation placed at that time period were set without reinforcement rebar. The life of concrete without reinforcement is somewhere between 50-80 years. Footings placed into the soil only 16? deep, where many homes were placed on moving, expanding clay soils. Have you noticed foundation problems such as drywall cracks, doors and windows that are hard to open or close, cracks in your foundation walls, cracked floor slabs, or cracks in brick and mortar structures, you should contact Concrete Repairman LLC. for foundation crack repair solutions. Concrete Repairman highly trained established foundation repair experts will provide you with an consultation, and a clear solution to your home foundation problem, answering all your foundation questions.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 003

This home in Chandler AZ had some notable signs of foundation damage from a few different reasons. It’s a really good idea to check your foundation for anything out of the normal. Pealing paint, weathering and anything else you see could be signs of a problem that will only get worse left untreated. Avoid high expense and have the problem taken care of before it gets worse.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 004

This foundation inspection video of a property in Gilbert Arizona shows numerous area of damage to the foundation. This is example of just how much damage can happen to your home if you don’t pay attention to your home’s foundation. In this video you can see the concrete just fall away as we inspect it which is never a good sign.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 005

This is video 1 of 3 featuring a foundation repair done by Concrete Repairman at a property in Sun City Arizona. In this video you can see that we have exposed the damaged areas and are getting ready to repair the damaged areas of the foundation. It takes a lot just to get to the problem before we can start fixing the problems your foundation stem wall may have.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 006

Here we are day 3 on a typical foundation repair and everything is on track. We have taken care of most of the foundation repairs and are getting ready to wrap things up. Once all the repairs have been made we will back fill and restore the landscaping to prevent any further damage to the house’s foundation.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 007

This foundation repair video shows a completed job in Sun City Arizona. The foundation has been repaired, water proofed and painted to match the home’s exterior paint. Great care was also given to restoring the property’s landscaping and appearance. Taking the time to make certain the customer is happy with every part of the repair is very important and we do all we can to do just that.

Professional Floor Grinding | Video 017

This video show our concrete grinder at work. You can see in the video just how much material that can be removed in just on pass with our concrete grinding equipment. This floor in Tempe Arizona is being prepared for a new title floor and our crew is stripping the floor down to bare concrete for the new install.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 019

A potential home buyer in Gilbert Arizona had some concerns about the property’s foundation and request an informed inspection of the home prior to making the purchase. As you can see in the video, the buyer was right to be concerned. The inspections was done and a formal quote was given for consideration.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 020

In this video you can see what happens when you try to fix your foundation by yourself. We had inspected this property about a year ago and told the owner that the patch work that had been done would fail and as you can see in the video we were right. You can see the amount of damage to the home’s foundation as well as the fail patch job that had be done. Get it done right the first time to avoid damage like this.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 021

Its always nice to hear what our customers think about the job we’ve done for them. This foundation repair project in Sun City Arizona turned out great and the home owners couldn’t be happier. Hear what Jan & Jane had to say about the repair work we did for them.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 023

Understanding the causes behind foundation damage is critical. Foundations fail for a variety of reasons and the damage is typically a result of more than one cause. Locating the areas of damage on both the interior and exterior of the property so they can be addressed and repaired the correct way is what we do for each customer.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 024

Here is another video of one of our foundation inspectors reviewing a property in Tempe Arizona. Knowing what to look for is key. Take a look as our inspector points out the various signs of damage to both the home and its foundation. If you see any of these signs at your home you may want to have an inspection just to be sure.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 025

It is really hard to believe that all this damage to this property’s foundation was caused by rain water. This foundation repair video shows just how much damage water can do to a home’s foundation in Sun City Arizona. A 60 foot crack down the entire side of the house.

Professional Foundation Inspections | Video 026

This foundation inspection video is of a property in Tempe Arizona and as you can see the video the home has cracks in its foundation, cracks in the wall and several cracks in the floors. Moisture is once again to blame for all the various issues this property has and will take a few repairs to get it back to normal and level.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 027

This property in Gilbert Arizona is an example of the type a damage water can do to your home’s foundation. You can see the paint falling off in some areas while in other you can see all the horizontal cracks along the foundation. These are all signs of water damage to the foundation.

Professional Concrete Removal | Video 029

At this project in Phoenix Arizona we had to remove the old concrete in order to prevent further cracking and damage. We then patched and repaired the cracks in the garage floor for the home owner. Damage like this to your home can be avoided if it is taken care of at the first signs of a problem.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 031

Getting ready to start this project in Gilbert Arizona and this customer made and interesting comment. Why are all the homes in the area covered in rocks? How are you suppose to maintain a yard of rocks? I never noticed the damage because I spend so little time in my yard.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 033

This video is the project summary right before we get started on clearing the landscaping and exposing the foundation in the areas we need to do repair work to the foundation. Some area are pretty tight space wise but that won’t be problem for us.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 035

Wow, this video really shows a heavily damaged foundation. If the damage is so bad that you can see the rebar and it is that exposed, you don’t need an inspection you need a repairman ASAP! Concrete is not suppose to just fall away and you should be concerned if you find signs of damage like this on your property’s foundation.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 036

Here is a video of a complete foundation repair project in Mesa Arizona. It explains what we did and in what area we did it. By the looks of the video you can’t tell that any work had been done at all. All of the landscaping has been restored and the property looks great, that is the type of attention we give every job.

Professional Concrete Repair | Video 037

Here is video of a concrete project we did in Phoenix Arizona that any ASU fan would love to have and this customer knows it is correct in every way. Color and logo are right on and perfect in every way.

Professional Foundation Repair | Video 039

This video was from a foundation repair job we did in Scottsdale Arizona and shows a perfect example of what spalling concrete looks like and just how serious of a problem it can be when it comes to your property’s foundation. Notice how easily the concrete just falls away and exposing the rocks in the cement.

Professional High Gloss Sealer | Video 041

Applying a high gloss sealer will add a distinct look as well as protect the surface. A sealed surface is easy to clean and maintain and looks great. View the video to learn more about this process.

Professional Grind and Seal | Video 042

In this video we had to remove the older coating and prepare the surface to be finished. Taking the time to evenly prepare the surface is import so that when the finish has fully dried the surface looks great.

Oxidized Rebar Damaged Foundation

In this video you can see just how much damage can be caused when the rebar in your home’s foundation begins to oxidize (rust) and expand. Notice the horizontal cracking along the stem wall on this home in Gilbert Arizona.