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Stem wall repair may need to be carried out if the foundation of your home has sustained severe damage from years of weathering. Unfortunately, cracks in the foundation can lead to flooding in your home and structural failure of your home. A foundation inspection will help you understand the types of foundation repair services you need to carry out to resolve the issue. Most inspections only last a few hours, but if it is a serious crack or foundation fracture you will need to carry out a long term repair job to fix cracks and strengthen your foundation. More about stem wall crack repair.

Generally the damage from years of weathering will result in small cracks in your walls. After the initial damage has been taken care of, you will then have to carry out long term repairs to take care of any future weak spots in your home. Generally, the home is first built and subsequently the home is then painted. Usually the paint is applied to the top of the soil grade. Due to the fact that most homes in this area are not waterproof, this fact is why these foundation varieties like, post tension, stem wall, and stem wall repair are commonly damaged. More about foundation repair.

Stem wall repair is a type of foundation inspection service that will fix small cracks in the stem wall repair. Small cracks are often caused by water penetration and slow drainage. Stem wall cracks tend to form in the middle of a wall and they do not show up as an imprint when looking at the exterior. If you look at the interior of a wall, you will find small depressions in the surface of the wall that were made by the stem wall settling over time. These depressions will eventually need to be filled with epoxy paint.

Stem wall repair companies near and around metro cities Phoenix Az, Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ in Arizona. Stem wall foundations are supporting structures that are utilized as a means of joining the foundation of a building with the vertical walls constructed on a foundation.  A concrete stem wall can be built out of block, rod, concrete and steel. A stem wall works with the foundation slab to create a solid basis for a building. When creating a house foundation involving a slab, the stem wall is adhered directly to the slab. The wall is usually made of cinder blocks that are reinforced with the use of steel components and concrete. Stem wall foundation sits on top of the slab and effectively provides builders with something to attach the walls of the structure to the slab. More about stem wall repair and foundation inspection.

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Stem wall foundations rises above the surrounding ground level.  By lifting the walls of the structure slightly above ground level you can lessen Deterioration from exposure from ground moisture or insects, such as termites. The presence of a stem wall is common in the construction of many different types of building foundation repair, such as residential housing and public buildings. Not every building design utilizes a stem wall. More about stem wall repair Phoenix.

Structures that are raised off the ground with the use of risers may or may not find a use of this device necessary since there is no ground slab used in the overall design.  However, there are building designs that make use of a wooden foundation coupled with a wood stem wall protrusion.

While not serving the same purposes as the stem wall version, a stem wall of this kind still provides
additional support for the structure that is erected on a raised foundation. Call 602-418-2970 for stem wall repairs.

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