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Foundation Cracks

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Stem Wall Foundation Cracks

Are You Afraid Your Home Has Foundation Cracks?

Are You Afraid Your Home Has Foundation Cracks? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are not aware of the fact that a small crack on a foundation wall can lead to a structural problem and even collapse. Here’s what you need to know about foundation cracks. Listed below are the signs that you need to call a foundation repair specialist. If you’ve noticed foundation cracks on your walls, you should take action right away.

Small cracks are typically harmless, but large, diagonal cracks are indicative of structural damage or settling. If a crack is two to three times the width of a hairline, the problem may be more serious. Termite damage can cause this type of damage. Deeper hairline cracks can be repaired with a small amount of filler. More extensive cracks will require scraping off the paint and sanding off the edges.

If your foundation has a large crack, it’s likely a result of hydrostatic pressure. Cracks in the foundation wall are a sign that the house is moving. If the foundation has a lot of small cracks, there’s a high chance that the foundation has been weakened. Even more significant foundation damage can lead to water-damage. A professional inspection will probobvide you with an accurate assessment. Whether a crack is small or large, it’s critical to act quickly.

While vertical cracks are the easiest to repair, horizontal cracks require professional assistance. The cracks generally move from wall to wall and compromise a large section of the foundation’s area of support. Poor drainage can also cause horizontal cracks. To prevent this, consider consulting with a foundation expert about the proper distance between downspouts and the foundation walls. Getting a professional assessment will ensure that the damage is not too serious.

While horizontal cracks may be the most obvious signs of a foundation problem, stair-step cracks in the masonry joints can also be indicators of a foundation issue. Bricks that are cracked on the outside or stonework on the interior can be signs of a foundation problem. If the cracks are too large or are visible through the walls, it’s important to contact a professional foundation repair specialist. This will prevent a foundation from lifting or settling.

Some foundation cracks are too small to be detected by yourself. A crack the size of a dime is considered a foundation problem and should be repaired immediately. Cracks that continue to grow can be indicative of a more serious structural issue. To fix these cracks, you must follow a step-by-step process. Mark the locations of any cracks in your foundation and observe them over several months. A home foundation crack can lead to serious structural problems, so it’s important to hire an expert.

A crack on your foundation might be a sign of a more serious problem. It could be a symptom of settling or expansion of soil. However, it’s not always necessary to worry about cracks on walls. If they span the walls and ceiling, they’re likely a sign of structural damage. In such a case, a foundation repair professional can assess and repair any damage. If they’re too large, they can even cause serious safety hazards.

PhoenixMesaTempeChandlerGilbertAhwatukee, Scottsdale Cities in Arizona