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How to Fix Foundation Problems

One of the most common issues when it comes to repairing foundations is finding out how to fix foundation cracks. Foundation cracking can occur for many reasons including natural disasters, building projects, and age of the building. While most cracks are nothing to worry about, some can be very costly especially if they lead to flooding or water damage. There are a number of different methods on how to fix foundation cracks. Here are some of them:

Homeowners often think that waterproofing methods are the best way to fix foundation issues because they work by blocking the water from moving into the basement. In most cases, waterproofing isn’t as effective as it is made out to be. While it can stop small leaks, expanding clay soil can cause much larger problems than just a lack of leaks. Clay soil expands with time, thus making it easier for water to penetrate. Small foundation issues cost less to resolve but can cause costly roofing repairs in the future. More about stem wall repair.

Homeowners often look for ways on how to fix a sinking foundation repair cost by using concrete piers or floating floors. However, concrete piers and floating floors only address surface issues rather than the underlying problem. Piers do nothing to relieve pressure on the foundation which weakens the structure as a whole. A lot of time, money, and energy are wasted during foundation repair when contractors only address surface issues.

Most people who have used these methods claim that they are very costly. For this reason, many homeowners settle for repairing minor cracks at the onset instead of spending money on larger repairs later down the line. Unfortunately, repairing minor damages at the onset is still very costly. The average cost of repairing a foundation that experiences a single crack or gouge is approximately $5000. Considering the thousands of dollars that homeowners spend on foundation repair every year, this cost seems rather small. More about foundation inspections.

In fact, repairing minor foundation damages at the onset costs almost twice as much as repairing minor cracks later on. The average cost of repairing cracks is around $3000 per crack. Even worse, if these damages get bigger, they can push up against other walls and cause damage on top of the existing damages. This can double the cost of repairing your foundation. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know that this can happen because their cracks are not visible from the street.

One simple way on how to fix foundation cracks is to use an epoxy primer and concrete sealer. The primer will act as a barrier between the cracks and the exterior concrete while the sealer will prevent external soil from penetration. By using a soil type that matches the exterior concrete surface, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in foundation repair.

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