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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

“How much does foundation repair cost?” That depends on the extent of the damage. If you have a simple crack in a poured concrete wall, that normally costs between $800 to $1,500 per crack. However, we cannot emphasize enough not to wait. Even if it is a simple crack, foundation repairs will only develop into more serious problems given time. Your typical foundation repair cost that uses hydraulic piering will cost between $10,000 to $14,000. We try to help customers catch it early. More about foundation repair cost. Concrete Lifting & Concrete Leveling, Push Piers & Helical PiersPolyurethane injection Phoenix, AZ

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What is The True Foundation Repair Costs?

A weakened foundation can have a huge negative impact on the value of your home because it becomes a liability. In addition to foundation repair costs, the cracks in your foundation can serve as an entry point for pests, such as yellow jackets, hornets, ants, scorpions and cockroaches that will build nests behind your wall. You could have to pay additional money to pest control even after you have handled foundation problems.

How to Stop Foundation Problems in Their Tracks

The sooner you stop problems with your foundation, the better. Most homes in Phoenix do not have basements because of a sedimentary rock known as Caliche, which makes it difficult and costly to dig. For that reason, most homeowners cannot search their basement concrete flooring for cracks. That would be a sign of a damaged foundation. What are other indications that your home has foundation problems?

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Any of these things could indicate that the foundation has started to settle. If your door closes hard, look towards the top to see if it is narrow or crooked on one side, which is a sign of a damaged foundation. In some cases, adding an addition onto a home can lead to foundation problems because the new part pulls on the original section.

Why Does Foundation Inspections Matter?

You want to stop small problems that encourage costly problems to snowball. If you contact Concrete Repairman, we will give you a comprehensive and detailed inspection. What does your landscaping look like? If you have landscaping that does not slope away from the foundation, the runoff from rainwater could soak into the concrete foundation. Keeping moisture away from the foundation is the key to saving money.

Oftentimes, moisture will attack the corners of your home because it has no rebar or post-tension support, which can cause friction on the foundation when the house moves due to weather. To address a foundation problem on the corner, we remove the entire corner down eight inches. Afterwards, we apply an epoxy and patching material that can withstand 6,000 psi. Finally, we apply a waterproof sealant that keeps moisture from penetrating into your stem wall, and we paint it for extra protection. For further information on resolving foundation problems, contact Concrete Repairman. We are unparalleled experts at effective foundation repair methods and costs.

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