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” Foundation issues can drive a person crazy. When the ground is hard and dry and the weather is tough, there is nothing like getting some foundation repair Phoenix Arizona help. Foundation problems are costly. If the foundation is not repaired properly or maintained properly it can cause damage to the property, cost you money, time and even headaches. When faced with a foundation issue, it’s best to know what the main issues are so you can take steps to solve them before they become too big of a problem. More about Phoenix, AZ.

Foundation cracks can be caused by two major factors. One is natural causes such as storms, earthquakes, and the other is from external sources such as pouring concrete, soil, or vegetation growing above and around the foundation. Natural causes are less likely to happen but are still an important consideration. Foundation repair contractors in Phoenix and throughout the Valley should be consulted when needed because weathering and environmental factors are inevitable. A concrete foundation crack repair work done for one area might not necessarily be applicable for other areas. More about foundation repair Phoenix AZ.


A Foundation inspection play an important role in determining the best way to fix any foundation issues you may have. Foundation inspections should occur periodically and need to be scheduled before any foundation repair Phoenix work begins. Foundation problems aren’t always easy to detect and there are numerous factors that play into its strength and condition. Through a thorough inspection the following key areas will be checked: Overall appearance, the structural soundness, the overall maintenance history and record, access, and the accessibility of the structure. Foundation inspection Phoenix Arizona companies can help make the process easier by evaluating and recommending the best possible methods to address your needs.

There are many different types of foundation repair methods that are available to businesses and homeowners in Phoenix and throughout the Phoenix area. The most common type of method is to apply sealants. Sealants will be applied to both the inside and outside of the walls. These sealants will prevent future damage and also work to ensure that no further cracks will develop. Another common method used for repairing foundation cracks is to use steel rebar reinforcement.


Most leaks will originate from the bottom of a wall. In order to locate where the leak is originating from a foundation repair Phoenix, will typically use a special camera equipped with a video camera to determine where the leak is originating from. Once located it will be repaired using steel stem wall crack repair cement. Steel stem wall crack repair cement will be poured into the crack to strengthen it and also give it a solid anchor so it cannot continue to weaken over time. Stem wall repair Phoenix.

If the cracks are located near the structure of a floor or slab a drainage hole may be drilled to aid in the removal of excess water. This method is often referred to as “ripping.” A foundation repair company Phoenix will perform drainage hole repairs to address this type of foundation issue. Cracks can also be drilled directly into the concrete if a hole is already present, but this often requires more excavation. If a hole is not present a foundation repair contractor Phoenix will make the necessary repairs to prevent further cracking. Ground leveling should always be considered before making any foundation repair work to ensure that the structure is in proper standing position and is not sitting on a concave surface.


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