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Foundations damage is a problem that most home buyers will face when buying a home. Many times a home foundation will need to be replaced due to significant cracking and other issues that cannot be repaired. A local foundation repair service company will be able to help you identify your specific needs so you can get your foundation fixed quickly.

Foundation cracks due to foundation damage, age, or structure. Cracks can be very small and undetectable, so they often do not cause much harm to the building. However, large cracks may require the use of structural metal beams which are unsafe if used incorrectly. If you notice any type of water leakage coming from the house or around the foundation, you should contact a professional foundation leak detection and repair service as soon as possible.

In older homes, there is more possibility of foundation damage because the soil is compacted and therefore the weight of the building adds to the pressure of any cracks in the foundation. Unfortunately, older homes typically suffer more cracks than newer homes because they were built on soils that don’t have the same kinds of protections in them. For example, clay soil that was once extremely hard and tough doesn’t have nearly the same protections in it like today’s clay soil. These types of cracks will generally appear much larger than they would in newer homes, but you should contact an experienced foundation repair contractor for this issue.

How to Fix Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are a common part of any structure, and most cracks have a couple of different causes. For instance there are a number of different kinds of foundation cracks that can occur, all signaling some sort of structural damage, but repairing any kind of foundation crack will be different depending on the sort of foundation material and the location, size and shape of the crack. One example of this would be a crack in your shingles might cause a simple patch job, where as a foundation crack which is in the shingles would require some sort of structural support or repair. A small crack may just be filled with some sort of binder while a larger crack may require repair to seal and repair. Repairing any kind of foundation crack will usually involve some sort of repair and maintenance as well as inspection and repair.

Foundations are essentially the main support for a structure, and when they become weaker or have some sort of structural damage there is really no way to save a building without repairing the foundation itself. When a building experiences severe weather (or weather that is very hot or cold) a foundation crack can expand and contract with the changes in pressure, causing the whole building to crumble. While some foundation cracks will heal over time and the building will be fine, many need immediate attention from an expert because this kind of damage usually means structural damage. When structural damage is present, the best way to repair it is to isolate and treat each piece individually, so the damage does not spread to the entire building.

Another problem which can result in foundation cracks is when moisture seeps into the structure. This can often be caused by poorly maintained gutters, plumbing fixtures, roofing materials or leaking pipes, and can spread extremely fast. This kind of damage is most often seen in older buildings, which have no effective systems in place to prevent or contain the spread of water, and without immediate attention foundations may crumble entirely. While older buildings certainly have a higher chance of suffering from foundation cracks, modern buildings also have a higher chance due to modern conveniences like poor drainage and leaks, so make sure your structure is kept as dry and mold-free as possible, and you should be able to avoid the need to repair foundation cracks on your own.

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