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Foundation Damage – Movement & Moisture Glendale Arizona

This is an evaluation summary of this foundation inspection of this 2 story home here in Glendale Arizona

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Here some of these things are going to be very difficult to view.

There’s the separation right there in that corner where the crack goes up to the ceiling there’s a little hairline crack and this because there’s a little bit of movement over here on this side of the house, is caused by water holding that should be improved. More about Foundation Problems.

I have evaluated all of these rooms interior and exterior and it’s pretty solid.

There are very typical things that are suggesting the grade should be improved on this side as well basically all the way around the house it needs to be improved

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We’ll get down to the floor here in a minute however the movement on the side of the home over here can cause the upstairs floor joist to you know get a little crown in them may get lumps in the floor that sort of thing

From the perimeter foundation around this home so to stop that from continuing and getting worse now for the life of this home dirt grading and gutters are recommended based on the evidence that I’ve found so far

Going downstairs I’m now in the kitchen and there is a fracture on the interior floor is showing on that side of the patio we’ll get out there in a minute and because that is the case it is the interior floor where that footing on the outside comes through and then the door comes around 90 degree angle to the door

That footing should probably have a keyway joint running through here and that’s in close proximity to it so it makes it vital.

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That this side of the home well all sides of the home but this one in particular if it continues to go down from the water saturation that remains next to this foundation it will continue to go down and cause this floor crack

That I would imagine exists in this floor this is a floating floor is what it is considered and it can conceal that crack because it’s not a rigid material like tile

I have reviewed everything on the interior that was noticeable oh there’s just one more thing over here these are the earliest signs of settlement doorways windows and thresholds are the weakest point of a wall so if this foundation is moving in any degree it’s going to show up on these windows and doorways. More about Signs of Foundation Problems.

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Going out to the garage there is a vertical crack in this stem wall foundation right here the joint is opening up the interior garage floor is considered a floating floor because it has expansion between the interior floor and the foundation wall however this foundation has broke and continues to open up slightly

Another light fracture will start here in and separation here at this caulking area so with this joint opening up the only way you can see this joint is if this floor is coming up because of this foundation is slightly going downward causing this crack to appear more prominently

This control joint running this way is also opening up so it is a fact based on this evidence that this side is moving slightly down

Six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters is recommended right up here in this corner

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I don’t know if you can see it or not but there’s a just a hairline crack coming off in this corner and the weakest part of drywall is going to be the drywall joint it’s not because of a bad taping job by the drywallers it’s just because when the foundations move the stress comes from the top and starts putting stress in the roof

Going outside the soil shrinkage cracks it’s not necessarily expansive soil that sort of thing

Concrete slabs driveways floors do the same thing when there’s a little too much water and then the water evaporates and then causes shrinkage cracks

Whether it’s concrete or in soil so this is suggesting very loudly and you have plenty of room to bring in dirt grade to allow more slope away from this home

These foundation footings are only 24 inches this is a stem wall construction very typical 24 inches from top of floor to bottom of support footing

This is your interior floor it’s poured out to the vertical face of this foundation here so if we have a crack coming up through to your floor and it’s going to run in that direction because it is monolithic that is the face of the floor crack is gonna go in on the interior so what do you do

Well here’s a little bit more evidence this little tiny crack right here

Coming up is a hit the foundation broke and broke in that area too so what this is saying is I got a little too much moisture around this side and it’s really easy to see and the efflorescence salt deposit is being deposited on the back side of this patch and paint material right here and the soil is cracking and it’s separating just slightly next to the stem wall foundation here and this is a very good indicator just too much water is over here

You’re allowed four inches to come down here and then slope with screen dirt and rain gutters is recommended on this

This is the best way to combat foundations from settlement efflorescence salt deposits so there’s plenty of moisture here plenty of evidence even though the rainwater isn’t coming off here and landing here

It is always good to have good dirt grading around 100% of your home

Going out to the front and what I’m seeing here is serpentine of the expansion comes up and goes down comes up goes down comes up and goes down and the only way that this serpentine of the expansion happens is if there is enough moisture for it to get wet and there’s not much rainwater coming off of here but from here and there that’s significant enough to cause this foundation to break and we have a 90 degree corner coming up right here and that’s approximately the same area as that vertical break

This is considered a construction joint this is your interior floor that’s poured out to the vertical face of the perimeter foundation itself there’ll be a construction joint there and a construction joint over here

On this side as well and this is typical construction and this completes my evaluation

This is the video summary of this investigation on the interior and exterior of this home

The home is very solid considering what it needs every home does need some TLC and my recommendations are six inch aluminum seamless rain gutters with 4-foot downspout extensions and dirt grading using screened top soil compacted into place sloping away approximately three to four feet.


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