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Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Mesa AZ

Our Foundation Repair Division are experts in repairing and waterproofing home foundations and stem walls. Water damage is the leading cause of foundation cracks and crumbling. Identifying the signs and repairing the damage early on is extremely important. The longer the foundation is ignored the worse the damage will be and the more costly it will be to repair.

We recommend you visually inspect you home’s foundation regularly and look for any signs of cracking or any other signs of failure. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at anytime and we can arrange for a free inspection of your home’s foundation. 

Foundation Cracks are the First Sign of a Problem

Exposing the Stem Wall so the Repair can begin

Chipping Away the Damaged Concrete

Exposing the Damaged Re-bar so it can be Waterproofed and Sealed

Replacing the Concrete and Sealing the Stem Wall

Replacing and Grading the Top Soil away from the House

Finishing Up and Putting the Landscaping Back in Place

Foundation Repair – Commercial & Residential Arizona Concrete Contractor

Foundation Expert Mesa Arizona

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