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Stem Wall Repair Mesa Arizona

Stem wall repair experts Concrete Repairman Foundation Repair Mesa Arizona fix, repair, epoxy injection, slab cracks, home foundations, commercial floors and stem wall foundation repair. We have free estimates, quotes and qualified foundation experts to evaluate your home or business and recommend the right method for your repair. Most foundation cracks, when repaired will not cause any more issues for years to come. Our foundation repair specialists Mesa Arizona repair most foundations in 3 to 4 days and are warranted repairs. Our repair masons are some of the best specialized repair men anywhere in Arizona. We Recognize, diagnose & repair various types of foundation failure and damage, like foundation cracks, masonry foundation crack patterns, movement, leaning, or bowing foundation walls. Types of foundation cracks, crack patterns, differences in the meaning of cracks in different foundation materials, soil types, soil conditions, and other evidence of building movement. We are foundation experts, and will find and separate cosmetic low-risk conditions from those likely to be potentially damaging to your home’s value.

A lot of the older homes in Mesa Arizona are 50-100 year old foundations. Foundation placed at that time period were set without reinforcement rebar. The life of concrete without reinforcement is somewhere between 50-80 years. Footings placed into the soil only 16″ deep, where many homes were placed on moving, expanding clay soils.

Have you noticed foundation problems such as drywall cracks, doors and windows that are hard to open or close, cracks in your foundation walls, cracked floor slabs, or cracks in brick and mortar structures, you should contact Concrete Repairman LLC. for foundation crack repair solutions. Concrete Repairman highly trained established foundation repair experts will provide you with an consultation, and a clear solution to your home foundation problem, answering all your foundation questions.

Stem Wall Repair – Commercial & Residential Arizona Concrete Contractor

Water harms foundations through shifting the home while expanding and shrinking the soil which the concrete foundation footing sits, causing it to crack as it moves and sinks in different directions, and also inadequate property and or rain drainage systems that help prevent water from corroding the footing directly. Look for cracks in the concrete, near garden areas, sprinklers, downspouts, and low areas where gravity may cause water to collect near or close to your foundation.

Foundation Inspection Mesa Arizona

Most foundation inspection Mesa Arizona, and general building contractors are often able to recognize possible foundation or other building problems which may be costly or dangerous, requiring intervention of an expert foundation repair company like Concrete Repairman Mesa AZ. to make the repairs. Most often a home inspector, other than Concrete Repairman, are not qualified or may not be educated in the foundation install and repair industry and may not know or recognize these problems.

Some foundation inspectors can, without performing any engineering calculations or analysis, learn to recognize signs of important foundation or other structural problems developing before engineers and foundation experts are asked to design a repair catastrophic building failure.

Foundation repair field inspection experience and education, combined with an informed and careful building inspection, provide building owners valuable information how to make the proper foundation repairs.

Arizona Foundation Stem Wall Repair, Crack Repair Foundation Repair Contractors in AZ, Arizona.

Concrete Patch, Water Proofing and Paint Stem Walls in near Mesa AZ

Stem Wall Crack Repair, Waterproofing, and Paint

Water proofing echniques to prevent and stop water from entering basements, stem walls, footings and slabs of homes or other buildings effective below ground waterproofing will include both drainage and types of sealers and or epoxies and water stops.

Stem Wall Repair Mesa Arizona

A good foundation contractor can repair a variety of problems in your home, from floor cracks and oxidized rebar to post tension cracks. James Belville, owner of Stem Wall Repair Mesa Arizona, is an expert in concrete repair and can help you find the right foundation repair company for your home. He also specializes in concrete tilt panels and foundation inspection. Read on to learn more about the foundation repair process and how to choose a contractor.

GFRP Composite Stem Wall Repair System

Visible signs of rust in the stem wall. The repair experts removed the rebar, and replaced it with non-ferrous composite GFRP Bar, chipped out the cracked concrete, and covered the crack with structural grout. After a thorough cleanup of the mess, the team replaced the stem wall with the same non-ferrous composite and rebar. It is now ready for exterior house paint.

Because stem walls are porous, moisture can quickly damage the rebar that supports the wall. Typical repairs to stem walls only deal with the rebar that is exposed to water and moisture. Spalling is a condition where the rebar expands inside the concrete, pushing on the concrete, and causing pieces of concrete to flake off. Ultimately, the stem wall repair system will restore the structural integrity of your building and ensure its safety. James Belville.

GFRP Composite

This homeowner was having trouble with her stem wall and decided to get a professional to repair it. The rebar in the stem wall had begun to oxidize and spall, and a stem wall repair team worked to replace it with GFRP Composite Non-Ferrous Composite. Although the stem wall repair process was painful, the end result was worth it. Call Concrete Repairman LLC 602-418-2970

After determining that the wall is in need of stem wall repair, they will need to waterproof it. The process can take anywhere from seven to twenty-one days, and if the rust is left behind, it can lead to structural problems. If this happens, the stem wall repair company will need to excavate the dirt near the foundation.

Concrete tilt panels

Tilt panels are structurally sound wall materials used in multi-story buildings. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, they can sustain breaks and cracks over time, which can lead to leaks and further structural damage. In order to prevent this from happening, you should have a professional concrete tilt wall repair Mesa Arizona contractor repair your stem wall. This is important because the reinforcement steel inside your stem wall can oxidize or be weakened by electrical currents, moisture, and oxygen.

A damaged stem wall can cause cracks and spalling in the concrete near the base of the building. The cost of stem wall repair can range from $2000 to $20,000, so hiring a professional is essential for preventing costly repairs in the future. A stem wall connects the foundation walls to the walls of your house. It is typically made of rebar and concrete. To repair a stem wall, you should first assess the damage that has occurred and determine whether the problem is structural or aesthetic.

Foundation inspection

There are many types of foundation repairs, but what are the signs of a failure? Cracks and spalling are common signs of a stem wall problem, and some concrete repair contractors will attempt to patch or paint over the damaged section of the stem wall. While this method may be effective for temporary solutions, replacement rebars will eventually fail due to oxidation. Fortunately, there are now specialized products that are designed to prevent this problem and ensure that the repair will last for a long time.

Fortunately, the most common foundation problem isn’t very complicated to fix. With the proper tools and experience, a qualified specialist can fix your problem within a day. Stem wall repair Mesa Arizona experts Concrete Repairman LLC can use concrete repair methods to make your home safe again. You should get multiple estimates before you make a decision. However, you should always be sure that the contractor you hire is qualified to do the work.


Dear James,

Thank you for the excellent repair work you did on my house foundation today. The horizontal crack in the stem wall that had grown to almost the full length of one side of my house was scary and ugly, and I needed to have it repaired before my house is painted next week. You came to my house just an hour after I called you, diagnosed the problem and explained it clearly to me, and answered all my questions patiently. You gave me a very reasonable price for the job, way below that of the other company I called, which had a minimum of $1500 per repair. You showed up on time this morning, completed the job quickly and efficiently, and left no mess behind. On top of that, you repaired one of the pediments holding up my porch posts at no extra cost! Your work on the wall and the pediment looks perfect. I am so relieved that my house looks like it should–thanks to your work My experience with you is among the best I’ve had with any contractor, ever. It is so wonderful (and rare) to find people like you who do honest work at a fair price, and don’t try to scare homeowners into thinking they need more work done than they really do, or that the work is more complicated than it really is. I will be recommending you to all my friends and acquaintances who need concrete repair work, and I would hire you again in a second. I also want to thank you for offering comprehensive repair services that are not easy to find elsewhere. Your website thoroughly explains what you do. I called many concrete companies who turned out not to do the repair work I needed, even though they were listed on web directories as doing it. I was lucky to find you. You are a great asset to Valley homeowners and I hope your business flourishes. It is obvious that you take real pride in your work.

Gratefully, Kathy K. Mesa Arizona


James educated me on what is happening to my foundation and my slab in my home. He explained in detail why certain cracks in the slab or foundation were occuring, pointed out shearing in some corners of rooms and why it was happening. As he was educating me on what was happening by looking at the inside and outside of my house room by room – he explained WHY. The diagnosis was water getting under or around my foundation in various area and the cure is keeping the water away from these area by using gutters, grading the soil away from the foundation and stopping all irrigation near my foundation. He literally educated me and didn’t try to sell me anything. Now I have work to do…gutters, landscape changes…ugh. Thanks James for educating me!! I will definitely recommend you for anyone who has issues/concerns w their foundation.

It probably seems like James does not need YET ANOTHER five star review, but as soon as you work with him you’ll understand that you can’t help wanting to write a five star review. The experience in working with this company was exceptional from the very start. Within 24 hours of calling Concrete Repairman LLC and leaving a message, the admin called me back to schedule an appointment for an estimate. She was friendly, professional, and personable to speak with. James was able to come to our home within the week. My husband and I had several concerns about interior and exterior cracks and had done a pretty good job of making ourselves completely freaked out. James listened to our concerns, comprehensively assessed the home, and went out of his way to both educate and reassure us. It turns out that the “issues” we thought we had were not anything out of the norm. James gave us some suggestions about some regular home maintenance things we can/should do to ensure that normal, little things don’t become big things (mostly involving improving drainage around the foundation). In the end, I was relieved to learn that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with our foundation, but I was also sad that it meant we wouldn’t have the opportunity to see James more. He is smart, funny, professional, competent, and generous with his knowledge and expertise. I really appreciated not only being told that “things are fine” but being given information and facts that helped me to understand and believe that things are fine. I simply can’t imagine any way that this experience could have been better.

We had some major problems with our new vinyl floor buckling and was told by the installer that we had a problem with water seeping in and that we needed to check for pipe and/or foundation leaks. So, I called the Concrete Repairman for an inspection. James came out, took a look inside and outside, was very thorough and explained what he was looking for and what he saw. James determined that it had nothing to do with the foundation/stem wall and made some helpful suggestions to prevent any future problems. His expertise and advice were very much appreciated!

We had such a great experience with the company. James was so honest, professional, and courteous. We have dry wall cracks.He told us we need to put the rain gutter and dirt grading, and monitor it for a whole year, then we should be good. He didn’t even charge a thing for all his advices and time taken for the inspection. We are feeling so blessed to find him and it made our day to know there are honest people out there shining their lights in this materialistic world , and we will definitely refer him to our family and friends and all the best to your business James!

I had the pleasure of having James, the owner of the company, come out to my house today to check some cracks that were appearing in my foundation stem walls. James quickly identified why the cracks were occurring and what could be done to repair/prevent those types of crack in the future (gutters/grading). It was a huge relief to hear that was all that needed to be done. Appreciate James for his honesty and the time he spent educating me on why cracks were appearing and what actions to take. Would highly recommend to anyone worried about potential foundation issues with their home!

If you are looking for a professional, honest and knowledgeable business to do you foundation repairs look no further. After recently purchasing a custom home in the Arcadia area in which out realtor rushed us through inspection without getting an “expert opinion” on our foundation, we thought we had a total mess on our hands. Nowadays it is rare to run into an honest company that doesn’t have an angle, especially when they see a multi-million dollar home. James was unbelievable, he spent his valuable time assessing the foundation, providing suggestions on how to improve environment and letting me know I didn’t needed repairs. Absolutely blown away by his honesty. He is a rare gem in this world!! I will use him and recommend him to all my friends and associates for foundation repairs!!! Thanks James!!!


Call Concrete Repairman Foundation Repair Mesa Arizona Today! – Thank you.

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