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Foundation Inspection – Foundation Evaluation

Concrete Repairman offers a few different Foundation Inspection options.

The type of inspection necessary depends on how severe your foundation problems are.

We feel that the first approach is to perform a visual foundation inspection by a professional from Concrete Repairman to determine what the next step should be.

  • Here are a few foundation inspection options offered by Concrete Repairman:
  • Visual Inspection offered within the Phoenix Metro Area
  • Perform a Floor Level Survey – also known as a Manometer Survey
  • Arrange for a more in depth inspection with a Structural Engineer or a Geotechnical Engineer – In some cases, both engineers are needed
  • Arrange for soil testing – usually through a Geotechnical Engineer
  • Meet to review your existing engineering reports and past test results

When the foundation problems are visually more serious and are on a larger scale we will recommend working as a team with Concrete Repairman, a Structural Engineer, and also a Geotechnical Engineer.

Concrete Repairman will then provide an estimate for any required foundation repairs.

Do you feel that your home is experiencing foundation problems and foundation movement?

Then, the next step is to have a professional from Concrete Repairman come out to perform a visual inspection.

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Foundation Inspection - Foundation Evaluation

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James is teaching high school and college students how to finish concrete with confidence through several distributors nationwide. Television appearances in “The Concrete Cowboy” Phoenix Arizona. James is skilled in the art of finishing concrete with 30 years of hands on experience. “Call me today to schedule you estimate, or foundation inspection today. Thank you.”