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Foundation Repair Experts PhoenixHave you noticed cracks or other blemishes along the foundation of your house? Often they may seem rather minor or insignificant, really nothing more than a small fissure or even simply flaking of the paint. Nothing that would generate much concern. Unfortunately, these small cracks are, more often than not, just the tip of the iceberg and should be immediately addressed. A delay in addressing the problem only intensifies the situation leading to larger and costlier remediation measures.

Foundation cracks may be caused by a multitude of factors including moisture retention, slab movement or settling, often due to improper compaction of the soil, poor drainage and other landscaping issues. (Such factors need to be addressed in conjunction with the repair itself). All cracks should be addressed immediately upon being identified. Although the cracks may appear to be small or minor on the surface, chipping or chiseling of the crack will reveal the true extent of the damage. You most often will find that the problem is much more extensive than it originally appeared. The deterioration of the concrete usually extends to the rebar and often beyond to the interior of the foundation.

In such situations, all of the loose, damaged and unstable concrete must be removed. The surface should then needs to be cleaned and treated, or “water-proofed,” so that the concrete is isolated from moisture. It must be noted that the proper water and moisture remediation product be used. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market available to the general consumer that claim to prevent these water issues but simply do not accomplish their claims.

This treatment, or waterproofing, step is imperative to ensure the prevention of similar foundation problems in the future. It is at this time that the repair patches may be applied. As with the treatment stage of the repair process, the proper patching material, in conjunction with the proper adhesive products, must be used to ensure a successful repair. Again, there are many patching products available to the average customer that simply will not provide the best patch and repair possible. Upon completion of these repair steps, drainage and landscaping issues must be addressed to alleviate the issue of water retention near the foundation.

Cracks in a foundation is a serious problem that can potentially threaten the stability of the entire structure. The good news is that the problem can be addressed and remedied. However, the chances of a successful remediation, and prevention of the return of futures problems, are greatly increased by the earliest possible intervention.

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