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Water and salt damage to a home’s foundation leads to spalling. The signs of spalling are easy to spot but mean there is notable damage to the foundation that need to be addressed and repaired in order to prevent further damage and concern.

This video was from a foundation repair job we did in Scottsdale Arizona and shows a perfect example of what spalling concrete looks like and just how serious of a problem it can be when it comes to your property’s foundation. Notice how easily the concrete just falls away and exposing the rocks in the cement.

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Over here in Phoenix area and looking at is a foundation on a home

It’s landscaped away from the foundation here that’s nice the landscaping is good don’t know really when that occurred but this fracture over here is a perfect example of spalling

Spalling is created when you have paint on the outside of your foundation and then over time moisture from this side of the home

Here on this side of the home wasn’t landscaped correctly or that hasn’t been painted in a number of years

Also another consideration would be the foundation was poured too wet too high of a slump so the spelling occurs when the moisture gets trapped behind the concrete and behind the paint and makes the salt deposit and then slowly crumbles the concrete on the inside of it is trapping all of these salts in there causing this falling and the definition of spalling

Basics are you know delamination of the surface the weakened plane of the surface of the slab it can be vertical or horizontal paint is not going to stick it’s going to continue to deteriorate and eventually it’s going to get into the rebar which it has we can’t see it but there’s a fracture that goes right into here it’s going to go all the way to the rebar I’m sure and this is just coming off real easy

There’s some rebar right there’s one of the tie-downs has rusted and this tie down once moisture gets in there it’s going to expand the steel and once it expands its going to fracture this like it has but how that happens is the paint has not been taken care of properly you definitely need to paint your foundations keep them a protect

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