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Be on the look out for any cracks in your home’s foundation. A cracking foundation is a sign of water damage and should be taken care of at the first signs of damage. Fix it early to prevent further damage and expense. Be smart.

Wow, this video really shows a heavily damaged foundation. If the damage is so bad that you can see the rebar and it is that exposed, you don’t need an inspection you need a repairman ASAP! Concrete is not suppose to just fall away and you should be concerned if you find signs of damage like this on your property’s foundation.

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So this whole area on this side of the stem wall needs to be repaired

Here’s that rebar that we were talking about that you know it oxidizes & rust and pops off the side here and you know there’s
some remnants of the rebar here really does a lot of damage

Water does a lot of damage to foundations and where you’re looking for is these fractures

You start getting these cracks in your foundation you definitely want to take care of them because it’s only bad news from here on

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