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Home owners should be more concerned about their foundation and its condition. Foundation problems are easy to avoid and can be addressed fairly easily if they are taken care of at the first sign of cracking or failing. Check your foundation regularly for any signs of water damage.

This property in Gilbert Arizona is an example of the type a damage water can do to your home’s foundation. You can see the paint falling off in some areas while in other you can see all the horizontal cracks along the foundation. These are all signs of water damage to the foundation.

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The paint’s peeling off from efflorescence obsessive moisture over here in this area and the moisture goes down into the soil gets underneath the paint peels it off and causes the rebar to oxidize and expand up to five times its diameter

So it’s fractured over here and that’s possibly five feet right there

A few more fractures in that corner this area the fracture seems to go to here and follows the bottom of the paint

In this area this would all have to be broken out that’s going to be pretty severe

It looks like somebody has attempted to patch this before and failed that’s what usually happens

Patchwork doesn’t stay on because it’s not done correctly

This is a corner probably a corner strap and the horizontal fracture continues probably goes on a little bit further may stop

Over here anytime you see paint curling like that means there’s excessive moisture in this area the rainwater comes off of the roof lands here is not landscape correctly and spends too much time hanging out next to the foundation and eventually peels off the paint or goes below the paint line and attacks and continues almost the entire length of the house

Again rain water comes off lands here doesn’t really have anywhere to go the paint is curling but as far as horizontal fractures this side is probably the least affected it does have a little bit more slope than the other side

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