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When you have your foundation inspected you want to know all you can about what is wrong and what should be done to restore it and to prevent further damage in the future. Our inspectors will fully review your property and its foundation and identify any problems they discover.

This foundation inspection video is of a property in Tempe Arizona and as you can see the video the home has cracks in its foundation, cracks in the wall and several cracks in the floors. Moisture is once again to blame for all the various issues this property has and will take a few repairs to get it back to normal and level.

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This home has a very large roof there’s a lot of rain water that comes off to this roof over here

In this area we can see that from this gate is slopes downward towards the house from where my finger is all the way around

It slopes towards the home there’s at least eight  to ten inches of water that can hold in this whole area that’s way too much
water being held coming off of this roof

That’s a tremendous amount of water because there is this much water this foundation is slowly sinking causing interior fractures on the walls of the home vertical and horizontal

Going around the corner we see that fracture up there on top that’s going to coincide with the interior roof structure of the home and that is because of all of this water coming off of the roof and landing in front

Can’t see behind all of this debris but this area seems to be relatively in good shape t

Here is an issue here with landscaping there should be a little bit more dirt over here in this area sloped away from the home

This tree is getting older it’s getting larger it’s starting to get into the roof line on the side of the home the roots could be causing some issues

My recommendation is to cut this tree down stump removal four to six inches below the dirt

This area here also shows water coming off the rough landing on top of the patio or landing on top of this deck is coming back this way and causing some interior fracture

To crack the concrete on the interior this right here this side is higher than this side

This is a lot of concrete is heavier the site is sinking slightly and you could get a crack from here across there clear through the pool

Planters I don’t like planters this rain gutter here there’s also dry rot but the rain gutter is not catching the water it’s basically dumping it right into this planter

We go up here you can see that there’s still moisture right there and we do have a crack fracture there in the middle of the
window which is telling me that this side has too much moisture going on which it does we have negative flow towards the house

We’ve got dirt sanding light debris floating on top of the water that has been left behind

If we do some landscaping remove this high hump here get the water to drain out of here and also rain gutter to the top can come around the corner down this side right here and it can run right over here just pass this tree so it goes on out

The amount of moisture that is settling the sides of this home is causing the interior crack fractures on the four-inch slab and also the horizontal vertical fractures in the drywall

We’re going to go right on into the house  we see this crack and fracture right here there’s the front yard right right in
front so if we step inside we can see that this crack and fracture continues to run through the house in through the ceiling so the amount of water that’s in the front is slowly sinking this part of the home causing this part of the home to be ripped apart starting up at the ceiling and then coming down

Concrete is going to crack where there’s least  resistance so it’s going to start cracking in Windows in those areas

This crack here is a construction joint if you see this side is higher than this side this means that this slab is tilted up so the amount of water is going down is tilting the house like this raising this slab up in that area

This is also a key way it is supposed to crack there it is a construction joint but is it is not supposed to be higher on one side than the other

This cracking fracture here is also slightly raised and runs all the way through the side of the hall over here is where that planter was

There’s too much water coming down in this area causing this stem wall to go down fracturing this portion of the slab

Here is another fracture there again going to crack where there’s least resistance so there’s a transition at least four inches down from the garage to the interior portion of the home so it’s almost a natural crack but this could also have a keyway in it
because it is more straight than it is jagged

We can grind these cracks down smooth patch them and should be level enough for a wood flooring but the rest of the home may need to be leveled

If any floor is not laser leveled with a laser or a vibrating screed then it will probably have to be ground and leveled for wood flooring wood flooring has a tolerance of only one eighth of an inch in 10 feet

In this home I would recommend tile over any laminate flooring just because of the fact of the moisture issues on the exterior sides of the home

You can add more thinset or less thinset as you need where the home is more likely to be on level

We’re in a garage area this area over here is where the neighbor’s front yard is I’m not seeing any vertical cracks or fractures

I’m not going to go over to the neighbors and and getting their yard and cause trouble

This looks pretty good I don’t see any bigger issues here this only had some water damage

The garage floor has is my new crack right here it’s probably been here for quite some time looks like an old crack fracture and it goes right along there so pretty much it it goes around right here

On this corner well what’s going on is the amount of water that’s over here is affecting this column causing the column to go down slightly and causing this to go boom pop up right there

This should be filled with dirt we take the decorative rocks out fill it up with dirt slope it away from the foundation put the decorative rock back

Same with this area here need to build this up with soil good quality compacting dirt compacted up at least maybe eight to ten inches as high as we can get it at least up to

Where this tile is on the entryway that’s at least six inches right there and it can get a little bit deeper but anything to move
this water out through this channel and out towards the street again this is the biggest culprit is water coming off the roof and holding in these areas causing these interior crack fractures on the slabs and vertical walls and ceilings it can rip this roof right in half if neglected

I hope this has helped you with making a decision on what to do with your home again I would not recommend wood flooring I would recommend tile because you can adjust the thinset according to the flatness of the floor

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