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Any repair to your home can be stressful and can be avoided when you know what to look for. Cracking concrete is never a good sign. Cracks in the home’s walls, floors or foundation should not be ignored. Call an expert and have it looked at.

It is really hard to believe that all this damage to this property’s foundation was caused by rain water. This foundation repair video shows just how much damage water can do to a home’s foundation in Sun City Arizona. A 60 foot crack down the entire side of the house.

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The south facing wall is at least 30 feet across there for a gutter and at 60 feet 60 feet down this side and what’s going on is the neighbors roof is draining this side of the roof off of here and the drain is catching all of the front and dumping it all right here and it’s going to the neighbors and because of that there is severe cracking on this stem wall all the way down here so keeping water away from the stem wall is going to be the most important thing

Going into the backyard area here we got another 50 feet connects to a patio and continues over here

Jim’s going to the bottom of the stem wall here are their severe cracking and this is what you’re looking for these cracks and fractures

This is a short stem wall it’s about 16 inches and you got rain gutters in the front to go around around here and there

Gutter comes out here the neighbor also has rebar fracturing is oxidizing here too this low area is concentrating the water

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