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Understanding how important your home’s foundation is to your investment and future. Our experts will inspect and explain any issues they find. Like any potential repair, the sooner you address the less time and money it will take to get it repaired.

Here is another video of one of our foundation inspectors reviewing a property in Tempe Arizona. Knowing what to look for is key. Take a look as our inspector points out the various signs of damage to both the home and its foundation. If you see any of these signs at your home you may want to have an inspection just to be sure.

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At this home is in Tempe looking at this corner of the home we can see that the roof water comes down into this channel
and deposits the rain in this area

The landscaping could be done a little bit better

Moving the rocks back waterproofing looks like there’s a reasonable paint on

They may not have to waterproof might be waterproofed enough

Move the decorative rocks back add a little bit more dirt about two feet out compact that and add the decorative rocks back so all of this moisture or water from this side of this home can go out and be channeled out to the street and up over the curb

This landscaping right here is pretty nice it has a little trough effect over by the spicket

There is evidence of rebar oxidizing right back behind them and that crack on the stem wall what that is is the rebar has been attacked by moisture

The moisture and steel react together oxidizing expanding the steel up to five to seven times its diameter causing a crack and fracture on the exterior

If left unrepaired and treated this crack will go both directions left and right all the way around the house

Since this is a perimeter footing and has rebar throughout the entire perimeter their area would also need to be graded for water flow

We do have a small crack and fracture here it’s been here for a while and this area is getting a lot of rainwater from the roof coming down and saturating in this area and over time is slowly move that Sidewalk causing the fracture

It’s recommended that the plants be removed regrade in this area so the dirt grade does slope water away from the foundation is part of the home

Above the garage water runoff is landing on the driveway causing degradation of the concrete exposing the rocks in there

It’s very typical this area should be landscaped

You can tell this holds a little bit of water through here and over time can saturate this area causing the stem wall to move slightly which there is some slight evidence of movement which is right there

In those cracks in the grout is slowly separating the grout in the brick and this is what we’re looking for when concrete is

It’s going to crack there’s also a crack in the corner and also one coming down from the top down which is telling me that this area is getting too much water and slightly going down affecting that corner

The darkness of the concrete shows where the water is standing there’s no rain gutter on this side and the sidewalk tilts towards the stem wall or foundation

My recommendation would be to make sure the water flows away from this foundation either by grinding this small trip hazard here may not be enough to transfer the water from one area to another area it may have to be removed

All of this sidewalk to be removed adhere to that joint all of this removed poured higher so the water does float away and on this slab which will then over time go towards the yard

The fireplace is very heavy and there is a small fracture going through the middle of this fireplace it’s very small

There is moss growing in this area mud there’s a shrub and there is also a rain gutter that’s going across this area to this area is getting a lot of the water that’s coming off of this roof line

Over here so if we remove the amount of water coming off of the roof by removing the sidewalk area and re-pouring it higher we’re going to stop the movement of the stem wall which is going to stop the cracking on the interior portion of the home

This corner also is holding water the slab here is a different color a little darker that’s showing that it does have moisture under
it and I’m not seeing cracks or fractures

They could have been slightly repaired right there looks like a repair over a period of time so there is some movement over here simple landscaping techniques bringing the dirt up higher after moving the rocks and put your decorative rocks back

Also behind that gate near the bathroom area dirt needs to be graded up higher there is degradation of the stem wall there and waterproofing it with typical house paint may do the trick

Along with landscaping but it’s probably better to waterproof and then paint over it that’s what we have for this home

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