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If you are about to close the deal on buying a home you want to make sure the foundation is in good order. Have the foundation inspected and make sure there are no issues or concerns. If issues are found before close of escrow you can negotiate any repair cost that may be need to repair the home’s foundation.

A potential home buyer in Gilbert Arizona had some concerns about the property’s foundation and requested an informed inspection of the home prior to making the purchase. As you can see in the video, the buyer was right to be concerned. The inspections was done and a formal quote was given for consideration.

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This home in Gilbert Arizona has some fractures and the window over here on the top on the bottom

The amount of rain water coming off to the top and the landscaping here it’s a negative flow towards this geographic area around the corner causing these cracks and fractures

In the corner of the windows causing stress on the roof and structure this side right there

In the corner has a oxidized Jay bolt in the corner non-structural

The entire stem wall needs painting

This is where you can see the exposed aggregate

The concrete over time the amount of moisture goes underneath the paint and leaves efflorescence or salt behind pops off the waterproofing or paint the amount of water runoff coming off of this roof is causing this side to sink down slightly and I would imagine the other side as well we’ll

Oxidized real our bolt non-structural needs painted along the stem wall re-landscaping this area to allow this water to flow out to the street would greatly help this home situation on both

We’re in the backyard and this roof water is still coming down over here and it’s kind of sloping back towards this direction and I’m recommending rain gutters throughout the entire roofing structure of this home and this can be causing movement

There’s a cracking fracture right there that could be evidence of an interior slab fracture inside the garage in that location in the corner on the inside there’s a cracking fracture in the stem wall

The reason for that is the amount of rainwater coming off of this roof going down and saturating the soil next to this stem wall is causing that stem wall to sink causing that crack and fracture
on the interior

That can be seen from the garage this area definitely needs landscaped and rain gutters

We’re in the garage efflorescence on this side of the stem wall should be painted

It’s from the neighbor’s moisture this stem wall fracture is caused by the moisture on the exterior side rainwater

This slab fractures also caused from moisture and it look like it does have a negative pitch that direction

Didn’t find any evidence of cracks or fractures on the interior slab but that does not mean that there isn’t

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