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Foundation Repair Sun City Arizona – Day 3

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Foundation repair is not easy work. Here we are day 3 on a job in Sun City repairing a home’s foundation damage. Things are going well and the customer is happy with the progress as we do our very best to get the job done without leaving any sign that there was ever a problem or that there was any work done at all.

Here we are day 3 on a typical foundation repair and everything is on track. We have taken care of most of the foundation repairs and are getting ready to wrap things up. Once all the repairs have been made we will back fill and restore the landscaping to prevent any further damage to the house’s foundation.

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Franks down there finishing off the patch smoothing it out to 6,000 PSI patch and the paint colors you know working out reasonably well

It’s not a perfect match but it’s not done curing out either or drawing this is the shaded place so we’re going to come up to the top of that first brick right there on that grout line is where we’re going to go with it so it looks good and of course

What you’re looking at is the epoxy water stop that was put on there to stop the oxidation and we haven’t started patching this area yet we do have our first patch material in the void to start out with

They’ll come back through and push it on and start bringing that out to a smooth paintable surface and this gives you a pretty good idea on how our patch works and that has fiber in it at 6,000 PSI

So we just have our scratch coat on over here that’s on top of our epoxy so we chip everything out put our epoxy water stop on and put our scratch coat on with the glue coat with it and then we start bringing this patch out to a smooth paintable surface

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