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Foundation Repair Sun City Arizona – Day 2

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Repairing a house’s foundation is no easy job and takes a few days to complete. Here we are just getting started on a repair in Sun City on a home’s foundation in need of repair. We do all we can to do the repair and leave everything as it was like we where never there.

This is video 1 of 3 featuring a foundation repair done by Concrete Repairman at a property in Sun City Arizona. In this video you can see that we have exposed the damaged areas and are getting ready to repair the damaged areas of the foundation. It takes a lot just to get to the problem before we can start fixing the problems your foundation may have.

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We have dug down to the bottom of the stem wall and chipped out the broken concrete

Here you can see the rebar is oxidized really bad

Right there halfway through the stem wall goes all the way through there and down that direction so we’ve chipped everything out

This chipping cracking and flaking and we’re going to start power washing and cleaning

Over here this corner is pretty bad we’re all the way down to the bottom of the stem wall goes all the way across

Here we’ve separated the dirt from the rocks and we’re going to do the patchwork here and this is another real bad area

This is our second day i’ll be taking another video for tomorrow happy holidays have a great day

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