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Your entire house is sitting on it. Make sure to keep your foundation in good condition. Know what to look for and call an expert if you have any doubts or concerns. We are foundation experts and can answer any questions you may have.

This foundation inspection video of a property in Gilbert Arizona shows numerous area of damage to the foundation. This is example of just how much damage can happen to your home if you don’t pay attention to your home’s foundation. In this video you can see the concrete just fall away as we inspect it which is never a good sign.

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I’m in Gilbert Arizona the driveway has a lot of efflorescence which is the darkening and the white

The whiteness is the efflorescence or salt deposit left behind and the driveway is cracked right here in heaved tilted down from the saturation of soil over in this geographic area which is raised this corner of this slab at that juncture

There are exterior cracks looks like they’ve already been identified with blue tape on both corners

Assessing the movement of the sidewalk as well second-story windows right below the windows is starting to separate right there and this garage is separate from the house and it’s wanting to pull this way and that is indicating of movement here on the stem wall Foundation area

Entry walk is heaved I’ve got a large trip hazard right there this sidewalk is down approximately three inches

Various cracks and fractures the corners of the door windows have some undermining here from a sense of moisture or it could be a leak stem wall needs waterproofed

There’s a vertical fracture vertical fracture right there in that stem wall and that shows movement of this side of the stem wall slightly going down it’s articulating do you have the fractures
next to the window and various areas through the wall

That crack fracture right there is the oxidized rebar once moisture reaches the reinforcement number four bar a half inch in the stem wall it’s going to oxidize and expand up to five times its diameter in size and it’s going to break out the side of the stem wall like this and you can actually see the J bolt right there

This is j bolt holding down the bottom plate of this stem wall that’s behind here

This is remnants of the half-inch rebar and i believe just move the camera around here a little bit so you can see what I’m doing just totally destroying the stem wall with my knife and rebars right here

It’s oxidized and it’s coming off in little pieces this is caused by the sense of moisture in this area was the paint has been delaminated off of this surface by water and evaporation of water leaving behind the efflorescence will separate the paint from the stem wall before the paint falls off it degrates the surface of this concrete here

That’s why you see exposed aggregate there are various cracks horizontal and vertical throughout the exterior of this home

There’s a very large crack fracture right there and there are settling cracks which is this one its vertical and what that shows is that this stem wall is articulating

It’s moving because of the moisture around the stem wall it has to break in fracture because of all of the stress that’s pushing down on this foundation and it’s not stable enough to hold it so
it has to relieve itself by cracking and fracturing

Walk around the other side right there is a hurricane strap yeah hurricane straps are designed to hold this corner of the building down securely into the stem wall very typical of rusting oxidizing expanding and cracking the concrete

Can’t really see it here but back in the corner the same things going on we have spalling all along this whole side the paints coming off which is the first phase is the paint comes off spalled
concrete and then the moisture reaches the steel rebar inside oxidizing expanding causing cracks on the exterior

The slab various cracks like this throughout the whole entire wall horizontal and vertical corners of windows and the moisture is coming from the roof

The roof water is landing here in this area seems to be puddling in this area but it also has to do with soil types how much moisture is going to retain

This side of the stem wall in the backyard also has some spalling but definitely needs water proofed

The entire home needs waterproofed various cracks and fractures on the exterior of the stucco and this whole site needs waterproofed as well

We did have a recent rain and it seems like in this geographic area here a lot of water pools along with the other side in the front yard

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