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Have you noticed any unusual cracks in your foundation and wonder if you should be concerned? Cracks in your foundation are not a good sign. Having a expert take a look is always a good idea so you know what the problems are and what can be done to solve the problem.

This home in Chandler AZ had some notable signs of foundation damage from a few different reasons. It’s a really good idea to check your foundation for anything out of the normal. Pealing paint, weathering and anything else you see could be signs of a problem that will only get worse left untreated. Avoid high expense and have the problem taken care of before it gets worse.

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There’s horizontal fractures in the steel rebar on the Westside I mean excuse me the east side of this home and these fractures go all along here

There’s a lot of moisture hanging out here in this area and it’s attacking the rebar causing the rebar to expand and up to five times this diameter

We have some old stair stepping crack and fractures that are coming back throughout this side

We have vertical fractures that are pretty close together and stair stepping along here which means that there’s way too much water on this side of the home that’s affecting the stem wall and
causing this side of the home to sink

Where the concrete is chipped out this is the old spalling that has occurred and has been painted over

There’s other small vertical fractures and that sign of movement this area has severe spalling and rain gutter comes down the spouts right there and the moisture over time is going to spoil this concrete out right here and degragate it

The white stuff that you see right there there white stuff that’s efflorescence or the salt deposit left behind from evaporated water

That crack and fracture next to the block where the block meets the stem wall means that the stem wall is moving down and the block is separating from the stem wall which is a cause the cause
is excessive moisture the paint is peeling off of the stem wall here

There is a crack developing right through this side of the home which is indicating that this side this stem wall is going down from excessive moisture

Separation pass to the door one of the big reasons why we’re seeing this site move and that vertical fracture by the door is

This  rainwater is consolidating here in this area in Sinking the stem wall in this area there’s also an old patch there

There’s cracking in the brick the front of the home this is oxidized rebar and is causing this crack and fracture and is starting to expand more and more

There are also vertical cracks in this area as well indicating vertical movement in the stem wall

This is oxidized rebar as well this whole area of the stem wall is coming off looks like a lot of this water coming off of this drainage is gathering here and it can be repaired

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