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Each of our foundation inspections includes a detailed video of what concerns and explanations regarding the home’s foundation and its condition. Any of the issues that were discovered are covered in the video as well as any reasons for the damage that was done to the foundation.

We conducted an inspection on this home in Chandler Arizona and as you can see in the video, this home had a few issues that had to be reviewed. Our foundation inspectors are experts and can quickly identify the cause and cure for your homes foundation damage. We know what to look for and will take the time to answer any of the questions you may have and explain what options you have to repair and prevent further damage to your home’s foundation.

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At this home it’s very evident that this column is sinking down because of the exterior roof rain water’s coming down
saturating that flat area and sinking this column because the amount of weight that it’s holding up same with this other column here on the roof

There’s a lump directly at the corner of the exterior wall of the home which is more stable than the exterior that is going down causing the lump there and a slight lump up there on the roof as well

Because the home is more stable than the columns that are holding the roof up this stem wall over here has a vertical
fracture right there and has spalling

That’s the definition of spalling when degragated surface of concrete by vertical or horizontal caused by efflorescence being trapped behind the waterproofing or paint

The amount of water that lands here the stem walls only painted down the top of the dirt grade

Atmospheric conditions start to warm up pulls the moisture in between the paint and the stem wall leaving efflorescence chewing into the side of the concrete slab vertical or horizontal

Also another fracture this stem wall had to break again over here and we have stair stepping in the block

Also it had to fracture again in this location there’s also stair stepping this is all caused by the amount of water coming off
to the roof the drain doesn’t protrude out four feet and it’s pretty flat along there and is saturating the soil causing the stem wall to articulate causing an interior floor slab fracture right on the inside here in this room going from that fracture over to this fracture

There’s also stair-stepping here and a very large separation there so this slab this stem wall had to fracture there and this is going down separating itself from the main wall

The front yard next to the stem wall will have to be landscaped

This exterior stair stepping on the wall is caused by moisture over here on this side there’s multiple fractures on the stem this is caused by the moisture coming off the roof and the landscaping isn’t as such to flow the water away from the stem wall

In this location there is also a slab fracture in this room approximately at the edge of the window over to the other side that will also need to be landscaped

Rainwater coming off the roof landing on the slab is coming around and saturating this whole area and causing this wall to sink down slightly landscaping is a must

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