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Stem Wall Repair in near Tempe, AZ

A stem wall is a concrete member that connects the foundation to the walls of a building. It is 18 inches tall and should be repaired if it is damaged. If you have cracked concrete or noticed spalling, call a professional to inspect and repair it. A stem wall repair can keep your home safe and level for years to come. Read on to learn more about the benefits of stem wall repair. To protect your home, you should have it inspected annually. Call Concrete Repairman LLC. 602-418-2970.Tempe Foundation Repair

There are two types of repairs for stem walls. First, the stem wall must be exposed and treated with ion blocking epoxy. Next, the stem wall must be patched with high grade patch material and fiber installed by professional patch men. Foundation repair Tempe, AZ. A water stop must also be applied to the stem wall. Lastly, you should backfill dirt to the foundation and add another layer of soil. This should solve the majority of the foundation’s problems. More about cost to fix foundation.

A good stem wall repair should also consider the rebar. The stem wall is porous, so moisture can get inside and rust the steel rebar. Whether it is electrical current or a water leak, a rusty rebar will eventually cause cracks in the stem wall foundation. A third type of stem wall repair is to replace the concrete. In this method, the rebar is removed from the building foundation. Tempe foundation repair.

A stem wall repair is a good option for foundation repair. It involves chipping out a section of the wall and rebar deterioration. The new reinforcement steel is encapsulated in a rust inhibitor epoxy and lifted to the plumb vertical face. The new stem wall is then waterproofed. If you’ve got oxidized rebar, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

A stem wall repair is a great way to fix a crumbling foundation. The procedure is simple and involves excavating near the damaged area. The technician chips out broken or cracked concrete, then removes existing rebar and replaces it with a rust-resistant, non-ferrous composite. After the stem wall is repaired, the repair team coats the patch with a cement patch. The replacement rebar is rustproof and has a lifetime warranty. More about foundation repair Tempe, AZ.

A stem wall repair is a great option if you’re concerned about the cost. Many stem walls can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s well worth it to protect your investment. A professional contractor can fix any problem and ensure that your home remains safe. This service also saves you money on repairs. Its cost is well worth the savings. If you have structural problems, call a specialist immediately. A stem wall repair specialist will assess the damage and determine how to fix it.

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5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

We are very pleased with James and his guys. We had three companies come out to look at our foundation problem. James explained exactly what was happening and how to fix it. He was the only person who wanted to actually stop the problem from getting worse and fix it properly. The others companies wanted to do a band aid. This was a case of, you get what you pay for. We wanted it done right and not have to revisit the problem in a couple years and waste money. The guys who did the job were awesome. Hard working and we’re done a day early. Polite and informative. Thanks for giving us confidence.

5 out of 5 Stars Customer Review

James saved me close to $8k, identified the root cause of the problem, and we were able to save a large tree.

One of my rental units had buckling of tiles. For the past few months, we’ve had professionals come out and even an insurance agent. Each foundation expert gave us a different advice and we were left confused. From injecting polyurethane around the house to injection slurry at the affected site. Each recommendation costed between $4-$8k. I met with James, very professional. He took a look at the property and within 5 minutes diagnosed the problem and it wasn’t even foundation related! When he told me if was humidity and vapors causing the buckling of the tiles, I kinda thought…this guy believes in voodoo magic. Well, we broke out one the tiles to look underneath and low and behold, the foundation was flat underneath and that the tiles really did pull up. So the fix? Pull out the tiles, re-grout, and set them back in place with grout that allows for expansion such as siliconized grout. Isn’t that crazy?? I also speculated that a large exterior tree may have been the culprit of the ground moving. We went outside looked around and he basically said the tree is fine and does not need to be removed. I gave James a great big hug for really helping us with this situation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lesson learned: For something as big as a foundation issue, make sure to get several opinions.

5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames was outstanding! He spent time educating me on the needed repairs and going over what it was going to take to fix my foundation problem. He is very professional and interested in actually helping his clients. He has videos to support his over 30 years of experience and knows how to do the job right. Thanks for your services!!

I highly recommend James and his crew for any concrete job!!! He and his workers are highly skilled, extremely thorough, knowledgeable and polite. I had a stem wall repair job that I’d been putting off for far too long. I sought other bids but James’ was more detailed (by far), priced competitively and provided by James himself—He gave me a complete rundown of the process and the products he would use as well as the time frame and the warranty he would provide. I accepted his bid on the spot and scheduled the work for the following week. The job was completed in the time frame discussed and the results were far beyond my expectations. The house, courtyard, landscaping, sidewalk, yard and street were left cleaner than they found it. They even polished my stained concrete courtyard which was in no way a part of the job!!!! They went above and beyond and I am so grateful for that. Call James if you want the best team for your job!!!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames came out to my home and was able to pretty quickly identify my problem. He did a full foundation inspection, inside and outside. He was able to identify and show me where these area are and explain each of them, why they matter and what else could stem from them. He was able to provide me with a step by step plan of what I need to do as well as giving me a referral. His solution was not to fix what was cosmetically wrong but rather identify the problem and fix the problem. Once that has been completed we can move forward with a much lower cost option (not using piers or pillars) that is just as effective. I feel empowered and very knowledgeable about our foundation problems. He didn’t try to sell me anything or offer me a buy now gimmick for a discount (As one well known company in the valley does. You feel so pressured to make a very big decision when this happens) . He let me know at the very end how his services could help and when the time to help would be (after we have identified the problem and fixed it). He was very friendly. Family own and ran company. He’s third generation and 35+ years. He not only has expertise in AZ foundation issues but is from Nebraska and has a very well rounded knowledge of Soil and foundation problems. Thank you so much James for getting us started and saving us a ridiculous amount of money!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewAlthough I cannot speak to the company Concrete Repairman’s actual work, we found James a walking encyclopedia of information concerning many home issues. Our experience was pleasant and professional.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewGreat company! We were worried we had a foundation problem so we called for an evaluation. They couldn’t find anything wrong but taught us a ton about signs to watch for and didn’t charge us a dime. If I ever DO have a foundation problem I know exactly who to call. Awesome!


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewHad the foundation repair completed in March. Later, I noticed a small low line (depression) close to the foundation. Once I notified the company of this, they quickly responded, not only fixing the problem to perfection, but also did a little grading repair to an area that was outside their responsibility. Later it was brought to my attention that the grading problem may have existed before the foundation work was done. Their workmanship is far beyond expectation. I appreciate their quick response and willingness to do more than was asked.


5 out of 5 Stars Customer ReviewJames, Concrete Repairman LLC surely saved the day for us and our home. It became aware that a large crack had formed due to gutter rain being misdirected toward the home. James was amazing in his precise knowledge of how to fix the floor that had heaved several inches across the living room. It was a massive undertaking to us and James was very reassuring that with his leveling and stitching the floor would be better than new. Well, he is amazing. We were so impressed. The crew worked hard and diligently, there were No schedule changes, every day they were on time, the job was done with the utmost professionalism. Communication before and during project was beyond our expectations. I’ve read other reviews and they are so wrong. This is an amazing company with skilled workers who care about the customer.


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When your house is in need of a major foundation repair, you should contact a professional company to address the problem. There are various problems that can cause this, including horizontal and post tension cracks, oxidized rebar, and floor cracks. If you are not sure how to deal with these issues, you should contact a professional contractor for help. The best way to find a trustworthy and reputable foundation repair company is to look online.

One way to prevent such a disaster is to repair the foundation of the house as soon as possible. This can be accomplished by taking steps to prevent future damage to the structure. A professional team can determine the type of foundation repair needed to restore the structural integrity of the home. The most common type of foundation is a wood sub-grade edifice foundation, which is common in northern regions. This type of foundation is constructed with pressure treated wood and placed over a concrete base. Depending on the type of construction, the foundation of a crawl space must be made of driven timber, while the stem walls should be constructed from pressure treated wood.

When the foundation of a home is damaged, it can cause interior floor heaves. The best way to solve this problem is to call a professional. The right contractor can assess the damage and determine the best solution for the home. The foundation of a house can be weakened by water, and the walls can be affected by water. A professional foundation repair service is the best option for this issue. It can solve your problem quickly and effectively, and ensure your home’s safety and security.

Foundation repairs in Tempe are a necessary part of any home’s structural integrity. When a home has foundation problems, the damage may extend beyond the structure and affect the roof, doors, and windows. If these problems continue for a while, you may need to consider remodeling or rebuilding the entire home. You can get a foundation repair service from a professional that specializes in this area. You can even save money by hiring a local Tempe foundation repair service.

In addition to foundation repairs, you may also need to hire a professional for plumbing services in Tempe. Your plumber will inspect your home’s plumbing system for leaks and other problems. The foundation is the main support for the structure, so any problem with it can damage the home. Your plumbing and electrical system can put strain on the foundation, making it important to contact a qualified expert. Your local plumber will be able to fix the problem for you in a timely manner.

A foundation repair specialist can identify the specific problem with your home’s foundation. While the majority of foundation repair specialists will focus on the larger problems, small cracks may need to be fixed immediately. Then you should be sure to schedule a visit to a Tempe foundation repair service in the future. In the meantime, don’t delay contacting a professional for any other foundation related issues. These experts will be able to assess your home’s condition and provide a solution that will solve your worries.